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  1. Maybe just devote 15 min of your life to find out for yourself, or do you rely on internet strangers to guide you through every decision in life?
  2. I enjoyed the subsequent discussion though. But my god you don’t half over think stuff.
  3. Disappointed on second read of this when I realised you didn’t say “giggling”
  4. Brilliant! absolute classic, not laughed as much in ages with this thread, but your contributions have been the icing on the cake. Take a bow sir, top drawer!
  5. Truly inspirational. He was dealing with a terminal illness while achieving things most can only dream of.
  6. Imagine a world where you could post a spoiler, and just by adding a little context, it didnt need to be like buying a plot busting scratch card!
  7. They would be morbid curiosities and should be released for free onto the internet for all to view if they so wish, stop trying to ruin the fun.
  8. If anyone has a half reasonable price like even 250ish let me know, i need a hassle free option to offload what I have left, too nice outside to sit in queues and I’m out all day tomorrow. Cheers.
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