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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo......................?
  2. The problem with Teachers was that it went from subtle comedy drama, to zany comedy with midgets in every scene. Now I wholly applaude the use of midgets for comedy purposes, but Teachers just isn't funny anymore. And I swear loads but even I find the language in it groan-worthy. The cunts.
  3. I thought the worst bits in the Matrix sequels were either the entire subway sequence in Revolutions, any scene with 'The Kid' - paticuarly where he goes 'Neo, I believe !!!', virtually ruining the amazing Zion action sequence beforehand with his unholy shitness, and let's not forget the absolutely awful Trinity death scene. That went on. For ages. Slowly. And was. Exactly. The same. As her. Last. One.
  4. I love that music, fit's the trailer perfectly. I have no idea when this is out in Europe though, hopefully same day as the US.
  5. Have you not seen Hot Shots: Part Deux?
  6. Having more lenient ratings is a double edged sword, because then you end up with a rating like the R in America, which means you get a shitload of kids going in to see an adult film and spoiling it. I've been the cinema a few times in America, and everytime it made me wish for the good old days in the UK when there were only a couple of chavs spoiling the film, not an entire cinema full of kids and yanks shouting 'HELL YEAH' and applauding at the screen. I do find 18 rating stupid in comparison to other things (ok, you can watch sex but not have it?), but I'm happy with the rest of our ratings system and the way it's enforced, other than *that* headbutt policy. Perhaps a better diea would be to make the 15 a 16, keep the 12 and PG and discard the 18 (or keep it purely for messed up fetishistic hardcore porn or whatever). I do find the Matrix film's getting 15's compared to LOTR ridiculous, T3 was more violent than any of them. Oh, and regarding it being a 12a here, it wasn't actually cut to get a lower rating because in the States it got the full blown R, which compared to films like Daredevil getting a PG-13 in the States and a 15 here is very weird.
  7. I remmeber the climax was a hammer murder by someone dressed as Punch from Punch and Judy, and laughing like Punch while they did it. Show was shit, but that ending was fucked up.
  8. Exactly 240 people die in Hard Boiled. Source
  9. Without a doubt, the most hilarious example of blatant product placement in any movie ever: In Super Mario Bros. where Bob Hoskins sets the walking bomb at the end and it falls down and starts walking upside down...it has the Reebok logo on the bottom of it's feet, which the camera lingers on for 2 seconds before it explodes. Random as hell.
  10. Get 'Big Showdown in Little Tokyo', it's every bit as hilarious as it's ruthless review.
  11. And why are all modern action heroes skinny as fuck? Will Smith? Keanu Reeves? Please, back in their prime Arnlod, Stallone, Norris, Bronson, 'The Dolph' could have ripped your fucking arms off. I miss that.
  12. It's adult enough, considering 15 films can have virtually as many tits and decapitations as they want. Not allowing a single headbutt onscreen, when you consider some other the battles in Saving Private Ryan or Braveheart being allowed is incredibly stupid. 15 is the highest age rating in Japan, and don't get me started on what a fuck-up the American ratings system is, and neither of them even censor headbutts for kids.
  13. I'm not one for mecha action either, but the action in that CGI remake of 'Appleseed' looked fucking fantastic as far as mechs go. Anyone know when (if) that's coming out over here?
  14. Commando body count : Still, it's no... 'I don't have time to bleed!!!'
  15. Gary Oldman would be perfect, but that's not to say Nick Cage won't do the job well. Just imagine his look from Raising Arizona with the crazy hair...very Old Boyish surely?
  16. The BBFC's policy about headbutts in ridiculous. I can understand them taking them out of a childrens film, say Spiderman 2 or Attack of the Clones, because it is a pretty brutal act and even though I think it's an over-reaction I can understand the reasoning behind it. However, being cut from an adult film...come on, that's stupid, especially in a film full of chop-socky.
  17. Underworld was the worst I saw, fucking disgraceful. AvP and RE:A were fun in a stupid way. Underworld was just mind numbing, not entertaining on any level.
  18. I thought it was quite fun. Graphics were good, in a deliberately-cartoony-comic book sort of way, and I actually got different information from each guy I interrogated. For example one guy said 'So-and-so hates animals', he was reffering to the boss character so I guess you could use that information when you fight him (which you didn't get to in the demo). Interrogation doesn't work well on a mouse mind, this will make a better console game.
  19. Where the hell are the FireAnts in this shot? Shouldn't they be tearing you apart?
  20. For me, the biggest shock/terror I've felt in any video game would be meeting 'Cunty' on the hospital roof... you walk into a dead-end and hear the screech of his blade, you can't see anything and panic, you go to run and suddenly he's right in front of you...horrible. If anyone has seen Ringu, the screech Cunty's blade makes is incredibly similar to the noise Sadako makes over the phone, I thought at least.
  21. I remember hearing two such types call Unreal Tournament on the PS2 a 'Red Faction rip-off'. Did these two either have their trousers tucked into their socks, or perhaps have half their hair shaved off and the other half long to be 'cool'?
  22. My problem with the current GC crew (despite them not being very funny at all) is that they'll have 8 page review of a game which will usually go something like: 1 - Mostly irrelevant intro 2-6 - Overblowing really small issues and niggles 7 - Slightly touching upon the good stuff in the game 8 - Final score, 8-9 out of 10. With virutally no insight as to why it scored this after such a negative review. Main references being the GTA:SA and Halo 2 reviews. I've got no problem at all with them picking these games apart or being dissapointed by them, but you cant write an 80% negative review and then give the game 9/10. It just doesn't work, have the balls to give it a low score if it's how you really feel.
  23. Surely that would make it even shitter?
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