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  1. Cofy behind the right counter will give you lots of important client orders, including the one to unlock your subclass. It's recommended to work your way through all of her client orders when available as they teach you good stuff (e.g. advance quests when you get to a higher level)
  2. Achievement unlocked: Installation vanished after a reboot.
  3. We've created a discord rather than sat in private voice chats, so that you can join us and it feels more social. It's got the alerts set up so you will get notified of emergency quests, concerts e.t.c. if you want. https://discord.gg/aX7F9Ka
  4. Yeah this game really makes it difficult to have a social experience short of just being on cover chat with someone before logging in... I did hit level 50 though, so the grind starts now.
  5. Yeah apparently Ship 2 has lost a load of blocks and is running at like 10% capacity right now, hence FULL.
  6. I'm on now, but Ship 2 seems full to capacity, got in after like 5m of trying. Though the american amazon account I registered got suspended for suspicios activity for just buying xbox credit with a british card, so I for one transaction done and that is it, can't prove I live at the random american address I used. Oh well. Anyone know anywhere reliable and slightly easier to buy american ms/xbox store credit from? Edit: somehow logged myself out whilst tabbed out to post this and now I'm not on. Doh.
  7. Still stuck at work sadly. Will be on lots this weekend though!
  8. I'd imagine we will at some point, just didn't quite get round to it last night from running around shooting stuff with my bow then feeling like I had picked the wrong class.
  9. It sure will be terrible when I am having IT issues working from home tomorrow with everything going slow and blaming Virgin Media for it whilst downloading 70 gig of PSO2.
  10. If you are still about I got a million's worth of turnips I could do with flogging, more than happy to make a contribution to the upkeep of your island too with that kind of mark up on them!
  11. Weebs gonna weeb. Will be weebing when on PC. Seems like most other communities are also picking Ship 2 also, which is good.
  12. I don't think it's necessarily just Nintendo fans. I think it's something we're all guilty of from time to time despite how rational we are. I mean if a game has Tetsuyo Mizuguchi attached to it I'm basically a fanboy before even playing it based on his track record and I can't stop myself despite trying to think about it logically. Definitely had similar reactions with other stuff in the past only to be ground down by a lot of disappointment, so it's shocking I still have the energy to fanboy over stuff that hasn't come out yet at all, especially given that I don't have the energy to tell everyone else that they're tossers for not liking things I like, and liking things I don't.
  13. I had no idea that this was even a thing, but at £35 I've taken a punt at it as I loved Dragons Trap. Here's hoping we get Wonder Boy in Monster World remastered at some point, I never did beat the final boss as a kid!
  14. Siri's love of this game has proven to be infectious, he's gotten me started now too. How does one go about joining the clan?
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