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  1. I thought it really picked up in the last 3/4 of an hour or so, Frank was really funny towards the end. The actual plot for the epsiode was a bit 'wtf?' though, even for Shameless it was surreal and oddly serious. At least there's a new series starting in a few weeks.

    Did anyone notice how that final freeze-frame over the credit's was like the last supper, with Frank as Jesus? Now that was funny.

  2. Well, when you compare it to it's closest competiton, which is probably Shinobi, it's a fucking masterpiece. And I thought the graphics were amazing, not only because they were pretty, but unlike all the other console games with 'amazing' graphics this one also managed a steady 60fps framerate - which is vital. The game doesn't really take off until chapter 3 though, when you learn countering and get the 'Flying Swallow' move (at least I think it's called that).

  3. Didn't GC hate Ninja Gaiden because it was too hard? There's something wrong there, it was hard yes but it's wasn't THAT hard, certainly not impossible. I'd expect games reviewers to enjoy a good challenge, I'm awful at beat'em'ups, but even I enjoyed the challenge of it. Whenever I completed a key moment in NG (Alma, the Demon King, that Tower of Fiends right at the end) I bloody loved the satisfaction I got from it.

    My choices would go;

    1. Half-Life 2

    2. Halo 2

    3. Ninja Gaiden

    Honourable Mentions:

    FarCry, just missed out.

    Fable was honestly one of the shittest games I ever played, and I didnt even follow the hype. I bought it expecting an average RPG and even then it was total wank. Hated it. My opinion of course, that's just how it is.

  4. The problem with Teachers was that it went from subtle comedy drama, to zany comedy with midgets in every scene. Now I wholly applaude the use of midgets for comedy purposes, but Teachers just isn't funny anymore. And I swear loads but even I find the language in it groan-worthy. The cunts.

  5. I thought the worst bits in the Matrix sequels were either the entire subway sequence in Revolutions, any scene with 'The Kid' - paticuarly where he goes 'Neo, I believe ;)!!!', virtually ruining the amazing Zion action sequence beforehand with his unholy shitness, and let's not forget the absolutely awful Trinity death scene. That went on. For ages. Slowly. And was. Exactly. The same. As her. Last. One.

  6. Having more lenient ratings is a double edged sword, because then you end up with a rating like the R in America, which means you get a shitload of kids going in to see an adult film and spoiling it.

    I've been the cinema a few times in America, and everytime it made me wish for the good old days in the UK when there were only a couple of chavs spoiling the film, not an entire cinema full of kids and yanks shouting 'HELL YEAH' and applauding at the screen.

    I do find 18 rating stupid in comparison to other things (ok, you can watch sex but not have it?), but I'm happy with the rest of our ratings system and the way it's enforced, other than *that* headbutt policy. Perhaps a better diea would be to make the 15 a 16, keep the 12 and PG and discard the 18 (or keep it purely for messed up fetishistic hardcore porn or whatever).

    I do find the Matrix film's getting 15's compared to LOTR ridiculous, T3 was more violent than any of them. Oh, and regarding it being a 12a here, it wasn't actually cut to get a lower rating because in the States it got the full blown R, which compared to films like Daredevil getting a PG-13 in the States and a 15 here is very weird.

  7. Without a doubt, the most hilarious example of blatant product placement in any movie ever:

    In Super Mario Bros. where Bob Hoskins sets the walking bomb at the end and it falls down and starts walking upside down...it has the Reebok logo on the bottom of it's feet, which the camera lingers on for 2 seconds before it explodes. Random as hell.

  8. And why are all modern action heroes skinny as fuck? Will Smith? Keanu Reeves? Please, back in their prime Arnlod, Stallone, Norris, Bronson, 'The Dolph' could have ripped your fucking arms off. I miss that.

  9. It's adult enough, considering 15 films can have virtually as many tits and decapitations as they want. Not allowing a single headbutt onscreen, when you consider some other the battles in Saving Private Ryan or Braveheart being allowed is incredibly stupid. 15 is the highest age rating in Japan, and don't get me started on what a fuck-up the American ratings system is, and neither of them even censor headbutts for kids.

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