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  1. I’m sure Miles Morales is going to be massive as a game, there just seems to be an implicit assumption it’s going to spectacular enough graphically to completely embarrass the cross-gen games on the Series X and I’m not sure there’s any evidence of that. It seems highly likely it’ll look like a super shiny cross-gen game itself, just without the previous gen version.
  2. Didn’t mention sequels, was just ruling out games that had cross-gen ports. Forza Horizon 2 is borderline because the previous gen version was technically a different game. Forza 5 was light on content and Driveclub limped along until it got the weather update, about six months later iirc? Maybe it was less.
  3. My assumption is this; if everyone who was previously interested in the Series X, is still interested in the Series X but might end up potentially pick one up a year or so later (but still has an existing GP subscription on Xbox One), then I don’t really see how that makes much difference to MS. At this point it seems to me most people are either locked in to GP or more interested in Sony’s exclusives (or both), and I don’t see how Halo slipping changes that in the short-medium term. If MS still have nothing to show for themselves a year into the console, then they might be fucked. But for the time being I’m not so sure it matters so much. It’s not like Sony have anything spectacular out of the gate either, 4k Spider-Man is still going to look like Spider-Man. Next year they have Demons Souls which looks good but is relatively niche, and Ratchet and Clank which might be the visually impressive game of their launch window but I can’t imagine many people putting down ~£500 to play it.
  4. Don't disagree with any of this, I'm not feeling the urge to replace either of them for a while. The next-gen games will come eventually, and we'll all gradually upgrade, but it's definitely not as exciting as a traditional console launch. I suppose it'll be more like the soft satisfaction of finally getting an overdue new phone and being like 'ahh, this much better' as you realise how acclimatised you'd become to all the problems with the old model.
  5. Hey if they went all-out with Ryse 2 I'd be there, turret sections aside it was alright. I guess Hellblade 2 is their more mopey equivalent.
  6. By comparison, Arkham Knight, the first 'proper', decent, current-gen only game I can think of, released 19 months (!!!) after the Xbox One & PS4 launched. That's almost two years with nothing but cross-gen software and shite. EDIT: Actually Bloodborne came out a few months earlier, still a year and a half though.
  7. GRAW didn't release until four months after the 360 launch as well.
  8. Tthe Duke Nukem Forever curse lives on.
  9. I really don't think anyone would have been bothered if the Series X & PC versions of Games Pass had a bunch of exclusive games likes Halo Infinite and the next Forza, but I presume the intention was to keep selling as many subs as possible to the vast majority of people that aren't early adopters. From Microsoft's perspective making Halo Infinite a Series X exclusive probably seemed like the equivalent of Netflix releasing a new series of Stranger Things which can only be watched by people with HDR compatible TVs, it's something that doesn't help them with the majority of their audience.
  10. Am I alone in thinking this doesn't actually matter as much as everyone is making out? While Halo being delayed is definitely embarrassing, MS have been pretty open about their strategy that they don't care what platform you're on, to the extent that they're releasing everything across every platform they have available. We already had a lot of people saying they weren't going to bother picking up either next-gen machine until later down the line, when more actual next-gen software has been announced. So if you're a person who is locked in on Games Pass, and you're still planning on buying a new machine either this year or next, then why do the day one sales of the actual Series X matter? At this point if you're buying an Xbox you're buying it for Games Pass, something that will only become more true in a years time. The machine is just an upgraded conduit for a subscription that most of us already have, but people keep trying to weigh it up against a traditional console launch. I'm still surprised either of them are bringing out their consoles this year tbh, if it wasn't for this endless game of chicken they're playing I think they'd both push back. Releasing extremely expensive toys while the western world hits its biggest recession in a lifetime seems ill-judged.
  11. On one hand, IO's location work is pretty much the best in the business and their sense of place would be amazing in VR. On the other hand... how?
  12. Saying Sony don’t have vocal fanboys takes quite a narrow view of the Internet, imo. Maybe not on rllmuk, but even as someone who doesn’t actively read any gaming websites I still see the same amount of rabid nonsense on Twitter, Reddit, the comments under Digital Foundry articles/videos, etc. It’s there, it’s just a lot less prevalent here. The glimpses I get of the level of discourse outside of this forum do make me glad I get pretty much all of my gaming news from here.
  13. It did, but only for BC games I'm guessing? Was it the same with the Wii U?
  14. Er, no. Lots of people complained their 360 pads weren't going to work on the Xbox One (which was annoying but did have a seemingly feasible technical reason, a completely different wireless standard). It's been a complaint before, and was one of many reasons 360 owners found it easy to make the switch to PS4. Nintendo effectively completely redesign their controllers with each console, so that's not a like-for-like comparison. Sony have been selling the same pad for 20 years, with minimal modifications. You could probably play most PS4 games with a PS1 dual shock, that's how little the design has changed. Nothing they're adding to the Dual Sense is going to alter how it controls the vast majority of games. This is a nakedly arbitrary decision designed to shift extra pads.
  15. Rather than being a web like DS1 & Bloodborne, DS2's layout is essentially a central hub with four giant spokes coming out of it, so you've got a bit more of that to come but the second half unlocks some new areas in the the centre.
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