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  1. Everything about Microsoft's approach with the X seems arse backwards. They push a hardware spec that champions performance and puts it clear of its main rival, then have a software strategy that puts cross-generational play as a key feature, and launch the thing relying on 3rd party games to make it shine when it's the lower spec machine that will be the benchmark for every developer. It's like they are doing everything to remove a clear difference between the two consoles on screen, and so make the cheaper one the clear choice, even disregarding Sony's amazing run of 1st party franchises. I really think that Halo Infinite is the symptom of this internal conflict - a game that probably started life as the tent pole release for the world's most powerful console, and then a few years in had to suddenly work on Xbox One and have 100s of online players because Fortnite happened to be doing gang-busters during a milestone Microsoft executive meeting.
  2. After getting pretty obsessed with Halo 1's lore and story, half an hour with Halo 2 was enough to extinguish that passion for life.
  3. (Except the Storytelling. Bungie clearly fluked it the first time)
  4. Why would they risk shitting the bed on a whole new open ended genre when they can just keep fine tuning their already amazing systems and storytelling.
  5. On the Sanchez lessons thing - I understand what you're saying, and without being involved it's hard to know what happened. But I don't think such a spectacular and lasting implosion could be just 'bad luck'. And I hope in future those in charge of such things don't throw such spectacular wages at any player whose mindset is not proven to fit the Man U mould, whose too old to easily change that mindset, and whose position is already well covered.
  6. On the other hand - Brentford's entire team cost £20m to assemble. Let's hope lessons are learned upstairs.
  7. With Scottie at the wheel? I think the humping will be dry and irregular.
  8. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee(Brentford score with 30secs to go)aaah
  9. Very much looking forward to the play off today and cheering Fulham's return to the Premiership, but I'm quarantined and don't have sky. If anyone has a good place for a feed online, a share would be most appreciated.
  10. How many Microsoft executives does it take to change a lightbulb? Candle holders ensure compatibility with all previous light fixtures and for $10 a month you can have all the matches you need.
  11. As someone who became very obsessed with Tie Fighter I'm trying to contain myself. One thing overlooked about Tie Fighter was the way missions objectives worked and how brilliant it was. You had primary objectives, which when completed allowed you to progress to the next level, but also secondary and even secret objectives which would arise on the fly and could be failed by not responding in time. Completing these extra objectives allowed you to access extra story strands and further objectives in the later levels. But the key was that you chose when to end the level. Beginners could do the basics and move on. Experienced players could keep searching for new challenges. It was the perfect organic difficulty option and gave the whole game so much depth and re-playability. Really hope there is something like that here. But very happy it is happening at all.
  12. A few thoughts having finally watched this... 1. GTA V opening was very strange. It felt like something was missing. My guess is there is going to be a PSVR campaign mode added for PS5 players. But that either Sony didn't want VR footage of you shooting up cop cars in an American city given the current BLM protests, or they didn't want PSVR distracting from the PS5 hardware, or a bit of both, so they just cut that announcement and left it as a generic 'new stuff coming soon'. Either way, odd. 2. Resident Evil 8 was the only trailer were I felt a genuine tinge of excitement. Like others, I was left very apathetic by the rest of it. The games shown were admirably varied and particularly non-violent (Maybe another reaction to the BLM protests - the use of Indy games like that dinosaur high school one and not, for example, Call Of Duty, makes me feel that perhaps there was a few last minute changes to the trailer roster, and some of the more realistic violent games were held back). But gameplay wise they seemed totally generic. The Ratchet & Clank trailer summed it up really - identical to the earlier games, just very shiny, and with lots of extra stuff being thrown around, and a shallow portal mechanic to show off the fact that you can stream stuff fast off the hard drive. So far - nothing I've seen makes me want to shell out £500 for the pleasure. I'd rather play LoU 2 on my PS4 than have a PS5 complete with every game shown. Which says it all really. 3. The console design is a bit odd but by no means a monstrosity. It plays games. I don't understand the horror. I don't even look at my PS4. 4. If Microsoft make this new Halo work, Sony could be in trouble, because they are really lacking that must have game based on the showing last night. It's the narrative of LoU2, or the thrills of Half Life Alyx in VR that are keeping my interest in videogames right now. 4K raytracing 3D audio and fast loading is not keeping me up at night.
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