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  1. Just been through them all in 150cc and it’s probably the best selection of tracks yet, not one dud. MK8 confirmed as the best value game ever.
  2. Wave 3 hasn’t unlocked on my switch yet. This is unacceptable.
  3. I just don’t think you understand or respect the culture.
  4. ? The first half hour was absolutely dire.
  5. That’s why we retired his number at Birmingham.
  6. This could be the worst game of the World Cup so far. Absolutely dire.
  7. Tempted to get involved with FIFA just to consign var to history.
  8. Nah Argentina will beat the Netherlands. They’re bang average.
  9. The Ireland - SA match was brilliant. Hard and brutal rugby at times between 2 of the best teams in the world. Just hope Ireland aren’t peaking early before the World Cup.
  10. Boss fights are nearly always wank so I prefer them nice and easy to get them over and done with.
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