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  1. Quite. I think the MER NER MER NER MER NER noise as you entered a hot or cold area was enough to say ‘not yet’.
  2. Says here the games will be at a higher resolution. Hopefully a higher frame rate too.
  3. Nice. Don’t think I used missiles on any of the robots.
  4. It’s not available until the 26th.
  5. Mario Kart 64 is the second best Mario kart after 8.
  6. Pretty sure counters are mandatory to beat the last boss. He turns golden at one point and you can’t hurt him with regular missiles or shots.
  7. I’m gonna get one, it looks ace.
  8. Galaxy had the best level design out of any Mario game. Shit’s tight. And maybe the best soundtrack too.
  9. If there is nothing that interests you then that’s fair enough. Plenty of the best N64 games used all 6 face buttons though (especially ISS, Goldeneye and PD) so assuming they come out on the service it’ll be a necessary cost. I’ve tried emulation via 4 face button controllers/right joystick emulating buttons and it stinks.
  10. Gamepass is only cheap if you do the sneaky games for gold 3 year trick right? Otherwise it’s par for Netflix cost. We’re in a golden time for subscription prices, they will only rise.
  11. Pricing is pretty fair I think. N64 controller has been preordered!
  12. Think this a top 3 Metroid game now, after Super and Prime.
  13. I’m on the very last boss now. Unsurprisingly he is way harder and faster than any other.
  14. The waves and rain in one of the shuttle areas has me pining for a new Waverace.
  15. Well you’ve got the Metroids, then there is a huge gap in quality, then you have the metroid rip offs like axiom verge, then you have a bit of a gap in quality, then maybe the one half decent castlevania, and then you have the rest like hollow knight which weren’t really that good to start with but did for a while because people were starving for a new Metroid.
  16. Got to lol at the ‘it takes 7hrs to beat the game’ reports. Not a fucking chance on the first playthrough.
  17. Yeah the worlds are pretty different. Solid 9/10 so far for me, not far from a 10/10. Easily the best thing I’ve played this year.
  18. Only negative so far is the Just way too fiddly to operate. Hold RT, LB and use Y. Everything else seems really natural to control but that always makes me double take what the controls are, even hours after getting it.
  19. Lots of stuff opens up shortly after Kraid, which had a wonderful musical build up. And I got so frustrated looking for a standard Metroid suit power up earlier. It was brilliant.
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