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  1. I've just got it, havent tried live yet so I'll give it a go. Is it 'proper' races, not racing against ghosts? If so how does it work, with the different routes and all?

    Can you name rooms on this?

  2. He's definitely set himself the hardest challenge so far: to follow up a trilogy of films that have existed 20 years+, and take the story forward without destroying what has already been paved out.

    I'm trying really hard to avoid the obvious 'Star Wars' connections here...

  3. Don't you mean Why have the two most recently hyped Games had open endings? Because you dont have much of an arugment otherwise. A lot of game endings are shat, always have been, and there are only a few classics which have pulled it off to great effect (which you mentioned in your post).

    You expected conclusive endings, you got 'To be continued' endings. I can understand why this dissapointed you, but I loved them, both of them. It just left me incredibly hyped for the next game in each respective series.

    'Finishing what I've started' gave me excited goosebumps, it amped me up for a project years away.

    'Tiiiiime Mr Freeman' will go down in history. Brilliant.

    As someone said, the answers for nearly all your Half-Life 2 questios are in the game, you just haven't picked up on them. Thats the storytelling style,theres no exposition besides what exposition you pick up for yourself, and the ending follows this perfectly.

  4. That's a fair point, but there's still the Obi-Wan fiasco. And the fact C3-P0 isn't funny or charming any more, his ATOC scenes (and I loved ATOC) felt shoehored in, and he almost spoiled the final battle with his 'comedy' head-misplacing.

    Gotta love R2D2 though, that beeping is as good as ever.

  5. How reined in is Jimmy Carr on these 'Top ....' Shows? Ch4 get him to present loads of them and they don't give him any chance to use any his signature humour, it's a waste. He could be hilarious, but instead he gets standard dialogue they could get anyone to deliver. Why bother with a comedian if you're not going to use him?

  6. It's not the fact that the kid made thr droid, it's the fact that he made C3P0 of all droids. It doesn't makle any sense, he doesn't recognise or reffer to C3P0 at any point in the original trilogy, so having him be his creator was just a stupid and ill-conceived plot-point. Same goes for him being friends with R2, I hope they don't pull anything simillarly ill-judged with Chewbacca in EP3.

  7. I thought the AI was spot on, I'd go prone and crawl through the grass, let off a few shots and they'd look around, fire in my direction, then I'd crawl somwhere else...and they would still be searching/firing at the area.bush I was hiding at until I fire a few more shots and they advance on me again. The AI depends on how you play it really, but I'll say this as far as the enmies are concerned, headshots count, firing clips will hit nothing unless you're close and you really need to burst to control you're recoil.

  8. That's weird, I got a release day copy and I've never had any issues with it, frame-rate aside. Love the game though, love it to bits. Didn't 'feel' overly Star Wars, other games have nailed the atmopshere better I feel, but it's definitely the most well made SW game of the lot.

    Buggiest console game ever? Ummm...how about Driv3r or maybe The Getaway (ok maybe they were just awful controls, but I count them as bugs for being so unresponsive).

  9. Before you slate the CGI in the prequels, consider that were wasn't a single real Storm Trooper in EP2. Not a single costume was made or used for the movie, I had no idea until I saw the DVD, I would have sworn they had at least some actors.

    The best CGI is like that, you can't tell it's there. It's like everyone slating the CGI in the Matrix Reloaded, oblivious to the fact that every onscreen skyscraper was CGI, you simply don't notice.

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