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  1. Could be a re-skin. GameCube was struggling at the time, everyone wanted a Mario 64 sequel and maybe they thought it might give it a boost. I think their developers just weren’t up to much at the start of the GameCube generation. After all it’s pretty much the only Nintendo console where the first party games aren’t the best on the system. They also outsourced many of their, at the time, key franchises to outside developers like Metroid and F Zero.
  2. The list has actually been compiled by asking these people to list their top 5 games of the gen. Some of these people must believe UC4 is a top 5 game for fucks sake. Anyway no Mario Kart or Odyssey means the list is nonsense and you all know it.
  3. Worst of all it makes you do loads of stuff twice for no reason. Like when you rip the 4 tentacles off the octopus near the start (which is fiddly enough) and pull the thing out of his gob, the fucker regenerates and makes you do it all again. Or when you have to squirt water at the piranha plants to make the new levels appear, you have to beat them twice for some reason. Just fuck off.
  4. Mario 64 is still incredible fun and looks beautiful. As for those moaning about it being lazy, well they fixed the snow on the penguin level so shut up.
  5. My physical copy arrived about an hour ago from the Nintendo store. The most massive OTT cardboard box bubble wrapped packing I’ve ever seen for a game box. I thought I’d ordered something else first.
  6. If I go over my gaming history there aren’t many games that I’d consider to be worth £70. And all those that are have been on a Nintendo system. I really can’t see the bobby digital prices staying at that price unless it’s a proper blockbuster. £55 is the (obscene) going rate these days isn’t it?
  7. This item will be released on November 19, 2021. Pre-order now. FREE delivery in the UK Must be a typo.
  8. The last major console release, in Switch, had the best game ever as a launch game, rapidly followed up with MK8, Splatoon 2 and Mario Odyssey in the following few months. 4 of the best games ever. This shit from MS and Sony deserves to go in the bin. Don't support this bollocks with your money. Give it to someone who deserves it, I'm not just on about gaming.
  9. They were way too dear then, and that was considering it was on a physical cartridge sold in shops paying staff and rates and stuff, not an aws server holding a bit of code.
  10. Console £450 Extra Controller £70 2x Headsets £240 Charging station £25 Destruction Derby and Oddworld £160 Total £945 Merry Xmas
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