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  1. Definitely this. Many moons ago I did a track day in my M3 and got blown into the weeds by a works Peugeot driver in a 106 I think it was. Really highlighted to me that it's the driver, not the car.
  2. I can't remember the exact steps as I'm not at my gaming PC at the mo, but you basically map a controller button to one of the supported voice actions. I use the 'how's my fuel' command. @Erik - I always do the fuel calc before the race too, but I often find myself doubting my calculations mid race, and I like the reassurance that I've not messed it up
  3. The VR field of view is quite narrow and varies by headset so peripheral view isn't great, but it is possible to quickly look over left or right to see if anyone's there - either out the window or in your mirrors. Some cars have better seating positions (Macca) than others for visibility in terms of A pillars being in the way, or lower viewpoints etc. I use CrewChief for spotting which seems to be better for me. I also love the fact it takes away the mental effort of fuel calculations. I've got a button mapped on my wheel that prompts Crew Chief to tell me the fuel situation. In races, I use a combination of the track map, mirrors and CrewChief to be aware of others. Track map for overall situation and predicting when someone going to be close enough to make a move, and the spotter for more realtime info. But in the opening lap and in wheel to wheel racing I just try to maintain a predictable line and don't turn in unless I'm *sure* nobody is there. In my mind it's better to compromise a single corner when unsure, rather than collide with someone. Endurance races are long enough that the faster driver will generally beat a slower one and it's rarely decided on one corner. (That said, I still recall holding @SANtoOos off for the last few laps in Hungry once!)
  4. I’ve tried it a few times, and it’s pretty good. There’s a weird bug though - when you first start the game your viewpoint starts way, way up in the air. If you look straight down you can see a teeny dot which is the menu. You need to reset the view using the Quest handset to be repositioned in front of the menu.
  5. Fantastic racing with you guys again, and well done @winky on the win! I got some slight aero damage in the first corner kerfuffle but subsequently forgot about it - so much so that when I made my stop half way through and BRAVELY switched to wets (not at all stupidly) I forgot to untick the 'fix damage' options so spent almost a minute stationary. Gah! Is it me or have they removed the 'tyre set' option from the pit strategy bit of the setup menu? I couldn't see how to tell it not to change tyres as part of that. Man, this game - the 'aaarrghhhh' I felt as I trundled down the pit lane trying to decide between wets or dries was amazing. Then the rain stopped - yay! Then it started again, boo! Love it. (I will of course hate it soon again when I'm too slow, but for now.. )
  6. Ah, didn't realise it was auto-non-grata Funnily enough, I'm a 10th quicker in the Aston so I might have to default back to that. I just can't get the pace out of the 911.
  7. I'm sure I did some laps last night along side Winky..? Maybe I've become too Sneaky
  8. I'm tempted to go back to the 911. I know it's a handful, but I need to smoothen up my driver inputs and if I don't do that in the 911 I'll be in the gravel. Backwards. Up side down. On fire.
  9. No worries at all. I was out of talent from the start, and it only got worse from then on Enjoyed our close racing as ever and watching the pressure you were under for the majority of race 2. Well done on keeping it on track! I was just about able to keep pace with you once Daniel got past us both but was never quite close enough to make a move.
  10. Not really feeling it tonight guys. I can't get out of the 1.54's and it's all just too frustrating.
  11. Q4 2022? Still, day 1 for me
  12. Was a shame to see you go, but I think you did the right thing. It's supposed to be fun but it's all too easy to get caught up in the competition and build frustration until it's the exact opposite of fun. I know I've certainly done that in the past. Maybe we need some more slightly off the wall AC events to balance the pure racing
  13. You jest, but that was basically my tactic (for everyone, not picking on you!), hence me 'miss daisy-ing' the races. It worked too - I was slow, but never lost the car
  14. It's the close racing that keeps me coming back, even when I get super grumpy about my lack of pace. I was super cautious and you were bold enough to take the place - well earnt mate. And thanks @davejm and everyone else for letting me keep 2nd place. I've never had ACC just crash to desktop like that, and it's really quite jarring in VR to have the 'world' suddenly pause on you in the braking zone! @milko - you mentioned feeling a bit VR sick last night - I had a teeny bit of that too for the first time in over a year. I wonder if the new graphics settings have done something? It looked a bit sharper than I remember too.
  15. Only managed a single practice session for todays race, so quite happy with only being a second or so off the pace as that's definitely findable. Looking forward to this one
  16. I'm a little bit further on and haven't crafted anything yet. I think it wants you to be a bit sneaky.. those radios you find everywhere? Chuck one of those and watch the robot run over to investigate, then nip round behind it and put three or four rounds in it at close range. Bosh.
  17. I should know this, as I've done loads of track days at Brands, including some instruction. I was told, over the bump, wait for the car to settle then brake. Turn in starts by the green access road thing on the left. On track days they move the BRAKE boards forward a bit and I scared the life out of one instructor by sailing past it, knowing I could brake later That said, I seem to do that corner differently every time in ACC. (Track day photo...)
  18. I’ve got the wrc wheel and the formula V2 which is similar to the McLaren gt3 wheel. A luxury, but I’d say get both. If you can only have one, you’d be better off with the WRC as it can do every driving type whereas you’d struggle to do rallying or drifting etc with the gt3 wheel.
  19. Very tempted to upgrade my original Quest to a 2, but I don't know if my 5700XT card would be able make things any prettier than it currently does on the 1.
  20. You see it as erratic, I see it as losing the rear in the corner and frantically trying to gather it up and being tagged whilst doing so So, yeah, pretty much on me.
  21. First time I came last! Go me! Achievement unlocked! Ah well. I agree with @SharkyOB's comments about that 'car' highlighting your trail braking techniques. I was making or losing 3 tenths on corners each lap which must be down to inconsistent trail braking. During practice I had a proper zen lap where it clicked and I was 1.2s up, and it felt like I was braking deeper. Might be time to try and work out how to use the Motec stuff as I can't see enough on the replays or feel enough in car to recognise what I'm doing differently.
  22. I really hate the car, and it will kill me later. It's the first time I can't tame a car to state where it's nice and pliable. Even the 911 wasn't this bad. Still, should make for exciting highlights..
  23. Didn't even know there were two beam options I just leave lights and wipers on auto. I have enough trouble with the go/stop left/right controls without introducing others!
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