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  1. I do know some people who don’t rate Goldeneye at all, but personally I love it. I even mostly like the soundtrack. For me it fits alongside other 90s titles like Hard Target, The Rock etc as the absolute peak of the ‘craft’ of a particular type of action film which started in the 80s and largely died shortly afterwards. There’s some early CG but still a heavy emphasis on models and old-school comping, and it’s just slightly before Saving Private Ryan and The Matrix collectively led to 10 years of shit imitations in action choreography. Practical explosions & bullet hits, no impossible CG camera moves, no speed ramps. It looks and feels old school and slightly dangerous. By the time Tomorrow Never Dies rolled around less than two years later everything already felt a lot… glossier. None of the other Brosnan films have any edge.
  2. Yeah, if you’re gonna go with a slow external to reduce the amount of downloading then you might as well go all-in on the size with 4tb Seagate or something. They’re not that expensive.
  3. It’s annoying enough as it is that the white isn’t consistent on the Studio Canal ones.
  4. I haven’t seen it yet but it seems barely one step up from all that intentionally shit ‘Sharknado’ jank. The vast majority of cult films are memorable because of their genuine creative integrity; nearly always someone who thought they were making a masterpiece with fascinating results. It’s no fun when everyone involved is trying their hardest to be purposefully wacky, instead it reeks of cynical smugness.
  5. In all honesty the main character being called ‘Cutter Slade’ and looking like Korben Dallas mashed up with Geordi La Forge is one of the only things I did distinctly remember about the original.
  6. If Infinite ends up being of 4’s standard I’ll be over the moon, as someone who’s not arsed about MP I don’t think there’s a single thing 5 did better. 4 looks better, plays better, has more imaginative levels with far better balancing and mostly tells a coherent story.
  7. Ah, it was the limited edition in the cardboard box with the poster and etc. I’m a sucker for them despite rarely even looking at the extra supplementals.
  8. Ban request; it’s the best one. Also I’ve tried giving Tomorrow Never Dies another chance a few times but ultimately don’t think it’s any better than The World Is Not Enough. At least Die Another Day is kinda kitsch in its awfulness, a proper relic of the early naughties.
  9. I do have all those Studio Canal 4k boxes but I must admit I find the artwork absolutely naff. Also that steelbook for the The Thing above, without the title I would have presumed it was Escape from New York. Arrow used to nail it with the artwork back in the day but even they are very hit-and-miss now, I thought the Robocop one was rubbish for example and regret not getting the steelbook with the classic poster on the cover.
  10. I'll probably buy this anyway because it's one of my favourite games. My main concern is that the remaster looks very 'clean' and appears to be lacking the glowy bloom effect of the original. If they've gone HDR with it that might have been a side-effect.
  11. There’s been as much time between this and Spectre as there was between License to Kill & Goldeneye, and Craig has now been Bond three years longer than Moore was. My expectations are at rock bottom, it can’t be as bad as Spectre but in all regards looks like more of the same.
  12. There’s not a shadow of doubt that Remedy are doing AW2, the AWE Control DLC practically ended with a pre-order link.
  13. I was hoping they’d throw in ray-traced lighting or something fancy. I was playing the 360 version on Series X a few months ago which has auto-HDR, and I turned off because it was too bright. Soft-clipped highlights (which this game has loads of) just don’t tend to look great in HDR.
  14. As someone else mentioned, the green tint was a retcon. It wasn’t in the original film and was also removed for the 4k/HDR restoration.
  15. Hmm… not a great start if the top one is supposed to be ‘better’. It’s sharper but also much flatter.
  16. Wonder if they’ll throw in the American Nightmare horde mode, or something similar. Glad it comes with the DLC, it’s one of those games which literally didn’t have an ending without it.
  17. CarloOos

    PS5 Pro

    I can quite safely say that in 3 years time 8k TVs will be nothing more than a novelty. We’ve only just started delivering UHD for most Film & TV shows, and still now do plenty of work at HD/2k. Even on the new consoles most games don’t render at 4k native, not that you can even tell any more.
  18. Remedy do tend to go above and beyond with the these things, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a higher effort remaster than usual. The combat is perfectly balanced though, heathens.
  19. The rot had already started to set in by Gears 3, when they got ‘proper’ writers who tried to emulate the exaggerated style, as opposed to the sincerely unhinged adolescent nonsense of CliffyB. That said I think Judgement and Gears 5 are the best of the series from a gameplay perspective, they’re the only two that really make an effort to expand the combat loop and offer the most variety.
  20. I knew Half-Life ran on a modified version of the Quake engine, but playing this again really cements how similar they actually feel. The momentum of the movement and jumping, even shooting those leaping enemies out the air feels just like you’re popping head crabs.
  21. Hmmm co-op is definitely integral to Halo, but I would at least hope this means the campaign is properly balanced for single-player unlike Halo 5, which often felt like playing L4D with bots.
  22. Same. Versus mode was a novelty I only bothered with a handful of times, the meat of the game was trying to complete each of the campaigns on higher difficulties.
  23. The Sanghelios levels are legitimately great, they’re the only missions in the whole game which felt like 343 swinging with their Halo 4 swagger. To be fair most of the others have at least one or two cool moments, but they often feel less than the sun of their parts.
  24. The decision to have the entire game first person besides one single cutscene at the end, where they go to Austin Powers-esque lengths to hide Ethan’s face, was especially bizarre. They could have either done that scene in first person or finally given Ethan an actual face, and they chose neither with hilarious results. On the other hand, changing Chris into Ray Stevenson was baller move. He’s the definitive Chris now.
  25. Doesn’t the plot of every single Halo game boil down to ‘go to alien structure A to unlock alien structure B’ though? The appeal is in the aesthetics of those locations rather than whatever handwavey reason you’re there.
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