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  1. I’m glad they’ve somehow convinced Affleck & Damon to come back, the original was always puerile nonsense but Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season is incredible. Affleck completely stole all the other scenes he was in as well.
  2. That’s clearly one to watch on IMAX then.
  3. So they’ve spent a fortune motion capturing and digitally replacing every single actor to make them look like themselves in fur suits. Tom Hooper is absolutely fucking mental.
  4. Funny, I just watched Neverending Story for the first time in almost 15 years today. I thought it held up really well, there's a true sense of variety and wonder in the imagery of those 80s fantasy films which seems to have completely died off in favour of sub-Tolkien/Harry Potter stuff these days. It was also refreshing to see a genuine commitment to the darker themes of the story, I found the overall message quite emotionally resonant for a kids film, although it does end rather abruptly. Banging soundtrack.
  5. If you’re interested in seeing it then I think it’s absolutely a cinema experience, not just for the imagery but the sensation of being hit by a wall of sound really added to the delirium of certain sequences.
  6. I certainly felt that was intentional. This is a decent article with a similar take: https://birthmoviesdeath.com/2019/07/08/midsommar-cathartic-trip
  7. Just rewatched the trailer and that shot seems to belong to a scene set during actual nighttime, which I don’t recall? It’s at 1:50 below.
  8. I agree it’s not subtle in the slightest, but there are people who thought it had no subtext or meaning on this very page, which isn’t the case. I’m not trying to argue it was deep enough to merit the length or anything. My reaction was similar to @Liamness, the drama aspects felt like the meat of the film with all the Wickerman-esque stuff verging on window-dressing. That stuff starts out quite intriguing/amusing but the mystery trickles away rather abruptly after the cliff scene.
  9. This really won’t be everyone’s cup of herbal tea, and it’s undoubtably quite baggy and indulgent, but I fear that anyone thinking it’s without subtext has completely missed the point. It’s not a film about a crazy cult, it’s a film about breakups and toxic partners, and not a very subtle one at that. My immediate reaction is that I much preferred it to the paper-thin nonsense that was Us, but I also have no desire to ever rewatch it.
  10. I saw someone on twitter claim that the original pitch was the exact opposite, so that when the main character revived their songs nobody the in modern, Beatles-less world would actually care. That definitely seems like the more interesting angle to take, although I can imagine they wouldn’t have gotten very far when it came to getting the song rights.
  11. The proportions of it never felt tuned to the players abilities, I found myself jumping completely over some high ledges but then having to stack a bunch of bins to reach others, despite having maxed out agility. Someone up above mentioned this quality to the design made it feel less gamey, personally I thought it just felt sloppy because it never convinced as a real location either, more like a movie set filled with mannequins.
  12. It's been done before, just not recently. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is pretty much the template for a game like this, rather than the recent Deus Ex titles. It was also massively buggy with an infamous amount of cut content at release, but then they never had access to anywhere near as many resources as CDPR right now.
  13. DS2 > DS3, I genuinely think it's more varied and interesting. Everyone talks about how good the DLC for 2 was, but there are just as many locations from the base game etched into my mind. I can barely remember a thing about DS3, it was tough in places but lacked teeth.
  14. ‘Spiritual reboot’ was all I needed to hear.
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