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  1. And also - imagine if there could be a spin-off videogame. Cel shaded GTA set in neo-Tokyo with biker gangs and Testuo going rampant. PUT IT IN MY EYES AND MY HANDS.
  2. PRODUCERS: Be reminded! VIEWERS: Be fucked!
  3. Smacks of producer types wanting to 'broaden' the appeal. The dialogue is stylised so they were probably worried new people wouldn't pick up important plot points through speech alone and just wander off confused. If that's the price for it happening at all, then fine. But it's sad because they were a very annoying inclusion and every second should have been spent fleshing out the present.
  4. I think I'm going to just watch the whole thing from the beginning. I can barely remember anything.
  5. There was some bold ideas in this but the cast were hateful and the 'characters' really didn't seem to care very much about each other or the batshit things happening around them. Ultimately what was good about the plot just felt wasted because the rest was so crass. 2/5
  6. It's a really nice interview - well worth listening to all the way through. She talks about Last of Us Parts 1 and 2, and even appears to say it's coming out in February until she is interrupted. Plus five years in the making. Fucking hell. Love it.
  7. It's true that plot wise you could start to feel the wheels wobble once they were in Russia, but this was offset by the performances just getting better and better, especially Jodie Comer as Villanelle. Plus the offbeat humour was a continuous source of joy - so yes the heady heights of the opening were not matched all the way, but I don't agree the dip was significant. Waller bridge did not write the second season. The scenes with Eve and her husband - painful. The scene where Eve is mistaken for an addict - leaden. Eve in general appears to have really suffered as a character.
  8. Just seen the first episode of the second series, and other than Jodie Comer's remarkable performance, it's clear the magic has gone. Some of the scenes are woeful. So much dead time and awkward dialogue. And the humour is so one dimensional now. Set up - punch line - done. It's like old simpsons vs new simpsons. Yeesh. So sad.
  9. I loved it. It's certainly not pushing any boundaries narrative wise, but it's got two wonderful leads, a supporting cast full of refreshingly un-cliched comic characters, it constantly suprised me, and most importantly of all, it made me laugh out loud at least twenty times, which is fucking close to funniest film I've ever watched in the cinema on pure laugh count. What with most American comedy films of the last decade being horrible turgid cookie cutter shite that makes wish for most people to die, I found Booksmart utterly revitalising. See also Eighth Grade - which is a very different film in tone - but also very similar in its freshness and heart and joy.
  10. Not been this excited about a game in soooo long.
  11. My predictions... - This does start from the moment keyes smashes the pillar of Autumn into the ring at the start of Halo 1. - What we saw yesterday is part of the new beginning. - The halo ring is now open world like Zelda. - The Spanish guy in his Pelican is basically your Epona, which is why they are so desperate to establish a player bond with him. - The ring is broken to force the player to traverse it in one direction. - Cortana will now go rampant and become an antagonist when entered into the Halo mainframe (she will trick MC into releasing the flood out of sheer curiosity but come good in the end). - The flood will spread organically across the world map, using the various fauna that now populates the world to do it. - In general, the tone will be a lot more 'Last of Us' because that is what big worthy games do these days. It will amplify what a shallow character MC is and totally forget that actually, Halo 1 was inspired by Aliens and 80's action films and was often quite silly.
  12. That halo trailer was so strange. Am I meant to know who that Spanish guy is? And care about how he misses his generic as fuck family? While in his generic as fuck spaceship. Master chief is a cypher, from another era culturally, and you need to be really careful just how 'realistic' a world you put him in - because if things get too emotionally wrought, things could start to get pretty silly pretty quick. The way they paired all that 'kid loves daddy' stuff with Master Chief's 'it's time for war' just came off dissonant to me. Like putting Arnold Schwarzenegger in Interstellar or something. The original Halo did not take itself wholly seriously and balanced matters well. Compare tearful Spanish guy with the guy in Halo 1 who would rush around screaming 'I'm a cowardly fool'. The comedy has gone. I think they're going to go for something really dramatic and worthy and they are going to have real problems doing that with a protagonist that is a gravel throated space marine with no face.
  13. In fact, I hope there's another Easter egg where there's a fat blonde-mopped white man hanging motionless from a zip-line, and if you drive the Brexit bus straight into him, you get a super secret Brucie Brexit Bonus that makes half the shops close and the price of everything in the game triple.
  14. I hope there's an Easter egg where one of the buses has the 'we give the EU £350m a week' sign on it.
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