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  1. This trailer just popped up in youtube, looks really interesting. I am hoping there is some twist or extra element to it they are deliberately holding back. I would actually prefer if the full thing was being played straight. Does it have a release date yet?
  2. Ok its Friday and APM is too slow so another (v easy one) from me
  3. I like Failsafe! Also sorry for my misinformation earlier, I was sure old raids disappear. Is it just the become irrelevant due to them being pitched at old level caps?
  4. Well there is if you want to do all of them as they take them down eventually. How long was vault of glass on before it disappeared?
  5. Ha, I can imagine! Thats what happens when you hang around with the uncool kids kicking a plastic ball against a wall, you need to make your excuses and leave then sprint down the park to play with the big boys on the full size pitch afterwards I should get on tonight, get another couple of hours done on the main story. Maybe do a strike as well if you are around?
  6. One thing I hate about Destiny is I always seem to be behind the curve and looking on, reading about stuff I cant do or understand yet. Hopefully finish the story by the weekend and it will all start opening up to me.
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