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  1. Really enjoyed our battle. Watching our laptimes pop up as we crossed the line was quite impressive. Next time, if it'll help with your stress, imagine me humming the theme from Jaws as I close in Again, sorry @SANtoOos if I pushed you wide in our Bottas/Russell moment - I really thought I'd cleared you. I blame my crew chief spotter Clair
  2. Crikey, I thought I was the resident pensioner seeing as I'll turn 50 this year. Turns out I'm a whipper-snapper! Yay!
  3. Bang on. I got fed up getting stuck in my truck that was rubbish off road and impossible to upgrade, so I went back to my original pickup (which I didn't realise I could still get to in the garage!), upgraded the tyres and started hooning around the first map trying to find upgrades and raise some cash.
  4. I'm not completely out yet - there's something quite cathartic about it, in between the frustrations.
  5. Based on my first play yesterday, SnowRunner has not so much a handling engine, more a "pulling weedy trees out with a winch whilst stuck" engine.
  6. *puts fingers in ears La la la, I can't hear you. EDIT: Re @Eriks superhuman time.
  7. On the plus side, that does suggest you're being consistent. I improved my time a bit by using the tried and test method of "step away for a bit then do a faster lap with no idea what you did differently". I also watched some onboard from our newly resident alien and saw the same as you. Same line, same-ish braking points, but seconds faster. I guess the good news is that we've improved to the point where it's all about the very small differences. I've got another 0.5 in hand, but I can't string the lap together without track limit issues but I'm ok with that.
  8. Christ. Your starter for 10 time is .5 quicker than I’ve managed after a few hours practice! Back to the drawing board…
  9. It was weird - I was in 2nd place on the grid and maintaining a gap to you before I noticed the RED! arrow telling me I was too far ahead of my place so I had to brake quite hard just before it switched to the speed monitoring phase, hence you being a way ahead when the lights went green. Gutted for you in race two. I was a bit too cautious in defence and you got past, then I was struggling to keep up but just about managing it when you got a drive through. Noooo... If it makes you feel better (it won't) the sparks you threw up as you clobbered the chicane looked really cool from my point of view. For comparison, I got 1 track limit warning over both races, which was from running wide after the blind left hander at the top of the hill. As mentioned though, I'll trade you a bit of my consistency for a dab of your raw speed
  10. Quick heads up to subscribers. I was a day one subscriber and love the mag but I didn’t receive my copy for a couple of months during the first lockdown. I assumed it was because our local sorting office was backlogged due to COVID related staff shortages as other mail was taking weeks. After a while I emailed to see what was up. Turns out one of my payments failed unbeknownst to me so they cancelled my subscription! By that time I was missing a couple of issues and my perfect collection ruined. So if you miss an issue, chase it quick.
  11. Is this the mod we need to have rain in the latest custom shader? I read that it's only available in beta to patreon subscribers.
  12. I don't think you need to subscribe (as in pay anything). I just registered for the forums and have downloaded loads from there. It looks like you just don't get the download button unless you're logged in. I'm not aware of any other limitations.
  13. Wait until you have a little panic because you don't have a seat belt on! I've had that a couple of times now Welcome to the frankly amazing world of VR racing. Shout if you want a copy of my ACC VR settings. I've spent a year tinkering with them now. Main thing that makes a difference to performance is the resolution %. Mine runs at 85% ish, but some tracks are more resource intensive than others. (RX5700XT / Ryzen 7 @SharkyOB )
  14. As a relative newbie to this online sim racing malarkey, I'm completely unaware of all this backend management stuff so I'm all for anything that makes it easier. simracing.gp (or simraging as I keep typing it) looks very good and definitely worth looking at. Don't forget to let us (ACC'ers) know if the league needs some funds for stuff like this, hosting etc.
  15. Ok, it 20% sucks. Namely the walled-in uphill section. It always ends up with contact followed by an Austin Powers style 1000 point turn to get going again.
  16. Ohh, the power - mwuhahahahah! <ahem> In for a penny 'n all that - Spa / early evening start / rain.
  17. I'm happy with that. Not the fastest, but I can do that for 90 mins
  18. @davejm - how about a non-championship race before we start the next season as a taster session so @Pockets and others who are worried about the potential carnage can join us where there's no pressure? I mean, there's not a lot anyway, but you know what I mean
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