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  1. The Last of Us is too low. Way too low. It's top 5 and that's me being objective. It's obviously the best story ever told by a video game. Shits on uncharted 2 from another dimension.
  2. What's the deal with this on a normal PS4? Is it just a few slow bits, or properly compromised.
  3. barkbat


    Unbelievable. Will never look at Medvedev in the same way again. One of the greatest matches I've ever seen, and so unexpectedly.
  4. barkbat


    I've never seen a player play so out of his skin for so long. The guy is just making insane shot choices and pulling them off against one of the greatest players who is playing really fucking well. I don't think anyone could out play Medvedev these last two sets. He's hit maybe 1 unforced error for every 50 insane outrageous winner. His 1st serve returns are like from another era.
  5. barkbat


    I know this isn't fair but, do you think there's something in Medvedev's water? Where the fuck is he getting this energy from?
  6. Cara was one of the best things in Valerian, which isn't saying much, but the girl can act, not just a pretty face.
  7. Ok but that will be because people say fuck a lot or make lewd wisecracks. It's not an R movie in the sense that there is a scene in the trailer where Arnold unloads a semi-automatic point blank into the terminators face and all that happens is a CGI metal skull appears. Think Paul Verhoven directing a scene where Arnold unloads a semi-automatic point blank into a terminators face. That is an R film.
  8. Terminator 1: Horror film rated 18 Terminator 2: Action film rated 15 Terminator 6: Marvel Superhero film rated PG I think that's what he means re tonally following on from 1 and 2.
  9. It wasn't a poor penalty but it wasn't a good one either, and considering we have a player who regularly places the ball so well his penalties are un-saveable, and he was on the pitch, it is worth a bit of 'fuss' working out why that can be allowed to happen.
  10. Pogba saying stuff like that to the press is annoying and stupid seeing as it really doesn't benefit him at all, but calling him a cunt and saying he is the antithesis of what Ole wants is also way over the top and unnecessary. He made a fair few mistakes in possession on Sunday, but when it came down to it he assisted two goals, never stopped wanting the ball, and is happy to play the pass rather than go for glory. For Ole to build long term plans around Pogba is clearly folly, but I have no problems with his attitude on the pitch and isn't that what really matters?
  11. Mental strength is everything with this squad, as last seasons soaring highs and crashing lows proved. And what a relief to see Maguire settle in so well. He already feels like an immense player - the sort to get extra animations in FIFA - and except for a few scares early on I struggle to think of one attack that got through him. Having a solid back four is going to free players like Pogba, stop them hanging back, and let them find the kind of passes that led to the third goal. And if Rashford knows those balls are coming, he's going to make more runs. All in all, it's looking lovely.
  12. I think you should eat a powerful chilli at the start of the video and your sign off should be eating a spoon of cinnamon. That way you maximise your audience potential.
  13. I don't like this categorical labelling of characters whose inner worlds you only have partial access. If Eve had a fantastic relationship with her husband or whoever and clearly didn't need romance in her life, or if she was giving regular voice overs of her inner conflicts that made no mention of queer feelings, and THEN a lesbian relationship appeared in the final episode, you'd possibly have a point. But the character is shown to be bored and frustrated and have a whole latent psychological life that is triggered by thoughts of female assassins. She is actively seduced by Villanelle in all kinds of ways that makes the sexual side seem organic, and villanelle is presented and cast as someone who is uniquely attractive. There is even a scene with her co-worker in Germany when they discuss adventurous sexual relationships and someone previously shown as vanilla is revealed to have a whole bisexual history. The film keys up the idea of Eve breaking free of all kinds of boundaries and being essentially reborn, to the point where her husband cannot relate to her. The more I think about it, the more wrong you are.
  14. But Villanelle is telling Eve how to wear her hair and sending her outfits from the beginning, and Eve is becoming more obsessed with her with each murder. The two are literally obsessed with each other throughout. I don't understand how you can say it comes out of the blue at the end.
  15. And also - imagine if there could be a spin-off videogame. Cel shaded GTA set in neo-Tokyo with biker gangs and Testuo going rampant. PUT IT IN MY EYES AND MY HANDS.
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