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  1. That 8bit SNES controller with the two analogue sticks is an abomination.
  2. the_debaser

    NFL 2019!

    that is awesome.
  3. Bloke sounds like a robot, but his guide is idiot proof.
  4. I homebrewed my 3ds the other week too and loaded the sd card with snes and md games.
  5. It's too difficult, and in an unfair way.
  6. I genuinely didn't realise. Neither of them are up to much anyway.
  7. Started playing demons crest which appears to be a rip off of ghouls and ghosts with a bit of flying. Don’t think I’ll bother with it.
  8. I'm definitely buying that snes wireless controller. Best d pad ever.
  9. Why did they put super tennis on and not smash tennis? It was miles better.
  10. Release Mario Galaxy, Metroid Trilogy, Wave Race, F Zero, Excite Truck, for the love of God.
  11. It was mid 94 when it was released. I remember getting it. Star fox was already out on the SNES. Virtua fighter, Ridge Racer, Doom, Daytona, X Wing. These were all out. Stunt Race FX looked terrible compared to all of them and played at about 3fps. I was gutted.
  12. It was never any good.
  13. Have you homebrewed it? If not, no.
  14. Nah, stick it on flight mode and you'll still be able to play it.
  15. I thought Ireland played pretty well tonight, I don’t actually hate watching them anymore. Happy for McGoldrick, great header and he has deserved a goal.
  16. Hah, the Smash bros guy is telling people to go and play Banjo on the Xbox.
  17. Animal Crossing looks beautiful, though I have no interest in it.
  18. This is actually a pretty good direct.
  19. Oh God I’m buying Mario and Sonic.
  20. Oh I’m so buying the SNES controller
  21. Where’s Terranigma you cunts
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