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  1. Pikmin is one big escort mission. Nintendo nailed it as usual.
  2. Batman forever reminds me of both red and blue joycons and stupid pc led lighting. Shit is so ostentatious.
  3. It’s crazy how bad they are. Current form suggests they’ll be in a relegation battle next year.
  4. This was way better than I thought it would be. Snipes is so good.
  5. Most of them are fairly decent movies, but if you are going to skip any make it Iron Man 2, Thor Dark World and Captain Marvel. They’re the worst. Make sure you watch GOTG, which is important for the overall story as well as just being a great film, and Winter Soldier and Thor Ragnarok because they’re the two best.
  6. This is a ridiculous line of thought. Why punish yourself to carry on playing? I gave up after the horse got blown up, how far in is that, 5 or 6 hours? Anyway, it was a dire experience from start to that point. You were tied up in a room afterwards and the game was prompting me, yet again, to press a button or hold it, can’t remember, to forward a cutscene. I couldn’t be arsed and the game carried it out anyway. I suppose that subverted my expectations, to paraphrase the new defence of this game.
  7. There should definitely have been an option to skip all the cutscenes No holding forward, just a simple button press to get to the next section. They should’ve also binned all the scavenging, or at least made it so you only needed to do it once or twice in the entire game. Those rope ‘puzzles’ mentioned were also laughable. The main problem with the game, apart from the shite holding forward, long press of a button cutscenes pretending to be gameplay is the repetition and lack of experimentation when you do get actual control of the characters. The game is so focused on providing
  8. 720p seems like a sensible choice for handheld over 1080 or whatever. Battery life is way more important than marginal improvements in resolution. I can’t wait to play the new F-Zero on this thing.
  9. It might have some funky AI upscaling thing going on like the nvidia shield has. Nintendo aren’t likely to stick more expensive chips in it.
  10. Vision is rubbish. He can walk through walls but got the crap beaten out of him in the movies. I don’t think this multiverse nonsense is all that interesting and hope they stay away from it. The best marvel stuff is when they focus on the characters and their relationships, like in Winter Soldier and with Wanda’s grief in this. Couldn’t give a crap about infinite timelines.
  11. I just finished 24 season 3. Might just be the greatest season in the history of TV.
  12. A bit like posting a SunhiLegend gif and trying to convince people that’s what playing the game is actually like.
  13. Funnily enough I found it easier to do it as Toad. I overthink it with Peach, Toad is more about instinct.
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