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  1. Yesssss! Malenia is no more… Honestly the most hateful thing I have ever came across in all my years playing video games.
  2. Finally! After being stuck for upwards of maybe 15 hours on EB, finally killed him tonight. After many respecs and attempts with different weapons, the beast has finally been bested. Don’t think I have it in me to do Malenia, who I had multiple attempts at during the 15 odd hours I’ve been stuck.
  3. Up to the final boss (impossible) but have loved every minute of this… Has made me download a load of other similar style games to go through, once I have finally beat this last boss.
  4. Have been playing heavy doses of Halo: Infinite and Metroid Dread over the last few days. Both highly enjoyable!
  5. Weird, I think something similar was happening with me too. Would always get a notification saying that the game could not complete downloading, despite the fact the game played completely fine. I finished it the other day and put over 40 hours into it with no trouble.
  6. Ngannou stuffing that take down attempt was possibly one of the most frightening things I have ever seen.
  7. I managed to secure myself a Series X last month and my first port of call was MCC. Played through Halo 1 & 2 for the first time in over 10 years, so it was an almost fresh experience. Both games still a highly enjoyable experience but Halo 2 has this spike in difficulty for about 3 levels from Grave Mind on which made a almost near impossible task. It almost made me put the controller down and soured the experience a fair bit. The amount of hits it took to kill elites and brutes doubled and there was a serious lack of weapons knocking about. Aside from that both games were overall still a great experience haha.
  8. I can appreciate it’s a very different game. I’ve powered through the first main boss (guy on the horse) and I’m at the castle now and the 3 areas I can explore are all covered by mini bosses I just can’t seem to get any damage on. It’s just deflating and I had the same deflation with bloodborne and souls game but I had the urge to continue with them.
  9. Really not sure I’m enjoying this... Not sure whether part of it fatigue from playing so many of these types of games back to back. Just don’t have the motivation to continue on with it. As someone mentioned previously in this thread, it really does feel like a second rate souls game.
  10. Yes, sorry you are right. Yeah you need to take him out. Then I went back to the area with the snake but platformed around him before it led me to the next sculpture.
  11. I have just started this too... If you back track a bit there’s an old woman who gives you a bell just before the ogre. Bring it to the temple and give it to the Buddha. It opens a new area for you that has a new prosthetic add on and some other bits. I think I’m just slightly ahead of you. I’m not sure what I think of it just yet...
  12. If the people who are wanting to try the kool aid keep saying they hate it and why don’t they change the flavour. Maybe it’s a case of just enjoying a different drink?
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