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  1. Wouldn't worry about it too much, the story is practically non-existant until the end of the second game. The third is much more plot-focused.
  2. I've had a few weird bugs that I'm sure will be ironed out. The receptionist not escorting me to the penthouse in Dubai, for example (fortunately I knew where it was and it didn't break the mission to make my own way there). Most recently I tried to exit Berlin through the sewer and it just didn't end the mission, nothing happened, so I had to run to the other end of the level instead.
  3. Ah, that's a shame. Haven island and New York were great.
  4. Well they did add new maps to the last one, I'd be surprised if they didn't have any more planned for this. What's included in the Gold edition?
  5. Really dumb initial announcement / incredibly fast reversal smacks of behind the scenes meddling to me. Someone high up must have been pushing for this, for hypothetical numbers reasons, only to have it thrown back in their face when it backfired immediately.
  6. Yeah, you'll normally get presented with a list of recommended story strands to follow when you finish the level. It's not usually possible to do more the 1-2 of them in a single run because they overlap (multiple methods of killing the same target etc), but they often contain lots of little sub-plots that are worth following. Also by starting off doing these you'll unlock new features in the level itself (new starting places/disguises, new escape routes, new equipment etc) all of which will start to slot together and give you more options for approaching some of the challenges tha
  7. It's entirely up to you, but I'd normally recommend at least doing a handful of the 'story' missions per level before moving on. It's also a lot easier to complete most challenges whilst the layout is fresh in your mind, it may seem a bit daunting but for any given mission your first run will probably take hours and your third about 20 minutes. Ignore all the escalations for now, they're basically bonus content for when you've rinsed the original targets.
  8. It's great, holds up well. You'll probably want to use the more modern control method though, and start with Jill if you've never played it before.
  9. I'm confused, the opening post mentions a $1 increase but everyone here seem to be talking about 70%-100% price jacks. What are we comparing here, the new RRP to cheap deals from cd-key websites? Presumably those will remain a lot less than whatever the new RRP is? EDIT: Okay, just figured it out, so 6 months is now the same as what 12 months used to be. Dumb move.
  10. Valhalla’s HDR is superb but it’s clearly been designed for the exteriors, making all those misty fields full of rolling fog look their absolute best as they’re pierced by sunlight. When you’re inside a building, particularly at night, it doesn’t have anything to focus on. Fortunately though you’re outside for 95% of the game.
  11. Lifted blacks can absolutely be an artistic choice, I’ve had a bunch of arguments to this effect on the forum before (most recently defending Valhalla). At first I thought it was an intentional effect for the bright Dubai level, and then the misty Dartmoor, but then I flicked ahead to the one set in China (which absolutely should have more contrast) and the shadow level was exactly the same again. Thing is the previous Hitman games already really well implemented HDR, with non-crushed shadows and restrained use of peak highlights. Levels like Hawkes Bay, set at night and illuminat
  12. It looks like RE4 x REVII x Bram Stokers Dracula x Suspiria. Amazing, in other words. Can’t believe how dire RE: Verse looked though, why do they fucking bother. They’ve been trying this shit since the PS2 days and it’s literally never worked.
  13. You’ll probably end up using it to shuffle SX games off and on the internal quickly, which is just as useful.
  14. If enough people whinge about it they’ll probably patch the unlocked frame-rate option back into the last-gen version.
  15. See, I don't think it’s the same issue as RDR2 et al because the legacy levels still look fine, so clearly there’s no engine limitation re-wrapping SDR as HDR or anything. It must be whatever LUT they have on the new levels. Also I’m grasping a bit here, but if they’ve been working on it remotely during lockdown they were probably monitoring in SDR 99% of the time.
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