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  1. Zomby


    So now What.cd is officially dead, I'm at a loss as to where to download rare vinyl rips and the like. I have no problem shelling out a few quid for digital downloads but it's the tough to find stuff I'm really struggling with. Anyone got any recommendations on where to head to as a substitute?
  2. 01 - Tame Impala - Currents 02 - Stephan Bodzin - Powers of Ten03 - Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly04 - Geode - Plankton Gravy05 - Machinedrum - Vapor City Archives06 - Break - Simpler Times07 - Ed Rush & Optical - No Cure08 - Ott - Fairchildren09 - Goldmund - Sometimes10 - Emancipator - Seven Seas
  3. Zomby

    Rick and Morty

    Squanchify your web browser
  4. Zomby


    It's down for me :| Edit: aaaaaand it's back.
  5. Zomby

    South Park

    Christmas episode "Happy Holograms" confirmed for the season finale
  6. Zomby


    Mmm I kind of disagree to a certain extent. Yes they are predominantly in the dub genre but the majority of the artists who have produced them are dubstep producers who have put their own twists on the dub sound; I certainly wouldn't say they are "proper dub", but then again I'm not very good when it comes to categorising music (is anyone?). I'm more keen on dubstep that boarders dub as I like it deep and atmospheric, can't be doing with jumped up mid-range wobble stuff (a few exceptions are allowed, of course). I don't know, I like what I like and I struggle to define lines between close genres to be honest
  7. Zomby


    You ain't looking hard enough EDIT: For example.. WhoDemSound Darj http://soundcloud.com/darjeelingz/pon-da-break-clip Haywire http://soundcloud.com/pycka/dub-wiser A-list TMSV http://soundcloud.com/tmsv/tmsv-fire-dub Reamz DZ Bukkha K Man
  8. Zomby


    TMSV's 1988 EP is out, it's so gooooood! Move On is so phat
  9. Zomby


    Absolutely lovely free track from Truth, deep smooth vibes. http://soundcloud.com/truthdubstep/jhene-aiko-the-worst-truth-remix-free-download
  10. Zomby

    The electronica thread

    No problem, it's a corker isn't it! I bought it as he's definitely a producer who works hard on his releases and I always get a lot of mileage out of his stuff, I still listen to Broken Soul Jamboree a lot actually.
  11. Zomby

    The electronica thread

    Tipper's new album 'Forward Escape' is now out. It's not shit P.S. It's on Spotify too.
  12. Zomby

    The Drum & Bass Thread

    Liking this new S.P.Y tune, very heavy. I've not been keeping much of an eye on DnB releases recently, anyone come across anything notable?
  13. Zomby


    Lead Motion Designer Mark Paterson has given a run though of the easter eggs contained within some of the episodes of Archer, very geeky but cool LINKY
  14. Zomby


    Change the link from https to http
  15. Zomby


    TV threads are only usually busy when people have something to moan about

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