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  1. Generally speaking I think Ubisoft have been very consistent with their quality recently, but I was talking to a friend about the lack of a new Splinter Cell and neither of us could think of a single title that wasn’t either open world or GaaS for this entire gen. I think Blacklist might have actually been the last. Have there been any others?
  2. Yeah I don't think I ever memorised the streets of any of the later GTA games like I did 3. TBH even Vice City I struggled with, it was slightly too flat and repetitive for any of the landmarks to stand out to me. Don't remember the cities in San Andreas at all, beyond the neighbourhood you start in. Can't find anywhere in the newer ones without GPS. That said, I thought RDR2 had quite a memorable and easily navigable map, despite being absolutely massive. Besides BotW, it's the only modern example I can think of.
  3. For years and years, Nightbreed was the holy grail of directors cuts amongst horror fans. It had the usual narrative; butchered by the studio, Cliver Barker was robbed, footage was lost, etc. Last year I spent £35 to get a long-awaited restoration of both cuts on blu-ray. The Cliver Barker cut is certainly longer, but is it actually better? Not really, in fact I can completely empathise why the studio cut what they did. The film remains incoherent either with or without the extra footage, and the extra character beats don't add or change anything substantial from that. It also feels like they inserted practically all the B-roll rather than being selective about which beats worked best. There's actually an interview with the editor the studio brought in on the disc and while he's disappointed that the director hated the cut, ultimately he did his job with the material he was given, and comes across rather well.
  4. Also I should add, I don't even think there ever was a 'proper' version of Justice League, from Zack Synder or otherwise. That fucking thing was shooting for like 18-months straight. They were shooting, and reshooting, and reshooting the reshoots even before Whedon came on board. The theatrical cut probably perfectly represents what it always was, a rushed and ill-conceived mess.
  5. It's truly amazing how Justice League continues to be a money pit for all concerned, even after death. I'm morbidly curious to see it from a filmmaking perspective, but there's absolutely no way there's enough real world interest in the directors cut of a film that couldn't even make its money back the first time to justify the amount being spent on it. Of course this is more to do with whipping up controversy and interest in HBO Max, so mission accomplished in that regard. The Synder Cut is now their equivalent of the original Sonic trailer, except this time it's actually intentional.
  6. Actually going back to the 360 catalogue has been a real eye-opener in terms of how much games have flatlined mechanically this gen. Halo 3 was far more ambitious than I'd previously given it credit for. Dead Rising still feels more impressive than any of its sequels. Ninja Gaiden 2 pushes more proper enemies (ie not braindead fodder) than any other action game I can think of, while spraying the screen with every single alpha effect you could possibly comprehend, and hilariously commits to keeping every single limb, blood splat and corpse persistent for the rest of the level (aside from the massive ones).
  7. Have they shut down that recommendations page where you could vote for titles? I'm still blown away I can boot up the proper versions of Ninja Gaiden 1 & 2 (none of that Sigma bullshit) in 4k at 60fps right now, over 12 years later. The combat hasn't aged a day in either of them.
  8. It'll never happen but I'd love Otogi 1 & 2 to be added.
  9. Fascinating stuff, thanks! Thing is inverse colourspace LUTs are nothing new but I had wondered how they'd get around the 'stepping' caused by taking a potentially 8-bit output and mapping it upwards, sounds like whatever AI-learning approach they're using is the secret ingredient. The way he's describing it made it sound like a dynamic process rather than a straight transform, so it's either that or a very thorough LUT they used this process to make.
  10. I've felt this way about most of the marketing to be honest, and I'm not squeamish. I own a whole bunch of Fulci films, for example. But everything I've seen gives me the impression they've misjudged this. Making a game where you're supposed to be horrified by the violence you're committing is one thing, Manhunt and the original TLoU did that well. But selling a supposedly mature game, the heir apparent for narrative storytelling in this medium, with a trailer montage of canned visceral murder animations you can perform just feels juvenile. I'll reserve judgement until I've played it with proper context but it's been marketed like an arthouse version of No Russian.
  11. Presumably they're just mapping the luma levels of Rec709 > Rec2020, which wouldn't involve changing anything on the game side of things. It's still very cool though. Uncapping the frame-rate, however, must surely depend entirely on how the game was coded. I presume it's much easier with common engines like Unreal.
  12. You weren't exaggerating about this, it looks great and could easily hold up as an early current-gen game. Although I'm already finding that weird, flat hairline they gave Fisher just as distracting as I did the first time. By the way, for anyone looking for a fresh start, you'll need to delete your old cloud save otherwise the game will automatically boot you into the hub world every time. You can't do it through the in-game menus. Press start & select on the splash screen to open the old 360 dash and you can delete it from there.
  13. I'm always wary when people compain about backtracking in Resi games. Figuring a path through the environment, knowing how much ammo you have and what enemies you'll encounter on your route, that is the game. The Nemesis remake was far worse for not having more of it. That said, I haven't played CV since the PS2 so I have no idea whether it's notably worse than the others in this regard.
  14. To be fair I think some devs do also use it to hide individual things being rendered at lower framerates sometimes, such as objects blown around by physics engines.
  15. To be fair, I think I only ever finished Double Agent and Conviction, despite owning them all. They're relatively long games and the older ones always had excessively difficult closing levels with unforgiving checkpointing. It's probably no coincidence that the two I finished were also the most plot-heavy, despite arguably being the weakest.
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