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  1. Not sure if it is a total 'megagame' but we shouldn't forget just how mind blowingly good Ninja Gaiden was on the original Xbox. That mad guy in charge of Team Ninja was bigging up how it was going to be the best 3rd person combat ever and totally hardcore and every weapon would have more moves than SF2 - and it totally devlievered. Not only on the combat front but in the artwork and music and atmosphere. A total masterpiece that took a decade for anyone else to come close to, including Team Ninja.
  2. I realise launch consoles are long gone but what’s the best bet preorder wise for getting one of these in the next wave? Have Sony said anything about stock allocation post launch?
  3. I can't tell you how brilliant Cuba would be as a GTA playground. Quite apart from the Castro history, the beautifully decayed colonial architecture, the insanely brilliant music, the mixture of jungle and mountain - you have the roads. Cuban traffic is the most bizarre sight, like a random vehicle generator from any moment in civilisation. You have horses, oxen and cart, crappy Soviet volga box cars from the 1950's, lovingly refurbished vintage American cars that often operate like tourist taxis, and then a whole bunch of modern cars, all sharing the same roads. It's the most eclectic wonderf
  4. Amazing move to alleviate the software clusterfuck Microsoft find themselves in, but that clusterfuck has been a long time coming - Microsoft have a habit of acquiring 3rd party IPs and running them into the ground. It's a bit like a rich kid using in game purchases to buy a souped up armoury and momentarily level the playing field. If they don't actually get better at playing the game it will all be for nought.
  5. It took time, but the guy who dreamed up that boomerang controller finally got all the way up to head of console design.
  6. Nah. Just nah. Not buying one until there's something really mind blowing to play on it. At the moment the software is virtually indistinguishable on a 1080p feed from current stuff and I'm just not interested in 4k until I have a TV that can do it (probably won't get one until 2030 at this rate).
  7. America becomes a lawless fascistic state that indulges in assassination and torture and is definitely no longer the good guy. Activision: Our American military wet dream is set in 1981.
  8. Hype Train Predictions - Price reveal £499 (£399 digital): Sony's thinking - we have the exclusive software, plus there's a built in launch game - ergo still value next to Xbox. - Demon Souls footage doesn't disappoint - PS4 LoU2 shown playing on PS5 with enhancements. - Naughty Dog announce incoming PS5 exclusive single-player mission for LoU 2. - Kojima title announced - That title is spiritual successor to Silent Hills/PT. - That title will be PSVR 2 compatible and out 2021.
  9. I remember paying a lot of attention to the relative prices of a gamecube and an xbox back in the day. Then I played co-op Halo at a promo event and none of the numbers mattered one jot. I needed an xbox. Obviously Halo is an extreme example, but the point is, all Sony need is one exclusive and truly enticing launch game to render all Microsoft's pricing worthless. A lovely chunk of Demon Souls and perhaps a spiritual successor to Silent Hills being announced tonight - and billions of dollars of revenue in the long run will be theirs.
  10. Have sony specified the specs of the digital only PS5? Is it possible they could be also aiming for a 1080p focussed spec?
  11. I'm thinking the 'unplanned' reveal of this is very much planned and done to torpedo Sony's PSVR plans. PSVR should be a great asset. But it's going to be hard for Sony to sing and dance about future PSVR support with the PS5 when a PSVR headset costs more than a next-gen Xbox.
  12. I reckon the enhancements will be the resolution/graphical tweaks you'd expect, and a PSVR Mode with exclusive missions.
  13. Everything about Microsoft's approach with the X seems arse backwards. They push a hardware spec that champions performance and puts it clear of its main rival, then have a software strategy that puts cross-generational play as a key feature, and launch the thing relying on 3rd party games to make it shine when it's the lower spec machine that will be the benchmark for every developer. It's like they are doing everything to remove a clear difference between the two consoles on screen, and so make the cheaper one the clear choice, even disregarding Sony's amazing run of 1st party
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