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  1. It actually looks quite funny. Way better than that 'Valiant' shite, but I cant help but think it'll flop on it's arse in the States, even if it does really well over here (like another British show-to-movie, Thunderbirds). And where was the actual roundabout?

  2. Oh, those fucking sewer levels you mean? With the two-armed legless walking thingies? Yeah that lasted ages. I didn't mind fighting them that much, because when you shot them they went flying about 20 feet backards, but they definitely got boring after a while.

    It's annoying because you fight that boss who created them and I thought that was the end of it, but turns out thats the first level of loads. The Nosferatu home levels are brilliant though, like you said. Don't worry though, I've not had any sections quite so annoyingly drawn-out since then, so from then on you're fine for a while.

  3. Well it's not really like GTA then, it sounds like it has more in common with Operation Flashpoint, crossed with the combat and mission selection of Freedom Fighters.

    A Live mode would be fanastic, but I doubt there will be one.

  4. Nope there were about 7-8 Spartans left after Reach, most of which die in the 'First Strike' book, leaving about 3 alongside Chief when Halo 2 occurs:

    Kelly - Best sniper/aim of the Spartans

    Fred - Strongest and tallest of the Spartans

    And - another I cant remember

    I was suprised Bungie didn't take the oppertunity to have more Spartans in Halo 2, could have proved sextastic. There's always Halo 3 for that, on Earth presumably.

  5. I am very puzzled why they didn't make it limited in MP, I mean they made the Banshee less powerful by removing it's rockets, but they made the sword more powerful by removing it's ammo limiter. I would have thought balancing the game for MP would mean making it less powerful.

    That said, it doesn't annoy nearly as much as it used to when I first started playing it, and by making it unlimited Bungie have made it into a useful tactical weapon in team games. For example, you can safely say your team has got the sword, as opposed to saying 'Ok I've got the sword, oh shit it's ran out - now they have it'. By making it unlimited it not only means you have it (for as long as you don't fuck up) but it stops the enemy from having it, which I guess opens up that whole tactical element of whether it's more important to you and your team to get the sword back, maybe just go for the flag.

    It's a fucking joke in Slayer, though. For all the customisation available for your games in Halo 2, I don't know why they didn't include a small 'Limited Sword' option.

  6. 3. Desperado on C4

    Another superb film. I have had the sequel 'Once Upon A time In Mexico' on DVD for months and have never got round to watching it. ;)

    It's good, but it feels very rushed. Jonny Depp is amazing in it though (as always).

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