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  1. The most audaciously bonkers scene in a game since that bit where you literally get decapitated in Wolfenstein: New Colossus.
  2. I also restarted this on hardcore, persevered with the first section knowing what to do, and have been finding the rest of the game just-right in terms of difficulty. The enemies are tough and you need to make your shots count, but they’re not insane bullet sponges and you can’t tank your way through sections making loads of mistakes. It’s a much better balance for me.
  3. I’m presuming the timer starts from the minute you enter the shotgun room, but then you’re free to approach the building with the tower first too? Maybe that just sets off a different trigger. Honestly I might restart it for a third time, I don’t want to sleepwalk through the rest of the game. Madness that you don’t get your first ‘proper’ save point until afterwards.
  4. Yeah I’m another person who normally plays on hard, found the first siege an obscene road-block, restated on normal and haven’t died since (besides traps). I don’t want the game to be a pushover but I also have no idea what the criteria for surviving that section are, you barely have enough ammo to kill a handful of enemies and they’re relentless in both their numbers and pursuit. I considered cheesing it out in the basement but I’m not convinced it’s purely time based either?
  5. Avoiding the rest of the thread for spoilers, but I’ve just done the intro and lol, clearly someone at Capcom really liked Universal Solider: Day of Reckoning.
  6. So many games I'd been putting off and finally finished last year on that list. S'all good though, anything to encourage more people to play Alien Isolation and Evil Within 2.
  7. 2049 gets significantly worse from the point Harrison turns up. It would have been a far better film in its own right without the explicit link, with Deckard and Rachel being referred to but never seen.
  8. CarloOos

    Far Cry 2

    It’s still the best Far Cry game, and comfortably better than the entire Crysis series. Also agree that the semi-structured map is actually more fun to navigate than the giant, fully traversable maps from the sequels. I find it boring when you can just walk across whole mountains as the crow flies.
  9. Still think the atmosphere of the world map itself is unsurpassed. The sense of place; the verticality of the mountains, the clouds in the distance, the foggy mornings, the rainy afternoons, the snow storms, the deep valleys with streams running through them and the lakes surrounded by trees with light glinting through the leaves. It's like yeah, there are technically larger, better looking game worlds now and yeah, the characters and animations aren't up to the same standard as the environment, but I actually enjoy wandering around Skyrim more than any of its more recent contempor
  10. lol last level of Ancient Gods 2 is such outrageous spectacle, I can only presume that someone at iD really enjoyed Avengers Endgame.
  11. CarloOos

    It Takes Two

    We appear to have collectively glossed over the accusation that Brothers was hugely misogynist, where’s that coming from? It’s been a while since I played it but I can’t remember anything controversial. At one point you get lured by a monster that resembles Shelob, is that it?
  12. Hmmm aspect ratio changes are fair enough, but that statement pretty much glosses over the massively revisionist colour grade these restorations supposedly have.
  13. Sure but as a crude example what if one dev masters their games to 1000 nits and another dev masters their games to 10,000 nits? There’s zero consistency when it comes to in-game calibration tools so one could look fine and the other could be completely blown out in HDR10, despite all your console and TV settings remaining the same. Dolby Vision offers a standard and will hopefully it a lot easier for game devs to achieve consistent results across formats. I’ll be curious to see if any of them start using it for their non-Dolby SDR output, we’ve started doing it in the film w
  14. Dolby Vision uses metadata to map the same source image to every type of screen; for example 4000nit, 1000nit, 600nit and 100nit (SDR). Standard HDR10 is just a signal which neither the Xbox nor the TV necessarily know how to display properly, which is why it's so easy to inadvertently fuck up your HDR picture quality. I'm unsure what that dashboard calibration tool actually controls.
  15. Yeah, I found RoS neither fast paced nor funny. There's an immense amount of shit happening, sure, but it's an absolute slog to watch. Whereas I will defend Star Trek: Into Darkness as being legitimately fast paced and passively enjoyable, if not remotely funny.
  16. There's one level with a very funny objective (you'll know it when you see it), and it's literally the only time in the entire game that it felt like Doom 2016 at all, tonally. I remain baffled as to why they barely used Samuel Hayden, or ignored their own sequel hook from last time. It's been mentioned before, but narratively Doom 2016 felt it had been written by MachineGames. Their take on Wolfenstein is also perfectly self-referential whilst leaning into the absurdity of the premise.
  17. It always seemed like they did last time, it felt like a pitch-perfect satire of the original Doom games and was extremely funny. This time I'm not so sure, it feels like a game written to pander to reddit fanboys who can't get enough lore. It's not subversive in the slightest, just a load of Warhammer wank played completely straight. It's such a hard about-face that it's made me retroactively doubt whether the original was as tongue-in-cheek as I thought. Visually they also took a hard turn away from satanic/industrial imagery into Destiny-like cosmic fantasy, at times it feels mo
  18. Good news for those of us who barely noticed when their meters had refilled; they've now added icons around the crosshair and it's much better. I could also swear they've rebalanced it slightly, I'm dying a lot less on Ultra Violence than I was before, but to be honest that may just be because I'm now using my flame belch at least twice as frequently. Ancient Gods Part 2 seems excellent so far, they're still introducing new enemies and mechanics and trolling the player with increasingly creative and fiendish combinations. Feels easier than Part 1 so far, I'm sure it won't last but
  19. If the stated aim of the Marauder was to teach you to hot-swap your weapons, then it failed miserably. Everyone I’ve seen doing that was playing M&K, he’s too fast to reliably hit with anything other than the super shotty on a pad (in my experience anyway). It’s definitely true that your priorities adjust immediately whenever the Marauder is thrown onto the field, but I find him painfully prescriptive to actually fight. The other Super Heavies are all far more fun. If they left his moveset exactly the same but reduced his health by half (or more) it would make for a mo
  20. There’s an audio cue that’s far more useful than the meter, but generally I only used blood punch against armoured enemies and as a last resort when cornered.
  21. Yeah that might be the same bit I finally knocked it down on, it was quite close to the end and shortly before the bit with the double cyberdemons and the doom hunter. It was a fairly ‘standard’ encounter but it was frenzied and gruelling. That whole level was tough.
  22. I don’t even think the set-piece I knocked it down on was the hardest of the DLC, but if you’ve given the game a rest for a while it’s really, really hard to pick it back up again from a choke point. I had the same issue when the DLC fist came out, I hadn’t played it since launch but the difficulty carried on at the same pace as the final level and it took a few hours to adjust. For the record, I thought the hardest bit of the DLC was the trial at the top of the Blood Swamp, that was absolutely brutal because there were so many waves. The infamous double marauder fight wasn’t actually
  23. I had to drop The Ancient Gods down to Hurt Me Plenty eventually, I’d been stuck 2/3 through the final level on Ultra-Violence for about four months and just wanted to see the end. I still died plenty of times on the final boss. It may actually be the more enjoyable setting, it still punishes you for playing poorly but feels far less random and uncompromising.
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