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  1. Hi. Long time lurker and occasional poster here. After 15 years of console gaming I've very recently returned to PC gaming purely for sim racing so it feels like I'm in the same boat as a lot of us here. My first thoughts were 'damn, it's all so complicated!' after being spoilt by the like of GT Sport, Project Cars, Dirt Rally etc. on PS4. But it's great. I've just discovered Crew Chief, and am actually loving feeling like a newbie again. So much to (re)learn! Anyhoo - in response to @Varnsen about braking... I was playing ACC yesterday and struggling with braking during the Brands Hatch race when I finally noticed that my rear brakes had no heat in them at all. (Took me ages to realise that the 'small' tyres inside the larger ones on the heat diagram actually represented the brakes). On my wheel (also a G29) I nudged the brake balance back a bit using the 'minus' button on the bottom left of the wheel. Once they were up to temp I found the car much more controllable under braking as well as stopping better.
  2. Yep. I started with a standard PS4 and after upgrading to a pro I barely noticed any difference in VR. Slightly more trackside objects in GT Sport was it really.
  3. Dislikers unite! Sorry, but I didn't get on with this either. The production, acting etc. were all spot on, but two things put me off. The pacing. It was a story easily told in an hour or two. There was just too much padding. The soundtrack. Oh my god the droning noises. It wasn't building tension with me, just annoyance. mute/10
  4. Yeah, but if you had the full set up ready and waiting to go, imaging how much time you'd save by not having to set anything up each time!
  5. Which is presumably why it's just drowned in a sea of 500 Server Errors.
  6. I'm lucky enough to have enough room inside, but others have recommended playing outside. Apparently you need to avoid getting direct sunlight on the lenses as it can damage stuff, but otherwise it's great outside. Purchase-wise, I kept checking the sellers listed on the Oculus site - Overclockers, Game, John Lewis and Argos every day for a week or two. Eventually my local Argos had some in stock so I snatched one up on click and collect.
  7. I also have PSVR and love it. I've also just bought a Quest... I'd say it's an upgrade in terms of image quality, controllers, tracking and in being wireless. The guardian thing and having passthrough (so you 'see' through the headset cameras) is fantastic. What surprised me was the quality of the onboarding process. Nice app, nice packaging, nice walkthrough in first use.. all very 'Apple', dare I say it. It's a downgrade only in terms of comfort. It sits heavily on my cheekbones and I look like I've been scuba diving after a session. Oh, and the number of good games. It's probably just me getting used to the selection after being spoiled by the range of AAA games on PSVR, but it still feels like there are only a handful of must-have games. But the immediacy of being able to turn it on, stick it on your face and be playing within seconds and then being able to leap about without wires makes it quite a different experience. So yes, I'd say it's an upgrade.
  8. I did this over the weekend - CD Keys, 109Gb download, played in VR using Oculus Quest Link. Took me ages getting VR to work. The link kept disconnecting then the game and/or the oculus software kept crashing. After ages gnashing my teeth and bemoaning how much simpler VR is on the playstation, a reboot seemed to sort it out. Admittedly, I'm new to this PC VR stuff having only bought my PC last week after a PC gaming gap of *ahem* 15 years. It did work though, but by that time I was too frustrated to give it a proper play. I did notice that the deluxe version gives you over 2M credits to start with, which is nice.
  9. It's a sitting down game really, not much physical moving about. I spent a couple of hours on it yesterday whilst lounging on the sofa.
  10. Loved the 'Squeezing the NES' article in this one. Reminded me of Andrew Braybrooks old Morpheus dev diary entries in Zzap64. Perfect.
  11. Yep, I did exactly the same and wanted to set the thing on fire then throw it in the fucking sea. Painful, but lesson learnt. I'd say leave it a bit and calm down, then start again. It's worth it in the long run.
  12. Good tip about the contract, thanks. I'm waaaaay out of contract so that might swing it. I'll give it a go.
  13. I read on here somewhere that they've wised up to that and only act once you cancel? But yeah, once I work out how to watch F1 without them I'm going to ring up fully intending to cancel unless they make with the discounts! (I'll probably go for SkyQ too if they dangle a big enough carrot)
  14. Yeah, I know, thanks. Hence my looking into alternatives.
  15. Has anyone tried the official F1 streaming service? Although it's not officially available in the UK as technically it's available on free to air TV, a VPN with an American or German accent seems to fool it... Seeing as Sky is £70 a month and F1 is the only reason I keep it, I'm interested to know if this is a viable alternative.
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