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  1. Not a post I’d probably have made if we still had negs, but sometimes I wonder if I’m the only person in the world who has found all of Platinum’s games flawed in some way, including Vanquish and Bayonetta. I stopped listening to the hype after being baffled and frustrated by Revengance.
  2. Western dev innit, so not technically the native voice acting.
  3. I suppose it’s the presumption from most people (myself included) that it was English-speaking people doing ‘allo ‘allo accents, rather than native French speakers. Almost all games are best played with their native voice acting IMO.
  4. Just plug in any old external drive you have lying around and shuffle things between them, so you don’t have to re-download anything. I’ve set my external as the default as it’s much less likely to be full, so no more setting off a download from the app and coming home to find it never even started. Copying a game to the internal takes a matter of minutes.
  5. For more modern films, it depends whether the film was mastered in 4k/HDR to begin with, and whether it was shot on film. There's lots of films from the last 20 years that were shot digitally, mastered in 2k and will probably never be remastered. For older films, depends whether they think they can recoup their investment on the remaster itself. The margins for these things are surprisingly tight, I used to remaster films for blu-ray and the budget for the lower end ones was about £4k for a new scan, a digital grade and minimal cleanup, plus whatever they spent on the film/features/manufacturing/artwork. Obviously the more high profile the title, the more they push the boat out. More extensive cleanup work, more days of grading, etc.
  6. It’s all about the tall, gangly ones that hit the deck and split apart.
  7. They’re both worth playing but Ringed City has a significantly better area, from what I remember.
  8. Staggered at how bad this is, the script sounds like it was written by an AI fed nothing but video-game cutscenes.
  9. Setting the Xbox input as PC on your TV allows Game-mode esque response times on the non-game mode picture settings, but it does negatively affect image quality (or at least it did on my C7). Introduced loads of horrible banding which was particularly evident when watching UHD Blu-rays.
  10. The first one doesn’t have a single player, so you’re okay to jump straight into the second.
  11. Eternal looks and runs gloriously on the XSX, it’s an amazing showcase for it. I’d love them to do something mad like add ray tracing to Doom 2016.
  12. Pinch of salt and all that, but when Joe Staten joined he said the first thing he did was the game from start to finish, so they already had a full campaign. I presumed he wasn’t necessarily going to be changing the content, so much as getting it polished up and out on time.
  13. Doom 2016 is in every sense an old-school 90s FPS given a very smart, self-aware, modernised make-over. It’s fun, it’s dumb, it’s gorgeous and it’s surprisingly funny. Doom Eternal is more like a first person Devil May Cry/Bayonetta, which bizarrely includes the overtly cringey approach to story those games entail. The gameplay is incredibly focused, it’s intensely difficult, it’s more more more of everything but somehow lost a chunk of 2016’s personality along the way. I’ve come to love them both but going from one straight to the other is incredibly jarring, especially considering they’re from the exact same creative team. Fair play to them for not resting on their laurels, I guess.
  14. My biggest issue with the robots is that they’re nowhere near as fun to dismantle as the ones in Binary Domain, which was basically a Gears knockoff anyway. The enemy variety is upped considerably in the next one, they may even have surpassed the Halo series in sheer numbers.
  15. Properly kicks off in Act 2 iirc. Gears 4 is okay, it’s basically ‘look, we can make a Gears game’, whereas Gears 5 is a huge step up across the board. EDIT: Whoops, was responding to @Lorfarius
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