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  1. This will be the best game ever by a huge margin. Absolutely nothing comes close to BOTW and they’ve been developing the sequel for 6 years. May 2023 will be the pinnacle of human achievement.
  2. I forgot how much I hated Natalya. She’s a bullet magnet on 00.
  3. This is absolutely amazing fun. Playing on gamepass.
  4. Of course Dragons Quest XI would leave just as I’m about to start playing it. Fucking gamepass.
  5. Fair enough. I just hated it and decided my time would be better spent going home and finishing off Andor. Which is excellent btw.
  6. All the money in the world but zero class.
  7. Fucking Qataris making Messi wear a lace dressing gown to pick up the trophy. What a load of bollocks.
  8. Martinez’s save at the end was crucial.
  9. As a blues fan I’ll give you that. Go on Emi.
  10. Shame it goes to pens. I’d love a replay.
  11. You can knee a ball back to the keeper.
  12. Acuna for Argentina has had a terrible tournament. Can’t believe he was brought on. He’s stunk the place out again in this game.
  13. Great game of football so far. Argentina absolutely deserve this World Cup. They’ve been the standout team, the most entertaining and have the best fans.
  14. Because France are better than England.
  15. Ffs, didn’t realise there were games on yesterday. That Vikings game was incredible.
  16. Nice to see the itv team keeping it real and not wearing suits like those bunch of pricks on bbc.
  17. If they changed up the graphics so they were like octopath traveller or links awakening I’d probably buy this.
  18. Pretty sure that applies to every team in the tournament.
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