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    NFL 2021!

    Watching Ohio v Michigan on Fox Sports. Absolutely crazy crowd, I’ve got to get myself to one of these college games when I’m next in America.
  2. New special is great. Cartman was hilarious.
  3. Love the idea that delivery method has progressed games. Loads of games are now released these days knowingly broken and you have to wait for multiple enormous patches from the dev before you get the final product. At that’s if they don’t just completely give up on fixing it like Cyberpunk. Added to this Sony are gouging anyone unfortunate enough to buy a digital only version of the PS5. I’d consider it a mixed blessing at best.
  4. I would be amazed if it didn’t launch with 60fps locked on both PS5 and Series X. To my eyes it’s not doing anything which puts it leagues ahead, visually at least, of other next gen games.
  5. That was really good. The oculus quest bit was funny. Loved the way the dad was looking at the son waving his arms around in the living room.
  6. Got them both and the oled switch. My PS5 hasn’t been turned on in about 6 months, I’m pretty disappointed with the games on it. It’s also dog ugly and sits behind the tv. Xbox has gamepass so that’s been decent at times, hopefully the new Halo will be a return to form. Switch is still the go to console for me.
  7. Is that a controller with a wire? Is this 1993?
  8. Up-rez Skyward Sword all you like, it won’t be their best update. They have released a new HD Links Awakening, a new Mario Galaxy, a new Mario 64, a new Wind Waker, a new Twilight Princess, a new Xenoblade. Even the N64 online games have been sharpened up. All are better than SS.
  9. Nice goal. Thought it was offside though.
  10. No legit goal scoring threat is the issue. Ireland are better than they were a year back but still a bit shit.
  11. Just rewatched it. One of the best marvel movies, up there with Winter Soldier and GOTG. A proper palate cleanser after the shite that was Eternals.
  12. Ireland - NZ was an incredible game of rugby. Unbelievable.
  13. This is much better than the Mario game and watch. The microfibre cloth has justified the purchase.
  14. Forgot I had ordered this until my despatch email from Nintendo a few minutes ago.
  15. It’s such a weird game. The driving is great and it looks lovely. Weather effects are awesome. The tracks and roads and jungles are mostly great and there is an incredible sense of speed in the right cars. The engine sounds are decent too. That’s the good stuff. Then every so often you get to a cut scene where the graphics appear to be from an old Xbox 360 game with shit character models and expressionless fans. The music and radio and fawning commentary also sucks so much, like brain breakingly bad, that I’m now putting on my own music while playing. That’s the first time I’ve done that with a game in about 20 years. The map screen is a cluttered mess. The game throws too much at you to start with, go here, do this, check out these accolades. Just chill out for fuck sake. And then it keeps telling me I’m not connected at the top of the screen with a 10 second countdown because I assume the servers are bollocksed. It just feels like it needed another few months in the oven before release. Maybe it’ll all get patched and sorted over the coming months. Currently it’s a solid 7/10, but with some simple improvements that could easily go higher.
  16. I’d quite like a version of the last two books with all the Mia crap removed. I didn’t care much for that story. Don’t know if anyone has bothered doing it though.
  17. Mine now says Q2 2022. Which is annoying.
  18. Performance for me. Still looks incredible but is buttery smooth.
  19. The graphics are quite nice so far. Great sense of speed too.
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