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  1. I really want to watch the cat doc but I find animal cruelty extremely upsetting and cats are just... I couldn't pick a subject I'm more allergic too really. I did read stuff about the Croydon cat killer but the idea of seeing clips of these poor cats. I guess I want someone to say it's all fine and I'll be fine. Will I be fine?
  2. No - the winner was the right one. She had bags more style and grace and comedy. The runner up was technically more accomplished but her hair and make up was shite almost every week and her personality was a weird mix of sweet and vulnerable with unbelievably needy and aggressively self-congratulatory. Despite her own claims to the contrary, I do not think she would have been a good ambassador. She would need to be the best in every room she found herself in and rant about how good she is. No thanks. Absolutely loved the first UK series. Totally exceeded my expectations. Top 3 Ru Paul series ever. More please.
  3. Oh man. The bit where they talk about fun with doors. About how you can open them a crack and point your gun through. About how you can open a door throw a grenade in and then close it. Playing this is going to burst peoples brains. This is what black monolith moments in gaming are all about.
  4. I think the expectation that this game is possible as a 'normal' non-VR game is missing the point. The whole game is built around VR - not just cosmetically like RE7 but in all its puzzles and interactions and combat. Seems to me like they're going for the kind of combat you'd see in a Matrix movie - throw a lamp at that guy while grabbity-gloving the gun in the holster of that guy and shooting a third guy in the face with it. You can't do that with a standard controller. And that's not even getting into how nuanced the cover system is or how every object in the game appears to be fully rendered and weighted and able to be toyed around with. And that's what makes it so great. Granted, I don't think its quite the brain melt that was the HL2 trailer, which was just utterly unique, but the potential here is absolutely vast, the environments just utterly wondrous in their atmosphere and scope, the combine have a solidity and menace to them that makes me think combat is going to be so thrilling and open to 'Last of Us' style desperate scraps with guns and melees and random cudgels, and I am so so jealous of people who have the kit to play this (I don't even have a PC so I'm going to have to patiently wait for PSVR2).
  5. It's interesting that this is a game specifically where you play Alyx, who is a known and much loved character, and not Gordon who is a silent cypher. I wonder if we are going to have a VR equivalent to adventure game dialogue trees - the ability to communicate through gesture and behaviour in ways that determine how we respond to certain characters and the conversations that then happen. A crude example, tap someone on the shoulder to get their attention, point to indicate where you want them to go, push people away to instigate a fight, high five or shake hands to show agreement. Perhaps it could be more subtle - clench fist to get aggressive, thumbs up to agree, etc. Whatever it turns out to be, I expect character interaction is going to be a big part of this game and that is why we are Alyx this time.
  6. Apparently its set between HL1 and HL2 and is a full length single player story driven VR game. As a flagship game to try and draw new people to VR, it would seem odd for it not to end up on console displays like PSVR2 after a year or so.
  7. I can't believe its actually happening. Still remember my utter astonishment at the original Half Life 2 trailer - specifically Alyx turning to camera and smiling. All those weird rumours about trying to create an NPC with real character who you could fall in love with suddenly made sense. Nothing has ever looked so utterly beyond its time in video game history. If Valve get close to that this time I will be absolutely elated. If Trump dies of a heart attack on Thursday too, best day ever?
  8. The guy wants to play 1st team football. He's not playing it here. It's fair enough if he wants to go somewhere he can.
  9. Four Weddings and a Funeral and Knuckles.
  10. Self satisfied? Obtuse? Overly long? Kojima?
  11. It really is. One of the best video reviews I've ever seen. Definitely the funniest. And really made me want to play Death Stranding!
  12. What a gorgeous free kick. After all the chaos, things are feeling rather good at the moment.
  13. I remember long ago, perhaps 1994, there being a demo built on silicon graphics PC's that offered a virtual tour of the souk in Aladdin. I remember seeing someone move around it like an FPS on TV and being utterly blown away. Does anyone remember it or is it just a 12 year olds fever dream?
  14. It really irritated me how Martial wouldn't press off the ball against Liverpool. He was literally the only player on the pitch who wouldn't chase and he was subbed on in the 80th minute. His attitude is just off and I don't understand why he gets away with it. Ferguson and Keane need to pay him a corrective visit.
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