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  1. I'm liking this so far, the story has me intrigued at least. I've just reached the first chase and stealth section though. That chase did have problems with the camera not making it clear at one point where near the end I've not had a chance to complete the first stealth section yet as I ran out of time to play it. I thought I saw in the options to skip the more gamey sections but I've not had a chance to double check that so I may have misremembered it. I'm glad I didn't go in on this expecting something earth shattering.
  2. I looked this up a while back, so it might have changed and I can't find an update on it. There is cross-play between Xbox, PC and PS4* but it's not linked by an account. There's an option for it in matchmaking and private games (sorry forgot that you can't make lobbies private). So when you set up a lobby you have to give players on other platforms a lobby code for them to join in. *I just noticed on the official forum that someone mentioned PC and PS4 crossplay technical issues so it may work.
  3. After posting that I started digesting the trailer more and came the black site idea too. Not a gag then but I guess tonally it still doesn't sit well with me. I dunno, I'm thinking about it too much. I did hope there wouldn't be the possibility of the Borg being involved in some way. I considered First Contact the end of Picard's Borg arc, so to speak. But I suppose it's the easy money making way to go back to the Borg as it's the first thing people think of Picard. I've gone back to feeling the whole thing'll just be fan service in the end.
  4. This pretty much sums up how I felt about the trailer. However... This seems to be annoying me more than it maybe should be. A site safety gag seems out of place in the Star Trek universe. I'm just finding stuff to nitpick, aren't I?
  5. Randoms haven't been too bad. I've not found anyone wandering off like I did last night when I found myself on the other side of a hill from the two of you and being chased by the wall of death! I somehow made it back to you in time. There is a Players Met in the Friends section of the dashboard but I find it's limited and maybe the game has to support it in some way. I have entries for randoms I met in a squad in BFV but not the ones I met in Apex Legends.
  6. I had some good fun thanks to @Alan Stock and @moosegrinder last night. The game's certainly starting to grow on me.
  7. A little history to start for context: Battle Royale games have always been games I see the appeal of and have been happy to watch others play but avoided them myself as I had the feeling I'd be crap. I tried Blackout while it was in beta and surprised myself when started to enjoy myself a bit for solo and squads. That wasn't enough for me to buy the game though. I never tried Fortnite as a I knew I'd probably get muddled up juggling gun play and building. Apex Legends though, this could make me a regular player. I wasn't ever really worried how the gun play and movement would feel
  8. It really is a shame as BFV is a blast to play when most things are going right. They just need(ed) to sort their content strategy out and it all seems a bit lost/half-arsed at the moment. What with them just adding limited period game modes that don't add anything to it. I'm surprised the microtransactions for cosmetics haven't appeared yet as I thought that was the model they were going to use to keep Tides of War going. I wouldn't have thought it would be caught up in the lootbox controversy as if they were straight up on what you were paying for it wouldn't be any worse than wh
  9. I've seen that being done but I still think it's a pain in the arse having to (sometimes temporarily) drop out of a squad to create a new one for that purpose.
  10. Which brings a point about how difficult it can be for larger groups of players to be on the same team. Especially when there's no Switch Team option - another one for that Excel spreadsheet...
  11. I don't have an Xbox so don't use the app but have been collecting points via desktop and mobile.* Like everyone here I just thought the suggested searches for daily rewards were engineered to get people to test the search engine or search deeper. Ones like the 'Things to do in Paris' or 'Owen Wilson Films' today. You click on the top row and they give you points for each as it's sent as a new search. How can they penalise you for doing what they clearly want you to do? *To shamelessly get their raffle tickets for an Xbox One X
  12. I've got a strange one where anything with aiming I can't deal with inverted but for moving vehicles like planes, helicopters, boats, bikes I have to go with inverted. The funny thing is that logically, I've got the whole pulling up/pushing down etc. way of thought for inverted for some time now. Yet some part of my brain is hardwired another way for aiming. It might be that the first games aiming with an on screen cursor for me used a D-Pad not a stick. Maybe associating it with being more of a mouse cursor as I'd used a mouse too?
  13. Yeah. I hit the contract bug on the third stage. I'll delete the saves and start again offline but won't go as far as downloading the game again.
  14. I've got 4 codes going here if anyone wants them. PM me if interested. EDIT: 2 left now
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