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  1. The thing with the John Wick films is that they snuck in a subtle genre shift. The original was an actual thriller with some surprisingly decent action scenes, whereas the sequels are straight up martial arts films (with guns). Pushing the limits of the choreography is now the whole purpose of those films, not the plot, which only exists to serve the set-pieces. It was the right decision imo, you’ll never re-bottle the build up and release of the original so you may as well laser-focus on what people enjoyed and see how far you can take it. I get why some people bounce off them, but for me they’re the closest thing we’ve ever got to a big-budget version of 90s Hong Kong films.
  2. Absolutely zero point unless the theme tune goes as hard as the original, which had three separate guitar solos and lyrics which belonged in Rocky IV.
  3. Supposedly the reason Mike has had less and less to do each season is because Finn Wolfhard has become increasingly unbearable to work with.
  4. I was quite disappointed when this was first unveiled, but must admit it’s greatly grown on me with everything they’ve shown since. I’m most intrigued by the environment itself; aesthetically it looks like a combination of Bright Falls from Alan Wake and whatever the town was called in Evil Within 2. It looks open world, which combined Arkane’s design could be something quite special to explore. The combat itself looks nice and chunky too, with staking the vampires mechanically looking like some sort of Halo/Doom combo.
  5. I think the bizarre pacing of the Dark Anthology games makes more sense when you remember that they’re designed with actual co-op in mind. I played Man of Medan with a mate and quite enjoyed it despite the non-existant plot, but when playing Little Hope on my own it felt about twice as long as it should have been, and bizarrely repetitious. But then it made sense; in SP you’re playing through every single scenario one after the other when at least a third of them are designed to be played simultaneously, and potentially not seen at all. Making co-op the focus is a grand ambition because I do think this type of game really shines with an audience, but it must be unfathomably difficult to design around and the single player experience has definitely suffered as a result.
  6. I suspect most people get wiped out by the docking sequence right at the start, where you get swarmed by elites.
  7. Great trailer. The original was a potentially great film struggling to escape from the generic Marvel mush it was pulped into, whereas this looks like Coogler has been set free to lean into all the most effective stuff.
  8. When people rave about Winter Soldier being a step above the rest I honestly wonder whether I saw the same film. I was going to say the best thing the Russo’s have ever done is still the original paintball episode of Community, but I’ve just checked and that was actually Justin Lin.
  9. UHD Blu-Rays are H265, you’re absolutely right. It’s just better compression, H265’s are recommend for HDR content but there’s nothing stopping me actually making a HDR H264. If we have a client who needs to review a HDR grade but can’t come to the suite, we’ll stick one on an iPad Pro. Outside of that though I don’t have anything to do with that side of things, everything I deliver from my suite to the streamers will be full fat uncompressed EXRs, clocking in at 10tb or whatever. If it’s a terrestrial TV channel it’s not as bad, probably just a .mov in some flavour of ProRes, ‘only’ a few hundred gb.
  10. Netflix’s compression is actually very impressive, they do mad stuff like analysing film grain on the sever side and rebuilding it client-side to retain detail. Shame the tech is mostly wasted on their shite original content.
  11. Appreciate this is a six month old discussion, but thought it might be vaguely interesting to clarify that even the 50gb disc versions are highly compressed H264s, albeit with lossless audio. An actual lossless delivery export of a film Dune’s length (155mins), to the home entertainment spec (3840x2160 aka UHD, slightly smaller than the 4k cinema delivery spec and much smaller than the native camera format which was probably 6k) would be roughly 11tb for the picture alone. That’ll be just one of at least 4-5 different versions which get delivered. HDR doesn’t make any difference to the file size either, when you’re dealing with lossless working formats it all comes out the same, just exported with a different gamma curve.
  12. My vague memory of MGS4, a game I only played once, was that chapter 1 was absolutely massive, chapter 2 was about half the length, and chapters 3 - 5 were a glorified boss rush with very little proper gameplay.
  13. Eh, I’ll definitely be going to see it but the critical response to Us was glowing too.
  14. Framed #128 🎥🟥🟥🟩⬛⬛⬛ https://framed.wtf
  15. CarloOos

    Boomer Shooters

    I’ve been following one of these on Twitter called Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengeance of the Slayer where the whole project appears to be an elaborate shit-post piss-take of adolescent late 90s internet culture. Does it actually look good? Not really, but the commitment to the bit is strong.
  16. You could take that exact same footage and make it look more appropriately period quite easily, but it’s atrociously graded. Too sharp, too clean, too oversaturated. It looks like it’s straight out of the camera. The black and white teaser on the previous page was poorly done, too. Too crushed, extremely digital looking.
  17. Framed #124 🎥 🟩 ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ https://framed.wtf 😎 Took a stab based on the general palette.
  18. I knew it was over for Taika as soon as I saw him pop up in Free Man. He’s gone from a low-key quirky indie darling to a self-consciously zany mainstream celebrity constantly playing tiresomely exaggerated versions of himself. Everything he’s been involved lately with has gone downhill, including WWDITS sadly.
  19. Rodriguez, probably. I don't rate him, but did enjoy Alita which had Cameron's fingerprints all over it.
  20. Or when over 40% of the image is flat white?
  21. When you look at some of the things Stranger Things has taken direct influence from (Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante, a myriad of 80s adventure films, Goosebumps, Eerie Indiana, Round the Twist) there’s little doubt that there’s a ton of inspiration that they could have mined for a compelling anthology show. A thinly veiled Salems Lot mash-up with the same characters (for example) would still have a felt a lot fresher than what we actually got in Season 2.
  22. Eleven has become the Duffer Brothers’ Sonic Screwdriver, she can and can’t do whatever is convenient at any given moment. Same with the upside down itself, it’s all magic and there’s no consistent rules to any of it. This was fine in season one but the more they hang off it, the less weight it bears.
  23. They should have kept the cast but had a different mystery/threat each season that needed solving, the upside down has been nothing but diminishing returns since the start. They’ve resorted to a phenomenal amount of retconning in season 4 to try something new with it (which has worked, to an extent) but that revisionism has simultaneously undone most of what made it interesting in the first place.
  24. Sorry, IMO etc. My snark wasn’t actually aimed at you, although I appreciate it looks like it was, this is just a recurring trend whenever NMS comes up. Buoyed by comments about NMS being ‘like a new game’ with every add-on I’ve periodically gone back to it every few years and fundamentally disagree, it’s the exact same game with more ‘stuff’ in it. That’s not to take anything away from people who continue to enjoy it, but I do think it’s misleading the way it gets repeatedly characterised as something that’s been reinvented. If you were put off by the actual mechanics at launch, chances are you’ll still dislike it just as much now. Pets and mechs aren’t going to change that, it’s all just more and more busywork.
  25. I don’t really care about Starfield, but people who claim No Man’s Sky has somehow transformed into a completely different game really have drank the entire bowl of kool-aid. NMS was a boring, barren game at launch which is now a better looking but still equally shallow game with loads of tat added. Continually adding more and more shit to build is not the same as depth.
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