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  1. 20 hours ago, T Pot said:

    I think the most important thing for me is how are the AI & Penalties?


    Same here. I think the last F1 game I played had AI drivers who weren't affected by rain. Not played one since, but VR might tempt me back.

  2. On 06/05/2022 at 06:47, Meers said:

    For next week, may I propose doing a couple of races in Nascar Heat 5 together? It came with the AMS2 offer, could be a great larf.


    I didn't get the bundle with Nascar as I already had ASM2.. but it's only £2.89 on CDKeys, so I'm up for it!


    Coincidently I watched the well known Nascar documentary film "Days of Thunder" earlier this week, so I'm well prepared :) 


  3. Well done @winky! Much deserved, you're way too quick for me. Felt (a little bit) bad stealing the 2nd race win from you on the last lap.   :ph34r:


    Quietly pleased with managing 2x25 min races round there without putting it in the wall - couldn't do that in practice.


    It's a great car/track combo for battling against your own fastest times, but I don't think it's a good track for actual racing. There are only a couple of overtaking points and attempting something over the mountain always ends up with slightly different shaped cars. I remember watching one of the Bathurst 1000 Aussie races there years ago and the commentators were talking live to one of the drivers who said quite loudly "This is bloody dangerous!". I was thinking that all last night :) 



  4. 17 minutes ago, Valver said:

    In a moment of weakness (and because it was in stock and I had FOMO) I've just bought myself A CSL DD (8nm) and the Formula v2.5x wheel. 


    Coming from a 300mm round, replica Ferrari 488 Thrustmaster wheel, I hope I can get on with the small size and formula shape...


    I'm braced for the UPS customs VAT charges.   Any ideas how long this stuff might take to arrive in the UK?  I'm assuming a week or two.


    Also, presuming I like it all, there will be a Thrustmaster TS-PC with 488 wheel up for sale soon.  Perfect condition. About a year old.   If anyone here is interested, PM me.





    Same wheel as me - you'll love it.


    Post should be a few days. Mine came from Ireland over a weekend, and a mate got his Fanatec stuff direct from Germany in a few days too.

  5. 42 minutes ago, Meers said:


    It's not as complicated as it sounds, thankfully - and it's rather seamless too.


    First you have to make sure that the person who will change seats with you is online in the server well before the pitstop happens (you're on voice chat anyway so that's not a problem). Then you have to 'request' that driver in the pit menu whilst you're still racing. When it's time to box box box, they have to hit 'drive' before you stop at the pit crew. Then after the timer runs down, they will be given control whilst you will become a spectator. They have to start the engine and drive off like normal.


    It's not just a case of dropping out right after your stint either. Someone has to stay around to assist the current driver as a spotter or in case something goes wrong with the connection. That person also communicates with the sister team and/or streams the race as a spectator.


    That all sounds quite cool, and a little bit terrifying :) I'd be a sweaty mess worrying about messing it up for the team.

  6. 9 hours ago, Valver said:

    Race 2 highlights - sorry about my start everyone!   @Meers, first  I crowded you off track, with two bumps. And then I got myself wedged in a 3 car sandwich and pushed @SneakyNinja into a spin.   Not my usual style! 😳



    Aye, no worries - first corner love taps are to be expected.


    What did annoy me though, was being rear-ended by our friend from last week again which damaged my car, ruining my race. 


    Ah well, I had some fun chasing down and overtaking a couple of people. Luckily it'll be a nice relaxing one next week :)

  7. I'm not very fast in this car but it's the most connected I've ever felt to driving in this game. You really can feel the car moving about under you and play with the throttle on exit to control/instigate oversteer.  And it really does force you to go easy on the loud pedal and trail brake properly. Love it. (Crap at it, but love it!)


    I predict numerous incidents in the race, especially given the cold tyres and how one excessive Tokyo Drift can overheat the rears for ages. 

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