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  1. Seems like a step backwards to release this after the Lego Marvel game. It's going to have a much smaller roster than the previous game if it just includes characters from the Avengers movies. No doubt it'll still get a decent amount of sales cashing in on the marketing for Ultron's DVD/BR release.
  2. Shenmue, Last Guardian and now this! I am fully erect.
  3. Have you ever been bummed in the gob, Jim?
  4. I'm sat at the back of a Microsoft training course pretending to do work, but have actually just spent the past 2 days reading back through this thread. Loving reading everyones reaction to a game that's apparently actually living up to its incredible hype, but I need to stop torturing myself. I won't get to open my copy until the bank holiday and my hype level is so high, it's giving me a headache.
  5. Ok, I'm going to risk it for a biscuit. Where's the cheapest place to get this online?
  6. I'm a bit clueless when it comes to PC gaming and specs, but if my PC plays Diablo 3 and Witcher 2 with decent settings, will I be able to run this ok?
  7. Zero

    Mario Kart 8

    Crick. I was on for the last hour or so. Managed to scrape a few 3rd place finishes, apart from that I was dead last for most of my games. I've lost my inside drifting skills on the bikes, went off the edge of the tracks far too many times.
  8. Zero

    Mario Kart 8

    Fuck me, having a week off of this has robbed me of what little skill I had. Got absolutely bummed in the gob in those Muk games just now.
  9. Can we get a Rllmuk co-op campaign on the go for these 2? I would be all over that.
  10. Finally caved and bought some games after vowing not to buy anything from the sale this year. Went for Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 because I love me some Bioware and wanted to replay them in lovely widescreen HD resolutions. Picked up Shadowrun Returns too, rude not to for £2.74.
  11. Zero

    Nintendo 3DS

    So there isn't a way to identify fakes? I just need to keep my fingers crossed that my games don't shit themselves and spontaneously delete my saves?
  12. Zero

    Nintendo 3DS

    Haha, are fakes really that prominent among DS games? Besides the obvious, whats the downside to having fakes? Can I expect my saves to become corrupted or the cart to pack in working completely? Another question, is the Ace Attorney 3DS game download only for Europe? Not the crossover with Layton, Dual Destinies I think it's called.
  13. Zero

    Nintendo 3DS

    Been on a bit of spree buying a stupid amount of original DS games that were recommended by you guys as of late. Every game that I've bought so far works fine, but some of them look a bit dodgy. For example, two of the Ace Attorney games I bought have covers that had clearly just been printed off of someones bog standard inkjet, but the carts look more or less identical to the genuine, shop bought DS games I have. Is there an easy way of telling whether a DS game is the real deal or not?
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