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  1. Yeah, they fucked it. I throughly enjoyed the actual game, but it must be a spaghetti nightmare barely held together with bits of sellotape for them to be so desperate to avoid revisiting it. That it took them a year to add the ability to replay missions says it all. 


    RIP to the weather and ray tracing updates too, I presume. 

  2. 2 hours ago, James Lyon said:

    How's Isaac's chat? Eurogamer seemed to think it soured the experience.

    He only talks during pre-existing dialogue scenes, it’s fine. The way some people have reacted you’d have thought he was Nathan Drake-ing his was through the whole game. 

    I always preferred Isaac as a voiceless, faceless protagonist in the original, but that cat’s been out the bag for a decade now. It is slightly odd he doesn’t look more like the previous version, although it’s hardly Chris Redfield in Resi 7 and if I hadn’t played through DS3 recently I doubt I’d have noticed.

  3. The updated lighting model is superb, those moments when the power cuts out are now pure dread. 

    I played through DS3 last year in co-op with a mate, it’s the weakest of the three but is actually very ambitious and holds up well. I was surprised to find the ice planet section doesn’t start until about halfway through the game, the first half involves you non-linearly exploring an abandoned flotilla of spaceships and is classic Dead Space (an expanded version of this was apparently the original pitch for the whole game). 

    The biggest issue is the unified ammo, caused by the (otherwise very clever) crafting system. It falls into the exact same trap that Deus Ex: Invisible War did; if you run out of ammo for one weapon, you run out of it for all of them. It doesn’t happen often because they throw almost constant ammo at you, but when it does it’s as aggravating as it sounds.

  4. 3 hours ago, iknowgungfu said:

    Found it. Thought the abbreviation was an actual abbreviation for the real thing like BOTW or something. Cheers. 

    It is, it stands for the Richard Herring Leicester Square Theatre Podcast. 

  5. 1 hour ago, PK said:

    Just out of interest, what was your own imagined backstory for the engineer & aliens when you first saw Alien? Or did you not really care?


    I always thought he was like a gigantic alien space trucker whose ship had been infested en route somewhere, and he'd had his own unsuccessful version of the film play out until he'd had to ditch the ship and set a beacon to warn everyone else away.

    This, but tens if not hundreds of thousands of years in the past, as opposed to something that happened a few years prior when the bosses’ butler got bored.

  6. 35 minutes ago, shirubagan said:


    Apart from the annoying tower defence parts, I think Sunset Overdrive holds up very well. I played through it when I got my Series X a couple of years ago after having completed Spider-Man PS$ and the traversal, palette and world are glorious. Great music too.

    There was a lot to like, but it was definitely missing something. It never felt like the parkour, score attack and combat elements really came together, with the grinding in particular feeling quite sterile. Looked great, though. 

  7. Redfall lives or dies on how interesting/challenging the world is to explore. If getting from A > B is a genuinely tense affair involving scouting ahead and figuring out routes to avoid the threats (think FarCry 2 / Stalker or even Evil Within 2) then it’ll be great. One of the earlier videos they released gave me hope that outside of combat focused trailers it actually plays like this, plus Arkane are yet to design a dull world.

  8. I seem to recall Joss shouldering the blame for the unnecessarily glib ‘Weyland Yutani got bought out by Starbucks’ line. 

    In many ways I do think Covenant is worse than Prometheus though. It’s vaguely similar to Rise of Skywalker in the sense you can feel the studio cowardly trying to force in all the things they think will shut fanboys up. “You want a literal prequel to Alien? Fine, here’s Ripley, eggs, facehuggers and aliens, now leave us alone”. The David stuff is suitably bananas but the rest is so, so tired.

  9. On 25/01/2023 at 06:44, dumpster said:

    One thing to add - I don't think that movies are remixed for the home so an audio stage designed for a theatre ends up on the BluRay/dvd. The room is smaller at home, the speakers are closer together and the left and right speakers drown out the centre.  You'd imagine that turning up the centre speaker would help but it doesn't and many people end up damaging the centre speaker by increasing the volume on it too much.  

    They do actually do this, it’s called a Near Field mix. Standard audio deliverables would be a theatrical version, a near field version and a stereo version. The idea is it’s a mix designed for smaller rooms, but exactly what the process is I have no idea because it’s clearly not working for most people. 


    These days almost everything (with a decent budget) is mixed in Dolby Atmos and they’re moving towards a more algorithmically generated model which automatically mixes that Atmos version down to 7.1/5.1/stereo etc, which may well actually improve things for everyone. 

  10. I’ve not watched Resurrection in 10+ years but I seem to remember the score being the thing that really took me out of it. It’s probably the most violent film of the original lot (not as nihilistic as Alien 3, but more gruesome) and it’s saddled with this bombastic superhero-esque soundtrack in places which is so tonally jarring.

  11. The main gag in the now infamous ‘blackface’ episode was Tracy Jordan trying to prove that white women have it easier than black men by doing the whole ‘White Chicks’ thing. Jenna then tries to prove him wrong by blacking up, but is immediately sent to remove it by Liz. It was quite a brief gag and 100% in-character for Jenna, nowhere near as gratuitous as the various Always Sunny episodes which got removed. 

  12. On 08/01/2023 at 19:29, Festoon said:

    Scrapping a shot season of a show unaired?



    It’s not just shot, it’s fully finished and delivered. Whole thing was done back to back with the first season. Not only have they already paid for the everything, it was also the final season of the show and the conclusion of the story, so it’s not like there were any ongoing costs to worry about. Absolute madness. 

  13. 4 hours ago, JamesC said:

    I tried to watch 'The Return of the Pink Panther' and it was painfully unfunny and I had to turn it off. I don't think I like Peter Sellers, though I remember quite liking these films as a child.

    I watched the first Pink Panther a few years ago and enjoyed it. Probably because Inspector Clouseau isn't in it very much and David Niven is really cool in it.

    The tone of the first two films (Pink Panther & A Shot In The Dark) is very different from what follows. The early ones are farcical thrillers whereas the later ones are more like live action cartoons (which, I agree, are painfully unfunny). 

    Personally I find Peter Sellers and Mel Brooks both quite cringe. 

  14. I’m still annoyed they’ve not gone back to finish off Glow. The last season of that was written and about to start filming when it got cancelled.

  15. On 23/09/2022 at 19:59, Paulando said:

    I have no real clue what Dolby Vision is for because I’ve played Dolby Vision content on my non-Dolby Vision HDR TV and it looked fine, and just as good as any other HDR content.

    You won’t hear it anywhere else, but the honest answer is it doesn’t do much. The actual HDR images are identical, Dolby Vision just standardises certain things and (for films/TV at least) uses metadata to create SDR and lower-nit versions. But really it’s just a bunch of standardised profiles for your TV, and considering almost all HDR content has been standardised in the last few years, there’s a very very high chance that the HDR10/Dolby versions of almost everything on your screen are completely identical. I know this for a fact because we don’t actually use the Dolby Vision TV profiles when mastering Dolby HDR content. It’s all P3 / 1000nits regardless, even if it’s a Rec2020 delivery it’s still just P3 in a Rec2020 wrapper.


    I started trying to discuss this in the 4k Bluray thread a while back but it’s tricky to discuss when almost everyone has been so throughly gaslit by Dolby’s marketing into believing it does far more than it actually does. I do need to go back and reply properly, because there’s a staggering amount of confusion and misinformation about this subject even from professionals.

  16. 7 minutes ago, K said:

    Although that said, the Miami Vice film did something similar by shooting everything on relatively primitive HD digital cameras, which gave everything a kind of uncanny hyper-real atmosphere, which I thought worked really well, even though the vibe of the film and the action sequences was pure ridiculous escapist fantasy.

    One of the best films of the last 20 years, I completely lose myself in that world every time. Might even be my favourite Mann film.

    It’s a shame it was nowhere near as effective in Blackhat, I really wanted that to create the exact same sense of place for Hong Kong. 

  17. Regarding Gemini Man, as a bit of an experiment I watched the 60fps 4k Blu-ray with a friend, and afterwards we swapped over to the 24fps standard disc to rewatch certain scenes. We were both in agreement that the 24fps version looked better, even for the action scenes, but Gemini Man isn’t an aesthetically pleasing film either way. 

    I’m absolutely fascinated to see what Cameron’s done with HFR because he’s a far better action director and it’s 100% a cultural response that we instinctively interpret smoother images as ‘worse’.

    Supposedly the effect is better than higher the frame-rate goes, but that’s really hard to quantify when those experiences are so limited. Billy Lynn (the previous Ang Lee film) was both shot and mastered at 120fps despite there only being about three projectors in the world capable of showing it at the time, and you can only buy a 60fps version. I initially saw some reports that Avatar 2 had a large mix of frame-rates beyond 48fps, but that’s probably bollocks because I have no idea how you could master something with multiple frame-rates which aren’t equally divisible with each other. 

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