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  1. Get the macca wheel. You really need a GT wheel to compliment your round one. One for GT racing, one for rally/drifing/old cars in Assetto Corsa. Of course, I may be biased: And it's your birthday
  2. Interesting.. I'm losing a second in the first sector alone. Good to know Edit: Registered for the event too
  3. Hmmm. That time is 0.4 quicker than the time I managed to set after an hour's effort. More gelling with Merc required methinks
  4. This seems to suggest it's not flattened as such.. more gunked up with dead skin and oil - ick. Maybe it depends on the depth. https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/how-to-restore-alcantara-rims.386644/ Others suggest unscented baby wipes. Others say that gloves actually do more damage as they're abrasive compared with skin. As with everything, there are a million online opinions. Either way, I'm with @milko - naked hands and feet all the way baby
  5. Oh, I heard someone mention icky damp gloves last night ( @Yannik maybe?) How many of us wear gloves? My wheel has alcantara grips on it that I occasionally clean - would I be better off with gloves? They always sounded a little bit over the top to me before, to be honest.
  6. My sentiments exactly. I really don't like that track so I spent less than an hour practicing last week. As those stuck behind me will no doubt have noticed, I focused entirely on two things: Getting the two corner exits before the long straights right Tip-toeing over the mountain with no (major) mistakes I'm sure I could have gone faster but that would involve taking too much risk (for me) and at Bathurst a mistake usually costs you the race. Really chuffed with a 3rd and a 2nd, but I'm even more satisfied that I kept it out of the wall for 1hr at that track.
  7. Doesn't time slow down as you go faster? Maybe @Erik is so fast that a second for him is like a tenth for us?
  8. Aye, no issues here. I certainly didn't see anything like the replays portray. Funnily enough, I had a some broadband speed issues in August where it would only connect at 20Mb. To resolve that I'd had a new router and BT master socket fitted in at the house, and BT renewed some kit on pole outside and even dug up the pavement to tinker with something. It's been a rock solid 60Mb ever since. Just to be sure, my gaming PC and work laptop are always connected via ethernet to the router. None of your dodgy wifi here I've been working at home for about 8 years now, so have always needed a decent connection. Nothing to do with gaming, honest!
  9. You're using a controller? Blimey - you deserve a few bonus points for added difficulty!
  10. Well that was a strange race. I usually get jumped at the start and lose a place, probably because I'm super cautious when it comes to being in the right place and speed when the lights go green. Looks like that saved me a drive though this time! After everyone peeled off to serve their drive throughs it was pretty much an hours practice session for me with only the excitement of @Count Buffalos reeling me in near the end to spice it up a bit. Well done to @milko on the win. You were waaaay faster than me and it's only fair that you get the win that you had stolen by the server. To be honest, I had no real idea who was in what position for most of the race as it was obvious something weird was going on. Not sure I'm gelling with the Merc yet. It's very much like the Aston but a little bit more... boring? It never really feels fast like the 911 or Ferrari do. Maybe it's the lack of impending death or the way just wafts around the track. Anyway, great to be racing with everyone again - still the best online bunch ever. (Although maybe the 'muk Gran Turismo lot are ok too)
  11. I'm in. Probably in the Merc, seeing as it didn't kill me around Suzuka this week.
  12. ...and because I'm fussy and didn't like the industrial look, I've applied some carbon fibre effect vinyl.
  13. I suspect I compounded the issue with you guys @SharkyOB and @Valver. I have to slow a bit for 130R otherwise the back breaks lose and I end up doing a Fast n Furious drift round it, slowing down even more. And to make things worse, I thought Valver might still be along side me as we turned in, so was even more cautious than usual.
  14. Sort of. I tried ordering one the other day, then realised after I'd payed that the sneaky order summary said 'product details: bracket only' so I cancelled it. There seems to be a load of the same model about on aliexpress, ebay, amazon etc. As they all seem to be the same I'll probably get one from somewhere more local than China
  15. My cheap `n cheerful knob arrived the other day. (Excuse the cable nightmare) It's great! Really sturdy with a nice 'clonk' as it goes into gear. Well worth the £50 odd quid it cost. Goes really well with my new plain round wheel too. It's adds a surprising amount of immersion when you combine three pedals, a shifter and appropriate wheel.
  16. Probably. I've used the McLaren, Porsche and Aston in previous seasons. Might try the Ferrari as everyone seems to be moving away from it now. Or maybe the 911 again. Or maybe something else
  17. My second wheel has also arrived! I did it the other way round though, starting with the Formula wheel, and recently adding the WRC round one. Felt weird driving a 60's mini with a hi tech wheel! Also 'needed' a round wheel for drifting and rallying. Honest guv' I've been getting all my Fanatec stuff from these guys in Ireland - https://digital-motorsports.com/ Really impressed. Paid extra for DHL express delivery and my WRC wheel took less than 24hrs from 'place order' to it arriving here in Kent.
  18. It was great! Only close because @SharkyOB got lonely way out in front so dropped back to tussle with @Valver & I. Great fun though and really highlights the need for smoothness and consistency. Looking forward to more eclectic car/track combos... Grand Tour 'Lochdown' inspired 60/70's American muscle cars maybe?
  19. At the risk of veering off topic, my best mate and I loved playing Armour-Geddon on two Amigas linked by serial cable. Proper multiplayer, before online was ruined. /me shouts at clouds.
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