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  1. Paper Mario was the best game on any platform last year and easily the best out of that list.
  2. Got to say I don’t understand the praise for this. Too long, badly paced, poorly acted and just plain boring.
  3. Nintendo even gave us a bunch of ambassador games because they felt sorry for us for buying the thing. Still turned out to be an incredible console, mind.
  4. Well thank goodness Sony were so quick to ditch the PS4 when they did because those games were utterly groundbreaking.
  5. To be fair to them, Square do floppy hair better than anyone.
  6. I think I may just donate my PS5 to a charity shop after this.
  7. If they did this but with Blackpink instead of this imaginary band, it would be the biggest thing ever.
  8. What on Earth is that? They could be making a new F-Zero or Waverace instead of this stupid pedometer shite.
  9. Cappadonna could be like a poundmate from Yakuza. Just dial 9-1-7. 1-6-0-4-9-3-11. And you could get long dick hip hop affection
  10. the_debaser

    NFL 2021!

    Dunno. If a player is good enough they sometimes let it slide, see Big Ben and Ray Lewis.
  11. Finally got round to 100% this. Took ages to look around and find everything and I managed to avoid any sort of guides. Definitely a top 3 Metroid, just behind Super and Prime.
  12. Starfox 64 still plays brilliantly. My Emperor, I’ve failed you!
  13. Mario Kart runs fine. Dunno what the amateur digital foundry wannabes on twitter are talking about.
  14. My N64 controller arrived. It’s beautiful.
  15. Fuck me, I thought people slagging Mario Galaxy would be the worst thing I read on here this year.
  16. Quite. I think the MER NER MER NER MER NER noise as you entered a hot or cold area was enough to say ‘not yet’.
  17. I found the map pretty easy to use.
  18. Says here the games will be at a higher resolution. Hopefully a higher frame rate too.
  19. Nice. Don’t think I used missiles on any of the robots.
  20. It’s not available until the 26th.
  21. Mario Kart 64 is the second best Mario kart after 8.
  22. Pretty sure counters are mandatory to beat the last boss. He turns golden at one point and you can’t hurt him with regular missiles or shots.
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