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  1. They really love a grind! Once you get enough Quicksilver (250 a day max, bonus on weekends) the 2nd step of the 'get cool new organic ship' quest is 'wait for this 26hr timer to expire' Nice.
  2. The Merc has a gadget that you push / pull the steering wheel in to change the toe in of the front wheels. Crazy and great to see new tricks!
  3. The new ship stuff is locked behind the new currency you get from doing missions in the Space Anomaly (round thing you can summon) You need 3000ish and each mission gives 250 so get collecting!
  4. RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE! This just got an update https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/02/17/twelve-years-on-audiosurf-gets-an-update-outta-nowhere/ https://steamcommunity.com/games/Audiosurf/announcements/detail/3965919631363712528 Huge patch notes!
  5. You cannot do anything wrong. Poke about everywhere, follow leads from the log or just head off to an interesting looking thing.
  6. It is not very good I think. Pacing is hard, and many modern things go too fast... but this is like half an episode spread so thin over so long. the sock thing I mean what even was that!
  7. I don't always remember... but I keep a spotify list where it has the songs in this thread.
  8. PM me for SUPERHOT VR (To @papalazarou) or Space Pirate Trainer (To @Thor) both great games.
  9. Mid off season Shift-F1 podcast https://www.f1.cool/blog/95
  10. Once you know something you know it forever! Just do what you want and go where looks interesting.
  11. When you cancel they put up a box that you can write your reasons in... I wrote one 3 letter name.
  12. Re the 7 minute wait:
  13. Criticising people for not liking the game is pretty low. In the end I really enjoyed it, but I had a deep low (around the Interloper!) in the middle. I would advise going and doing something else for a bit if you are irritated by one puzzle or place!
  14. F1: Drive to Survive series 2 comes to netflix on the 28th Feb.
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