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  1. I don’t really care about Starfield, but people who claim No Man’s Sky has somehow transformed into a completely different game really have drank the entire bowl of kool-aid.

    NMS was a boring, barren game at launch which is now a better looking but still equally shallow game with loads of tat added. Continually adding more and more shit to build is not the same as depth. 

  2. I see we’re trying to use pin-sharp clarity as some sort of objective measure of ‘good’ video game aesthetics again.

    I suspect the main reason the clothing looks less defined (in this compressed, pre-release video at least) is because cloth absorbs light, and they’re now using a more physically accurate lighting model for different materials. The second potential reason could be that the characters clothing is now animated where it was previously completely static, combined with motion blur.

    As for the actual, creative changes in lighting, I suppose we’ll have to see those in context. The golden-hour shadows of the original school gymnasium definitely look a lot more effective in isolation. 

  3. 48 minutes ago, Benny said:

    It's a very pretty game at times, but it's just so dumb.


    You just push forwards and the platforming and puzzles complete themselves.

    Pre-release there was a lot of hype about their addition of a more old-school ‘remove white paint on climbable objects’ platforming mode, but as suspected in the hyper-detailed environment of a modern game it turned even basic navigation into tedious trial-and-error, with lots of jumping into walls trying to figure out how to progress. 

    There’s a puzzle early on involving a giant rotating wooden contraption made entirely of logs, and without knowing specifically which logs you could actually grab onto it was practically impossible. I turned it off during that and left it off for the rest.

  4. Shadow was made by a completely different developer (Eidos Montreal), and I think you can tell. All the Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider games have had some spark to them, even the clearly unfinished Underworld. 

  5. Tomb Raider 2013 is a superb action game with probably the best crowd-control setpieces this side of Resi 4. It’s not much of a puzzler, although the platforming mechanics are solid. Rise has weaker combat but better puzzles, whereas Shadow is worse across the board. The environmental design is consistently excellent across all three, though. 

    Anniversary is by far the best ‘classic’ Tomb Raider experience. Tragically it’s also one of the lowest selling. 

  6. I loved Max Payne 1 & 2 at the time, but for all their classic Remedy style and charm they’re pretty dated and one-note these days. Max Payne 3 remains one of the very best games of the 360 generation, it refined the exact same concept by imbuing it with a genuine weight, heft and momentum that’s never been bettered since.

    Remedy themselves had already ran out of road with the noir-pastiche by the second game, so going full Tony Scott/Micheal Mann neo-neo-noir was a genius decision. The script is also much funnier than it gets credit for, even if the actual plot doesn’t make much sense (do any of them?).


    Also whilst I loved Sam Lake in the original, the model in MP2 never really grew on me. This is the definitive Max for me these days. 



  7. 17 minutes ago, Sidewaysbob said:

    But how many podcasts would you take at £2.99 a pop before you reached a saturation point? 

    I'm with Dumpster on this, I don't understand putting a podcast behind a pay wall whomever the talent is. No one can possibly be so desirable that people will continue to pay £155 a year to listen to them surely. 

    It’s £2.99 a month, not £2.99 a week. If you regarded yourself as a big fan of Kermode and Mayo’s content then £35 a year would be an acceptable buy-in, surely?

  8. 1 hour ago, Sidewaysbob said:

    But you'd think a movie that made so much money and arguably saved many cinemas from closure would get a little bit of love wouldn't you? 

    It's almost like feel good movies and comedies are actively shunned by the awards. 

    Besides VFX, I’m curious to know what award categories you’d think No Way Home would be eligible for? I enjoyed the film, but despite being an exceptionally weak year it still wouldn’t stand a chance for anything else.

  9. The second half of DS2 is miles better than the second half of the original. It also retains the same nasty, scary edge to its design, proper Sens Fortress vibes all over the place, which are almost completely absent from DS3 and Elden Ring.

    Dark Souls 3 is boring af, 2 is a far more interesting game. 

  10. 54 minutes ago, Gambit said:


    The way he talks and behaves on that podcast, it's like he won a fan competition to become Kermodes best mate.

    It’s the self-aggrandising way he’s begun referring to himself as a ‘filmmaker’ and speaking as some sort of authority on the subject that’s sent me over the edge. As best as I can tell he’s only worked on short films and YouTube videos. Kermode himself has actually directed feature length documentaries but never smugly refers to himself as a filmmaker when discussing other peoples work. 

  11. Can’t stand the guy Mark does his other podcast with. A supremely annoying know-nothing gobshite.

    In the last episode I listened to he said something about Last Night in Soho being one of his most disappointing films of the year, because Edgar Wright had sold out by not editing it with the same style style as Spaced/Shaun/Fuzz etc which was one of the most moronically patronising things I’ve ever heard, and I didn’t even like the film. 

  12. 2 hours ago, makkuwata said:

    New map piece locations are visible even through fog of war if you’ve gotten close enough to any.



    Thank you so much, turns out I galloped right past four of them, but it had been so long I’d forgotten what they looked like. I have everything south of Stormveil filled in now. 

  13. Maybe I’m being an idiot, but I haven’t found a single map since the very first one right at the start of the game. My map screen is a sea of icons over brown nothingness. Anyone else?


    EDIT: Of course, one minute after I posted that I found my first map in 15 hours. 🤦

  14. Can someone please explain how to use the Ash Summons/spirits. My character just looks confused when I try to ‘use’ one, can’t bind them to a staff or weapon, can’t memorise them at checkpoints etc. Just no idea what I’m supposed to do with them, also can’t see a stat requirement I might be missing.

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