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  1. I find the 3rd person to be a bit weird, but prefer 1st person nearly always anyway. I am not sensitive to pop in so don't even notice it really. I occasionally notice a hill appears then grows, then shrinks to fit some vegetation, but it is just part of the engine and does not irritate me, it is just an effect of the background proc gen stuff working out what should be there. I am not sure about the storage thing you are seeing. Each 'slot' can take some thousands of a single type of resource, so I guess once you pick up 1 unit of thing then you have reduced the ability to carry <max
  2. It was a bad day when they removed the totally single player/own universe mode. I guess the back end systems that run the galaxy maps and background sim must be pretty hefty! They don't seem interested in adding ship walking which makes me suspect that there won't be ship boarding or exploring wrecks like you say. I often get the feeling they make decisions directly opposite to how I want the game to develop! Every moment of development towards multiplayer stuff is totally wasted for me (cqc, ship sharing, guild stuff, power play etc etc) If you calculate the direction of the vo
  3. oh that slipped in without me even noticing
  4. There have been no new patches for a few weeks, so this big patch is just getting you up to date with all that has changed since you played before. No waiting required after it installs!
  5. Everyone now has Horizons also there is a puzzle running on their instagram feed and a big patch (5hr down time) scheduled for Thursday. https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/jj02j2/so_here_we_are_waiting_for_the_next_pieces_of_the/
  6. on pc there are 4(?) save slots, why not start one of them?
  7. I hope they go back to the couch! the desk was just such a weird vibe. Good for the E3 stuff, but not for everyday informal bollox. Better for their backs tho!
  8. Oof. I had found her irritating, but had come around to her. Diversity collapse at GB again If only it could have been Ben.
  9. Not bunker, but rebel base to buy upgrades. It is worth having a play with them. there are a few 'auto best' modes that can show a bit how they work.
  10. BbrOother... Broother...
  11. I hate it because it has eaten up all the oxygen for this type of game. I enjoy Elite, but it is far from perfect... a few iterations of similar scale to that could get something that really fits... SC however has made the 'Elite like' a bit of a joke and I cannot see the big companies getting involved (even though the cash he has raised shows there is demand)
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