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  1. Good big game? Virtua Racing.
  2. the_debaser


    brilliant from Novak
  3. the_debaser


    Wouldn’t put it past Novak to ruin the party.
  4. the_debaser


    Federer’s got this.
  5. You can try phantasy star 2, 3 and 4 for free on your phone if you want. They’re free for a reason.
  6. the_debaser


    Pretty incredible 1st set so far.
  7. The first few levels of Perfect Dark were incredibly atmospheric. Super Metroid and Shadow of the Beast are up there too.
  8. Finished watching it. Was great. Can we just forget Season 2 existed?
  9. Just went through the credits of the game for finishing single player and don’t think Miyamoto’s name was there. Amazing that he’d have no involvement whatsoever in a Mario game.
  10. Resi 4 is quite good. It’s much better with a wiimote though.
  11. This got an Edge 8. Lost a bit of the first’s silliness and doesn’t fit the hardware as well as the WiiU are the main complaints. Seems fair enough, I suppose.
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