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  1. Its about playing until you experience a synergistic flow
  2. Thanks, found this really useful, anyone who just got this should also check it out.
  3. (From kerraig, I knew he'd wanna respond to this) Time hasn't been kind to Dawn of the Dead simply because of the limitations of its budget and the scope of its ambition, but you simply have to put it into context. Very few films by this point had grappled with such huge themes in horror: What do we do when a global supernatural phenomenon affects absolutely everything. Something that isn't aliens or terrorists, but is something existential like death no longer being death. Being forsaken by God, existing outside of ourselves and our own consciousness. This is riffed upon in so many clever ways. What does a talk show look like when ratings dont matter? What do the religious poor do with their dead when the government demand the bodies are handed over, where do you escape to when the thing you are trying to outrun is death itself? do trinkets still have any meaning in a post consumerist world? what is the point of getting married? Etc etc. These themes are handled quite clumsily because the film was made by amateurs at night on a shoestring budget, but nobody else was dreaming that large at an indie level at the time. Kubrick and Bergman and Kurosawa were the ones tackling the big themes and they were doing it with all the backing of their studio or their government. Dawn really searches for the big questions and really tries to make you care about humans and humanity. It's very creaky now and almost impossible to go into cold. But for the time it is absolutely beyond seminal.
  4. Very inventive but too long. Was ready for it to end by the final big fight.
  5. 99% of the films on release need your money more than this multi billion franchise.
  6. they also call it the internet... in 1994. I dont think I heard that expression until at least 97
  7. Dude, if you dont think a massive stone cold killer could grab Bruce Lee and throw him into a car door in a moment of hubris then I dont know what world you are living in. A writer doesn't have to consider the overall image of a nation when inventing a scene.
  8. Exorcist 3 has one of the all time greatest scares IMO. That bit with the nurse in the hospital...
  9. Spot a guy who has never seen Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  10. Alternatively, BF1 is the best videogame ever made IMO.
  11. Niothing wwrong with 45 min stints though? it gets much more interesting as it progresses
  12. Went and watched friends. Courtney Cox sucking at comedy confirmed.
  13. Not true. Courtney Cox was always horrifically unfunny, despite being the most famous.
  14. Sausage fest. Jennifer Lawrence was a monumental drawer for a whole swathe of new female cinemagoers with the hunger games.
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