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  1. Well my point is, Nintendo (or whoever they got to make Metroid Prime) obviously know how to use the GC properly and make it load these nice big areas off the disc, whereas Liongate obviusly don't have a clue. The same thing can be done on any console (hell even the PS1 had Soul Reaver which streamed it's levels with no loading) it's just upto the developers to know how - it's got fuck all to do with the console. Put Fable on the GC and it'll be just as slow, it's so poorly made.

  2. That's the worst example ever. Fable is just a terrible game for loading, putting it on the Cube wouldn't make it any different it's just because it's shittily made, and it's one of the reasons I hate it.

    Now compare that to Halo 2's single loading screen, or the loading (or lack therof) in the GTA's in comparsion to the PS2 version, and you'll see it is 'a shit better in power'. The thing is, developers have got to make the games use this, the Xbox wont do it for them.

  3. Why do people think the Xbox has a lack of diversity? A quick glance over my selection and it's plenty diverse, sure there ARE more FPS's than any other genre, but that doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of others too...

    I mean look at Otogi. Its an Xbox exclusive, it's original, and it's fucking fantastic.

  4. Well they're back to family/character related plots which is good after the bonkers christmas special, but it feel's like they've made everyone more of a bastard this time around.

    In the first series, they were all scummish pretty much but they were likeable and funny, but they seem to have took it a bit far and they're coming off a whole lot less likeable this time.

    Mind you this seems to be changing now at the end so maybe it was just this one, and the next episode looks hilarious.

  5. My gamertag is YeLLoWsAmUeL. The alternate cases make me '1337z0r', you see. I'll just add others to save them the pain of copying it out.

    So, anyone up for a quick game now? Preacher, you're obviously online, and Panda is online in Outrun 2 as we speak I can see.

  6. Fucking yes then, because this game is pure fun. And relaxing, until you miss a time limit by a second that is. Can you still pick routes, or is there a set one for all racers?

  7. I've just got it, havent tried live yet so I'll give it a go. Is it 'proper' races, not racing against ghosts? If so how does it work, with the different routes and all?

    Can you name rooms on this?

  8. He's definitely set himself the hardest challenge so far: to follow up a trilogy of films that have existed 20 years+, and take the story forward without destroying what has already been paved out.

    I'm trying really hard to avoid the obvious 'Star Wars' connections here...

  9. Don't you mean Why have the two most recently hyped Games had open endings? Because you dont have much of an arugment otherwise. A lot of game endings are shat, always have been, and there are only a few classics which have pulled it off to great effect (which you mentioned in your post).

    You expected conclusive endings, you got 'To be continued' endings. I can understand why this dissapointed you, but I loved them, both of them. It just left me incredibly hyped for the next game in each respective series.

    'Finishing what I've started' gave me excited goosebumps, it amped me up for a project years away.

    'Tiiiiime Mr Freeman' will go down in history. Brilliant.

    As someone said, the answers for nearly all your Half-Life 2 questios are in the game, you just haven't picked up on them. Thats the storytelling style,theres no exposition besides what exposition you pick up for yourself, and the ending follows this perfectly.

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