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  1. Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    Fucking hell this is shockingly bad, under-written and over-directed. Compared to something like Westworld it’s actively embarrassing.
  2. Secret Cinema (Now: presents... Blade Runner)

    It was around 7 or so years ago, back when Secret Cinema was something that ran for a single weekend and was literally just a screening of the film in an unconventional location with a few extras running about. I can see why they'd want to revisit Blade Runner and do it justice.
  3. Microsoft looking into buying EA?

    My first impression from the rumour was that they could roll EA Access and the newly bolstered Xbox Games Pass into a single super-subscription, and have that as the main USP of the whole Xbox platform.
  4. Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    I'm getting the impression that's still in there to an extent? 'Just two scenarios' as in an A and a B with either Leon or Claire, with what you do in one impacting the other, otherwise what's the point in mentioning increased interactions?
  5. 4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    Cinema screens use DCI/P3, which is wider than Rec709 and for the vast majority of films will be what the original master was graded in. Normally you’d do something called a ‘trim pass’ in the grade (literally clamping down the colour gamut and adjusting each shot as necessary) to create the Rec709 tv/streaming/disc versions from that. The workflow for UHD has muddied the waters somewhat though, there’s really only a handful of films have been mastered to that standard to date so for everything else they’re basically doing the same thing again in the opposite direction to take into account the extra range of HDR. So for older physical films they’re being rescanned and remastered completely, for newer digital ones they’re going back and doing the opposite of a trim pass. It’s all a bit vague though, I have heard at least one story about UHD version of a (very big and well known) film that wasn’t done by the original colourist and they didn’t know who actually did it. For the record, there’s not a screen in the world that can actually display the full Rec2020 gamut (yet). It’s basically a future-proofed theoretical format that gives filmmakers and manufacturers somewhere to manouver in the future, and avoid going through all this messiness again. When you’re buying a screen it’s the percentage of DCI/P3 that you want to keep an eye on, for most OLED’s that’s around 98%, so basically the same colour range as you’d see in the cinema.
  6. Xbox One X

    Pretty much. Even Blade Runner 2049 was shot on a camera with a 3k sensor. I wouldn't buy a UHD blu-ray expecting a perceptible resolution bump, but I would buy one if it's been properly graded and mastered for HDR. Spiderman: Homecoming doesn't look much different to a standard bluray for the most part, but the peak highlights during one particular sequence involving a plane covered in LEDs push it into a completely different league. It's such a nascent format though that the results are pretty hit and miss, I've seen some pretty shoddy HDR grades on Netflix and heard about films with UHD releases where none of the original creatives were actually involved in the HDR mastering.
  7. Xbox One X

    What I should have added is that it doesn’t mean that TV doesn’t absolutely look fine for most things, but you’re paying for size not for accuracy, which for the vast majority of people is more than they’ll ever notice. I just took objection to the suggestion that you can magically add colour values, there’s a reason top end screens cost so much. I should add that I’m still on a 1080p LED Bravia, so I’m not dick measuring, but I do use calibrated OLED screens at work.
  8. Xbox One X

    So according to their own specs, that TV is capable of displaying 69% of Rec2020. The average OLED is in the range of 97%. 8-bit FRC does absolutely nothing to change that, it doesn’t add colours. It just adds gradiation between the colours it’s capable of displaying.
  9. Xbox One X

    8-bit FRC takes the two values nearest to the one it’s trying to display, and flicks between at different rates to create an imitation of that middle value. That’s it. It doesn’t create new values, it can’t create any colours outside of whatever gamut the TV supports, which depends on the model.
  10. Xbox One X

    Just to clarify, 8bit FRC is a method of smoothing out the visible gradiation banding between colours on 8bit screens. It absolutely does not ‘make more’ colours so I have no idea how it deals with wider gamuts like P3 or Rec2020 that most true HDR screens support. Also having a higher peak brightness level is worthless if that brightness bleeds all over the surrounding image, as is always the case with cheap LCD screens. EDIT: According to the Hisense website the model amc posted above is 10-bit anyway.
  11. Xbox One X

    I think they’d need to manually update BF4 as the resolution was a locked 720p rather than dynamic. Framerate should be better, though.
  12. Xbox One X

    That said it’s one of the games I tested last night and even in its unpatched state it looked great; solid framerate, crystal clear textures and not a single jaggy in sight, even on Argonne Forest. A notable improvement. This is on a 1080p screen, for reference.
  13. Xbox One X

    A few days ago I noticed that Ninja Gaiden Black had been added to my download list. It's one of my favourite games of all time, which I re-bought it digitally way back in 2006 whilst at University. Somehow it had passed me by that OG Xbox games were being updated, so imagine my surprise when I boot it up and see it running at a solid 60fps in 1080p. This game I bought for a tenner over a decade ago has literally never looked or played better, it's effectively been remastered and given back to me for free. I know this an old concept for PC gaming, but to see that kind of commitment to integration and service from a console platform holder genuinely knocked me sideways. It was like being shaken out of the stockholm syndrome of either letting your pre-HD gaming library fade into nostalgia or buying remasters for every new platform.
  14. Stranger Things - Season 2 October 27th

    The cliffhanger sting with the slug? It doesn't really justify season 2 being a severely undercooked rehash of the first.
  15. Xbox One X

    Regardless of what Sony do, I don't think we're ever going to see another traditional generational leap from Microsoft. In 3-4 years time they'll release another iterative upgrade, this time with a beefier CPU, and they'll phase out the requirement that all new games must support the base console. Then we'll have another one a few years after that, and their library will just keep building.

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