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  1. Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    Second wildcard lasts til the end of the season.
  2. Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    They changed that last season. If you don't wildcard by new year, you lose it.
  3. Hearthstone

    It was quite funny actually, he spent about 3 turns actively playing minions that wouldn't trigger the deathrattle (As you can see he started to starfire my face despite being massively behind on board), and the moment I actually managed to get it out he conceded instantly. I did not get to hit his face with it. I don't think anyone ever does.
  4. Hearthstone

    You hear stories of The Forgotten One. About those crazy bastards who try to summon him in constructed. But when you mostly play arena, they seem more like myths. A laughable story to scare children at night. Something that could never happen to you and that you could never try. Power beyond your grasp. And then, you find out, that Carnivorous Cube has turned myth in to reality. Terrible, wonderful reality.
  5. Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    Wahey! All hail Bingo, our new overlord!
  6. Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    I lost to a dead team in the cup as well. I wouldn't worry about it. Last year I was top 5k when the cup came around and I didn't even qualify for it because I had a bad GW. It's a bit of a farce really. Congrats on your rank by the way. This year is the most competitive I've ever seen. The gap between top 100k and top 10k is only like 30 points at the moment, which is ridiculously close. If you play it right you could have an amazing OR at the end of the season. You have a solid team as well. It's definitely possible.
  7. Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    I fully agree with you on starting a new league. I'm 6th at the moment and I only recognise two other names from recent years in the top 10. It's way more fun when you know who is around you and you can do friendly shitposting. It was also really fun reading DoubleOs adventures at the top and seeing how his crazy 5-2-3 formation was really working for him. Also, the guy at the top isn't just a two team cheat, he's a 7 team cheat. Check out his mini-leagues and he has one that is just all of his teams in the same league. It's baffling why someone would want to play like that. Where's the fun?
  8. Hearthstone

    The expansion is out on EU. Now. On release date! A good sign already?
  9. Hearthstone

    I have virtually zero excitement for this set. I know the big dump is yet to come, but from the cards revealed so far, it has got to be the laziest set they have come up with so far. There is not a single new mechanic. Everything is just recycled. Even the 'new' mechanics are recycled ideas. Non weapon classes get weapons now! They include all new things like, erm, card draw! And, erm, hold on, refreshing mana crystals! And don't forget everyone's favourite, random spell generation! Experience these all new effects that already existed in the game, but now they're on WEAPONS, so they're basically brand new effects! Get fucking excited! Also, please forget that Medivhs weapon is way better than any of the ones we've made, and every class has had access to it for 4 expansions, but who cares, WEAPONS! All new keyword, recruit! That's right, we've put the completely BS RNG effect from Y'Shaarj on everything! Woohoo! Still not excited? Then what about, drumroll please, spellstones! As we all know, the best way to win at a card game, and easily the way to have the most fun, is to not play any of the cards in your hand, and spellstones are here to help with that! Rogues have secrets now! And guess what, they're all basically a copy of a secret that another class already has. Wowzah! Now I call that class identity. Remember Joust? That mechanic that literally every single player in the game hated and Blizz developers have constantly referred to as bad design in the past? Well now it's fucking back baby! And the tempo swings it will cause are going to be bigger than ever! It's all just so uninspiring. But at least they haven't brought that mechanic back. Yet.
  10. Hearthstone

    Unless you are desperate to ladder as Rogue before the new expansion, I would say no. It may well be that Keleseth is a commonly used Legendary going in to Kobolds, but there are a few good reasons to hold off crafting anything until then. If Keleseth is still amazing then you can always craft him in a month anyway. It's looking very likely there will be double class legendaries in the next expansion (1 weapon, 1 minion) so you may well want to save your dust for something else. Most important though, is that this is the last expansion of the year, so it will be in the game the least amount of time before it rotates out. This means Blizzard are going to take risks. The last expansion in this slot was MSG, and as you no doubt remember, cards like the Jades and Kazakus were meta-defining for every expansion afterwards. When I say meta-defining I mean it. MSG cards have been core cards in almost every deck in almost every class since they came out, and two expansions later they are still as prevalent as when they came out. You don't see people running quests, and even the DKs are still not as common as the big MSG cards. I have no doubt that Blizzard are holding back some ridiculous cards/themes for this expansion that will have the exact same impact, so holding your dust and gold to find out what those cards will be is not something you will regret.
  11. Hearthstone

    This is just hilarious.
  12. Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    Batshuayi should be safe until Morata is back, but Conte really doesn't seem to like him, so it's possible Chelsea will line up with Hazard as a false 9 and he won't get a look in. If he does play though he will definitely score goals. A real high risk pick, but could provide high rewards. Be ready to transfer him out as soon as Morata is back though. Normally sometime between GW30 and 34.
  13. Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    Until the blank GWs roll around and you have 5 players playing, and everyone who kept their free hit chip has 11
  14. Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

  15. Mini Games / Side Quests you love.


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