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  1. The condensed approximation of London does mess with my head a bit, but when I first spawned I was able to get my bearings immediately in relation to the BT tower, so it’s faithful enough. One thing to note, it’s going to really irritate the ‘HDR shadows should be black’ crowd. Even for my tastes they seem to be quite high, with no way of lowering them in any of the calibration options. That goes for the menus as well, everything’s grey rather than black. That’s presuming it wasn’t a bug, Xbox version.
  2. Based on the footage, I agree. It looks good, but nothing like a Souls game. Reminds me more of that cancelled Capcom PS4 game, Deep Down? I'll be curious to see what that setting actually does, if I had to guess it'll desaturate everything and knock the overall brightness down. Maybe add a load of bloom to soften the image. I can't really see what else they could do with just a filter, to really mimic the atmosphere of the original you'd have to redo all the lighting. At a stretch, maybe they'll go to the effort of tweaking the filter for the different locations. To be
  3. Despite my mixed feelings about the main game I've just jumped into the Ancient Gods DLC and it's got to be said, it looks absolutely phenomenal (playing on One X). Rock solid 4k/60, lovely colour scheme, loads of environmental detail. Also now I know what Doom Eternal actually is, rather than what I expected it to be, it's much easier to just jump in and enjoy the chaos. They are absolutely not fucking around, I had my dick handed to me immediately in the first encounter, but after about five minutes I found myself back in the swing of things. Playing it on Ultra-Violence, as I di
  4. I had the exact same vague childhood memories. It’s Son of Godzilla. The foggy nostalgia hit me like a train when I rewatched it some 20 years later.
  5. I had to google the snowman's body one, Big Boo's balcony (where you have to wall jump to a hidden ledge that the camera refuses to show you even if you try to look up) and grabbing onto the bird in sinking sand land (I was trying to use the cannon, do they ever signpost that you can just walk up those walls?). I also had to google how to unlock the metal hat and the flight hat, the latter of which seemed insanely obscure. I would never have figured out the equivalent 'look at the sun' puzzle in Sunshine, either.
  6. I should say that comment wasn't specifically aimed at you, I've seen plenty of people express the same sentiment over the past 10 years. You're all wrong of course.
  7. Also I still think Nintendo's port of 64 is piss-poor, particularly when compared to Rare's ports of the Banjo games from over 10 years ago.
  8. Funny you've just posted that, I was coming on to say the same. Besides the occasional short go on a mates copy back in the day, I'd never owned or finished any of these. And I've got to say, without the benefit of nostalgia, I found SM64 a real slog to finish. Clumsy controls, a stodgy camera and obtuse objectives which occasionally require pure luck to solve. I crawled my way to 70 stars and couldn't fathom going back for any more. There's one star in particular that highlighted my issues with it, it's the elevator ride in the volcano. What you actually have to do is incredibly s
  9. Yeah, beat me to it. In relation to the games of the time, HL2 was staggering in so many ways. It might not have had the combat loop of Halo (what does?) but it was massively influential in almost every other area. Arguably it was the original Half Life that started the whole 'heavily scripted, highly cinematic odyssey' thing but HL2 really took the characters, storytelling and world building up a level. Easy to forget how mind-blowing the entire physics engine (not just the gravity gun) and the material shaders were at the time, too. Wood that floated, metal that sank, different w
  10. Shame about Soho, do they have Carnaby Street? Like seemingly everyone else I just want to wander past where I work.
  11. Butcher is definitely the new watermark for can’t-quite-tell-if-it’s-unintentional faux-British hilarity, although they’ve definitely started leaning into it with his similarly ludicrous family tree.
  12. My main concern is that the last few levels of the main game were unbelievably difficult and I‘ll be unable to pick up where I left off six months later.
  13. I'd never seen this before, fucking hell.
  14. All the Watch Dogs games seem have the same ugly sparseness during their daytime sections, it’s like they’re missing all the hazy sunlight, distance fog and post-processing effects other open world games have. I remember people saying the second game looked better than the first and I’m not sure I agree, it had a more colourful setting but was quite ugly technically. At least the original looked great at night, in the rain (which I’m sure we’ll plenty of in Legion).
  15. Yeah, WD2 only runs at 900p on One X. You’d think a patch for that would be a marketing open-goal with the sequel on its way. The patched version of The Division looks better than The Division 2 (imo).
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