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  1. USA haven’t been lucky. They’ve just been better. Smashed it.
  2. the_debaser


    Loving all the nevermind 30 year things on bbc etc. It’s incredibly rare that a band this good appears. BTW, this was a weird thread with that guy slagging them off, proper vitriol. Maybe he was the guy in the nevermind photo.
  3. Cruuuuuuuuusin’, come on go Cruuuuuusin’, let’s go Cruuuuuuusin’ let’s go Cruuuuuuusin, come on let’s go Cruuuuuuuuuusin. I’m fucking loving this game.
  4. the_debaser

    NFL 2021!

    SoFi stadium in LA looks utterly incredible. We have nothing like that in the U.K.
  5. He would’ve won if he’d pitted like they told him to.
  6. Hahahahahahahahaha. That was hilarious.
  7. Decent race today. We should have random grids every race.
  8. I’d rather they weren’t broken upon release.
  9. Luckily you should have a few minutes spare when the Xbox updates. It just seems odd that folk laud quick resume, ssds and the like for providing a fast gaming experience, but when it comes to problems like slow updates or patches they are ignored and even defended because what else can the poor devs do?
  10. I suppose it's not as bad as my iphone, ios15 has been updating for the last 20 minutes on that thing.
  11. Series x is a great console but why when it does an update is it not like a 10 second job like the switch. This one took about 4 minutes.
  12. DeChambeau just hit a 417 yd tee off. He’s got cheat mode enabled.
  13. Because I’m in an abusive relationship with Nintendo. They do what they want and they take my money.
  14. Really don’t get the big deal about them being PAL, that’s what most of us played back in the day. They ran perfectly fine.
  15. Splatoon online is one of the all time great online experiences.
  16. I think the N64 controller will be essential for many games, based on my history of emulation. The 6 face buttons just don’t map well to a standard controller with second stick + 4 buttons.
  17. Kaitlin Olson should have been peach.
  18. What’s up with them adding Winback to the N64 collection? That’s so random. ISS 98 please.
  19. SF2 was better on the snes anyway.
  20. Kirby. Oh man. Looked like a Mario game. It’s gonna be a solid 9/10 minimum.
  21. Chris Pratt / 10. With bonus N64 and a new controller. Wow. Wow. Wowowow.
  22. Bayonetta looks fun. This direct has been really good. If gaming stayed like that Sony facsimile shitefest from last week I think I’d tap out.
  23. Chris Pratt. I’m still laughing.
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