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  1. What a great race. Wish F1 was like that all the time.
  2. I stopped playing this a couple of months ago. Did that art dealer ever turn up again?
  3. You can’t appreciate the good without experiencing the bad.
  4. I’m about 4 hours into this now. Really spectacular stuff.
  5. Cover systems aren’t even last gen. They should’ve been binned when the 360 gen finished.
  6. There comes a time when we all have to make a choice A leap of faith And discover it's not the size of the leap It's the willingness to take it It's about rising above and standing our ground We give it everything we have And end up with more than we imagined So to those who say "they don't make heroes like they used to" That can't be true Because there are real, courageous, inspiring heroes all around us All we have to do is open our eyes
  7. Which Rambo was it that had the protagonist starting up generators every few minutes and struggling with fallen over cupboards?
  8. It feels like you’re controlling Rambo most of the time
  9. Ground Zero was even better than MGSV and way way better than TLOU2. Ground Zero is blackpink, TLOU2 are like a1.
  10. Maybe I like the misery.
  11. Played another hour tonight. Still utterly frustrating. It plays like a game from 15 years ago. Everything is signposted, full of hold forward cutscenes, crafting shit, codes on paper, boring conversations, scavenging, long pressing, qtes, uncharted lite environment exploration, NPCs telling you to look at stuff all the time, the game bombarding you with press button indicators all the time. Seattle feels so small. The story is absolute tripe too. A step backwards for gaming. I’ll stick with Nintendo for the foreseeable.
  12. They're probably decent to play with but the regular joycons would be put back on if anyone was coming around.
  13. Phantom Menace now just reminds me of the halcyon days when I thought Phantom Menace would be the worst thing to ever happen.
  14. Freedom? Are we playing the same game?
  15. Best way to describe it is the experience is incredibly linear but not streamlined. Like you go into a room and the character will say something like
  16. I haven’t got a chip on my shoulder, I just see a game full of faults which has gameplay mechanics which should have been long consigned to the scrapheap. I’m sorry I expected more from the most hyped game in years. And it does take too long to load.
  17. Been kicking off on the whatsapp footy chat, two villa mates arguing about whether Dean Smith is shite or not. I personally think he's done an ok job at Villa, promotion plus a cup final. The players at his disposal are mostly Championship quality.
  18. Video games are a terrible and hugely expensive way to tell a story.
  19. Roguelike, roguelite, procedural generation. Like nails scraping down a blackboard.
  20. Lockdown boredom, mostly. It hasn’t helped.
  21. Don’t care, she sounds too old. Also, to add insult to injury, I just checked and from turning on a base PS4 to getting control of your character, it takes a whopping 2 mins 39 seconds.
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