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  1. I knew the PSP was more powerful than the DS, but I was still initially impressed by the DS graphics. Viewing screenshots for each of them seperately, I didn't notice such a jarring difference, but side-by-side...that's a whole different stroy. Here's a few comparisons:

    Spiderman 2, DS:

    Click For Spoiler



    Spiderman 2 PSP:

    Click For Spoiler


  2. Fable ruined San Andreas.

    See for me it was the opposite, I played San Andreas and thought it did virtually everything Fable wanted to, and better, without actually putting any significant emphasis on such elements. For example, in San Andreas, the locals react to what you wear and call you things acordingly. In Fable, you 'buy' what they call you, which I find really lazy and stupid, it defeats the point of NPC's acknowledging you at all. In Fable they can either cower in fear or be in awe of you, I found it really cheap and limited for a game that based itself around customisation and NPC interaction.

    Obviously we're both going off our own opinions here, I can see why people enjoyed Fable, I just happened to think it was poorly made. I havent touched Fable since I got GTA:SA, and admittedly I havent touched GTA:SA since Halo 2, however I have an urge to go back and see the rest of GTA:SA at some point whereas I can't be arsed putting another second into Fable as it is.

  3. Am I right in assuming you can only have 2 people in a room, as opposed to say, the DOA:Ultimate method of having upto 8 people in a room, all waiting their turn, winner stays on?

    If so it would make having any kind of organised fights between forum members a bit awkward, although I'm still up for having the shit beat out of me. I'm guessing we can all be sorted for some fights sometime this weekend?

  4. Two old-skool (eg, pre-monopoly era) EA games:

    Fade to Black and FutureCop:LAPD. Both on PS1, both class.

    Future cop had a brilliant co-op, anyone remember it? You ran around in a mech of sorts, laying down the law and massacreing hundreds of people.

    'Crowd Control Situation!' *Splaaaat*

  5. I'm very curious about it, but I personnally find Martin Scorese a bit hit-and-miss. I'll certainly end up seeing it to see what all the fuss is about, but there are several Scorese films that everyone loves that I simply find 'meh' (Goodfellas, Raging Bull) although I also think he can be fantastic (Taxi Driver).

  6. I stand corrected... (the review ain't a glowing one)

    So the misconception is that a lot of people think it was CGI, when it was actually puppet-work. I know one shot which pisses me off is when one of the prisoners shines a light up at the ceiling to reveal the alien... it just looks totally 100% wrong. The YTS bloke must of superimposed those dodgy dancing shadows...

    What the fuck?! I guess all the dog lovers complained or something.

    Alien3 puppet props!

    In the shot you mention the shadows were hand drawn, frame-by-frame it says on the DVD off the top of my head.

    I think one of the main reasons there was virtually no CGI was that Alien 3 was one of the last big films (certainly the last Fox film it says on the DVD) to be 'chemically' edited, ie. actualling cutting and sticking the bits of film together, as opposed to having all the clips on a computer and dragging and dropping them into place.

  7. It's the kind of Live game where you just end up having a big long conversation with whoever is in the room, and the actual game becomes passive - you hardly realise you're playing it. Great fun, even better when you don't have the energy to be playing something that requires full attention eg Ghost Recon 2 or Street Fighter.

  8. The Alien in 3 was all pupperty, it show's you how they did virtually every shot in one of the 'Making Of' docs. It was bluescreened into the film, poorly I might add, but it was all done with puppeteers. But because of the lighting and such the puppet doesn't blend into the film at all, which is why it looks so fake.

    The reason you may not believe it's a puppet is because most the puppetry was not done on set, it was done seperate and put in later - just like a CGI character would be. Some of the puppetry was done onset, and what was look fantastic, for example the aliens' tail when Ripley faces it with an axe/wrench or whatever (I forget) near the end.

    In the extended edition, they added one CGI shot of the Alien running away when it bursts out from the Ox (completely abscent from the theatrical because it hatches from a dog) and one shot where the alien was a real dog in an alien costume, which they also show in the doc. It's hilarious.

    And Archie, what's this end-credit touch up you've mentioned? Is it an alien egg on the ship or something?

  9. so about £5 worth of stuff to them then?

    You could spend £100 however you want, either by getting 4 pads or 2 pads and a game, or mixing them both as I remember.

    What is wrong with giving people the POSSIBILITY to enjoy a game even more?

    It's wrong because they force it upon you, features that are freely available in Xbox and PS2 games (take POP for example) need a GBA (£69) and a connector (£30) to access of the GC. Maybe even a copy of POP on the GBA (another £30) along with you're original GC copy of POP (yet another £30). The prices soon add up.

  10. Nintendo are dark horses. The Gamecube may seem like a cheap bargain on it's own, but for all the extra shit they encourage you to buy to enjoy their games 'to the fullest' you end up paying far more than you do for say, an Xbox with Live.

  11. .:.

    I don't think Nintendo will ever overprice a console for the image they get by that. Tell me one time when Nintendo sacrifised the gamer for their image. Nintendo doesn't give that much about an image. They know they sell to the gamers that are true to them, partially because they don't screw them, and at a cheap price, it's easier to give it a try and get hooked.


    I guess you weren't around for the N64 launch, then? And I guess you didn't feel like you've been completely twatted for paying full whack for it, a few months later either?

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