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  1. I don't think it's necessarily just Nintendo fans. I think it's something we're all guilty of from time to time despite how rational we are. I mean if a game has Tetsuyo Mizuguchi attached to it I'm basically a fanboy before even playing it based on his track record and I can't stop myself despite trying to think about it logically. Definitely had similar reactions with other stuff in the past only to be ground down by a lot of disappointment, so it's shocking I still have the energy to fanboy over stuff that hasn't come out yet at all, especially given that I don't have the energy to tell everyone else that they're tossers for not liking things I like, and liking things I don't.
  2. I had no idea that this was even a thing, but at £35 I've taken a punt at it as I loved Dragons Trap. Here's hoping we get Wonder Boy in Monster World remastered at some point, I never did beat the final boss as a kid!
  3. Siri's love of this game has proven to be infectious, he's gotten me started now too. How does one go about joining the clan?
  4. What are these Gravelord summon signs all about then? I don't remember seeing them in the original.
  5. Terria

    Nintendo Switch

    I picked up the Wonderboy remake, it's pretty awesome. I played up to just after the second boss and it's a lot of fun. Really takes me back to playing Monster World on the mega drive as a kid.
  6. Yeah I think I might be one of the few people who just rolled in and beat the capra demon first try back in the day. Not sure if that was lucky or I'm just moderately better at the game than i thought. It'a all about working that shield.
  7. Terria

    Nintendo Switch

    Not sure about the update to the Dpad, but I do love my pro controller, it's super comfy in the hand.
  8. I'm torn between whether I want this or not. I got like 75% of the way through the game back in the day and just never finished it for some reason. I have a habit of doing that all too often with games now. Part of me is deterred because I know I'll reach at some point. Though part of me also remembers how much I loved the game first time round. I bet i end up buying it and playing 50-75% of it again before getting distracted by the next new shiny thing...
  9. I managed to take down the HR49 Tempered Kirin on my second attempt. Pro tip - Do not use lance for Kirin, you need more mobility.
  10. Getting dive bombed by Bazelgeuse out of nowhere mid fight is a rite of passage in high rank. It never stops scaring the shit out of you.
  11. At end game I'm rapidly losing the will to keep playing though, don't really see this game holding the whole endless grind thing. It's been a fun, and well worth it 100+ hours though.
  12. If anyone is wanting some Sunday hunting, the rllmuk session ID is DRwhsWj4Gki currently. few of us online. I crafted my first Tier 8 weapon, Fire and Ice dual blades. They're crazy, having 290 attack, 240 frost damage and 240 blast damage on one weapon. Loving life right now, I am tearing things apart.
  13. Woohoo, that is the final boss defeated. Other than MMOs I cannot even think what the last game I sunk 100 hours into was... And I still want more. This is just such a great game. Lance is strong as heck and I'm still average at best with it.
  14. Seems like we're at the same point. That was an interesting fight, spent quite a bit of time having to back off, but thankfully managed to put out enough damage to win. Having a wite sharpness weapon feels badass too!
  15. I beat Nergigante! third attempt, and had carted once and ran out of potions but I got him! That was one tough cookie.
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