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  1. I thought this was great. I totally get some of the criticisms here (for me, I was only really bothered by how on the nose some of the lines were e.g. Yes I hope you get raped too - we get her guilt from having an argument and making her daughter walk - do really need that line on top of it!) but none of them come near to outweighing what made it brilliant - which was that it took some really awful people and made them likeable, and took some really heroic people and made them shitty as well. It managed to create a cast of characters that really felt like a community, that had light and shade to them, who were kind of fascinating just to watch. And my God this film is funny. I had no idea how comedic it was. And it was funny and endearing in a way that challenged me as a viewer - I'm laughing in a scene where a husband is about to batter his ex-wife while his son holds a knife to his throat. I'm sympathetic for both a racist thug and his bullying alcoholic mother. This is powerful storytelling, with powerful performances, and for all the plot faults, or stretches of credibility, I loved being in that world, I loved watching the story unfold, and I know I'll return to it again. Also Frances is the best. 4/5
  2. The piano beat sheets and fish scanning and track creation is just amazing. Nintendo are gods.
  3. La La Land

    Just saw this again and that audition scene... that alternate reality with the life they could have lived... If I ever need to cry in 20 seconds flat at least I know what blu ray to put on. Screw the haters. This is still utter magic.
  4. Pixar's Coco

    The story was a little too predictable, and the characters a little too stereotypical, for me to consider it a classic, but it was a lovely film, truly beautiful, and I did cry at the end. In look and music it really reminded me of Grim Fandango, which also highlighted how much more witty and wonderfully odd that narrative was compared to this. A good film but not quite adventurous enough to be considered one of Pixar's best.
  5. Johann Johansson Dead

    Sicario soundtrack is one of the best of all time. They should release his Bladerunner 2049 soundtrack now out of respect. Can't believe we might never get to hear it.
  6. Ru Paul's Drag Race

    Milk is so awful. Was all that arrogance there in her original series because I don't remember it.
  7. Dark (Netflix)

  8. Dark (Netflix)

    This was really brilliant. Thank you to all of you who recommended it here. I've been singing its praises in real life, and most have either never heard of it or tried the first episode and didn't get on with it. Really hope word of mouth keeps this world alive as I'd love another series. Ticks all my boxes and I will no doubt watch it all again in 6 months or so. It threw up some wonderful paradoxes that I'd never considered before, even though I'm a big fan of the genre. And really top notch acting, atmospherics, photography and plotting. First German TV I've ever watched and all I can say is danke. I still don't really understand why things start to double up at the end - the letter for example. Is it possible to understand, or does more need to be revealed?
  9. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    It's sad watching Star Wars become the sprinkles on a generic Hollywood sludge of cookie cutter stories and crass one-liners. Sure, the prequels were worse, but at least there were only three of them.
  10. What classic games should be remade in VR?

    TIE Fighter TIE fighter TIE fighter. It was made for VR. Made for it. Also Alan Wake. The torch mechanic would work really well. And the forest would be amazingly atmospheric.
  11. Ru Paul's Drag Race

    Love it. Maybe one of them will become pregnant. Blessed be the fruit.
  12. Ru Paul's Drag Race

    Always the same - see the initial cast and think 'this one will be shit' and then after one episode I am in. Amazing how far Shangela has come, and Aja. Worried there isn't enough bitch quotient - they really needed a Valentina in there to stir shit up. And Thorgy can fuck off. Tired of her shit after two minutes. But so glad this is back!
  13. Ru Paul's Drag Race

    If any Squirrel knows where one might stream this, in anticipation of its appearance on Netflix, Shante please say.
  14. Inside No.9

  15. God of War - 20th April, 2018

    Huge step up in interest for me. Looks to have obviously taken a leaf from Last of Us, but made it work within its own world. Have never played the earlier games, partly because of my xbox ownership, but also because they just looked so relentlessly violent and hollow. Found the E3 conference whooping as Kratos de-limbs some elephant really quite depressing.

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