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  1. fragglerock

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Yeh waypoint has gone weird. It was good when it was mainly Rob and Austin playing Xcom... Now it seems to want to be some deep philosophy of culture thing... and it rather reveals no particularly deep thought by any of the contributors! and Austin is clearly too busy in the background trying to get crumbs from the Vice table and has no time or energy for games comment (which is what I want from him)
  2. fragglerock

    XIII Remake, Winter 2019

    I hope they re-do the ending, or have a sequel coming soon.
  3. I hope it gets better! pretty empty ep it felt to me, and everyone has become nice... need some backstabbing to happen!
  4. I am at s6e2... started too late!
  5. fragglerock

    Steam - UI Overhaul Coming Soon

    I think only if the disc has a key you can enter into steam.
  6. fragglerock

    Amazon Prime Video

  7. fragglerock

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Podcast adverts are injected based on your locale so they can be slightly targeted. tho do they still do their own ads? I have been subscribed for so long I don't know
  8. fragglerock

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    The point for fastest lap seemed to keep drivers thinking at the end, seems good.
  9. fragglerock

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    Shift-f1 podcast has a patreon now https://www.patreon.com/shiftf1/overview also a noobi friendly season opener in their feed. https://www.f1.cool/
  10. fragglerock

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    F1 2018 is free play this weekend if you fancy getting some zoomy race car action (also on sale for £12 or so) https://store.steampowered.com/app/737800/F1_2018/
  11. fragglerock

    Dwarf Fortress

    Dwarf fortress comes to steam! (soon) https://store.steampowered.com/app/975370/Dwarf_Fortress/
  12. fragglerock

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    Something being teased by the Oculus twitter team If it does not connect to my PC I don't care tho!
  13. fragglerock

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    Watching 'Drive to Survive' at the moment. on the 3rd episode and finding it a bit hard going. The stories they are covering are interesting but there is just soo much padding and repetition of commentary snippets and making the same point over and over again (did you know rich and famous people go to Monaco!?) and it does not really feel that the special access they presumably had to teams has led to particularly interesting behind the scenes filming or insight Ah well a good way to remind myself what happened last season for the start of the new one!
  14. fragglerock

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    Danny, Drew and Rob have started a Patreon for Shift-F1 https://www.patreon.com/shiftf1/overview
  15. fragglerock

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    Formula E is coming to London 2020 https://www.fiaformulae.com/en/news/2019/february/london-e-prix

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