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  1. 144 for my turnips this morning, best price so far. Hoping for a stonking price rise later on.
  2. Yeah it's my first AC. If it had these problems every time I'm not sure I'd continue buying it.
  3. I also have an issue with the controls in that it is sometimes difficult to judge the 3D. Sometimes I’m waving my net through thin air when trying to get a floating petal or catch a tarantula. It’s a bit frustrating. Also if you have a spade, and try and craft at a workstation set up outside, or shake a tree, my stupid prick of an avatar will bash the workstation/tree with his spade instead of crafting/shaking. Why would it do that? Surely nintendo know I want to shake the tree, not poke my spade at it, as it will never achieve anything. Hopefully these plus other annoying problems like unskippable text will soon be patched. Though given the infuriating Splatoon unskippable text at the start of every game after 3 long years, my hope may be misguided.
  4. Is there any way of redeeming multiple bell vouchers at once? I’ve got tonnes of Nook miles and they’re pretty worthless apart from these.
  5. The eggs are pissing me off. The bunny is a twat. Half of my fish are eggs. Fucking balloons flying over my head every minute. Sooner Easter is over the better.
  6. Wait till next week and get Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario and Splatoon 2 which may all be discounted. The games on the current eshop sale aren't great.
  7. Metroid Prime was also way better on the Wii with its great pointy controls. It turned a great game into an all-time classic.
  8. One of, if not the most baffling decision they made when creating this game, and God knows there are loads, was having weak spots on run of the mill enemies, with the rest of their body having some sort of invulnerability layer. Like, it’s as if they wanted every enemy other than a grunt to be a mini boss. Why would they do that? It’s not more fun. It’s just harder. Maybe that was the point? By all means, they could create this game, call it “No Ammo No Health Jumpy Climby Really Hard Shooter 2020” or something. But they shouldn’t pretend this is a direct sequel to the 2016 game in anything other than name. Can we get refunds on digital purchases on PSN?
  9. My turnip price has been tanking. Bought at 109 and currently 55.
  10. Woohoo, the AC RNG has finally decided I’m worthy of the sturgeon
  11. Nintendo giving us a great deal on their old catalogue? Not a chance.
  12. From what I recall you occasionally press blocks or platforms in 3D world. Or blew against the microphone to make things spin. I don’t think there was anything fundamental there. Similarly with galaxy, the waggle and pointy stuff didn’t feel like it was built to fit the system, it was extra stuff just tacked on once the game was there.
  13. Haven’t played this since the first day it came out. Have they patched the fun back in yet?
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