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  1. I think if anything we're more likely to see graphics presets available as a community feature baked into SteamOS, similar to the controller profiles available at the moment. Devs could always include their own this way if they wanted to. The Deck is unusual in that it's a fixed spec PC, but it's not the first of its kind and there will obviously be newer models down the line. It's a moving target, and any settings optimised for this iteration are going to be pointless a few years down the line. The Deck will provide some console like features that make it a little friendlier, with the suspend/resume function being a biggie, but it's still a PC and a Linux one at that. There's bound to be a Switch 2 at some point which should satisfy any handheld console needs.
  2. Another one with lots of options. Didn't go too happy this time though. Wordle 259 4/6
  3. This took way longer than it should have done. Especially after those three greens. Wordle 258 4/6
  4. I think the name should be permanent.
  5. I meant the mycelial network, not the Great Barrier which has indeed been a thing since the second TOS pilot. I was suggesting that the extent of the mycelial network could have been overestimated in the 23rd century, as it's not like Discovery ever tried to leave the galaxy and it seems few ships ever bothered to get too close to the great barrier. It may have been later studies that found that it unexpectedly thinned out as it reached the edge. You're right that a universe-wide network could have made for an interesting show in its own right, but I guess I mean it would have been too much for the show we have. It would certainly have saved time if Discovery could have immediately jumped to species whatever the second they pinpointed their location though.
  6. I looked up one thing, which was how to get my hands on smithing shards. I found one way to get them that I don't think I'd have figured out unless it happened by chance, but then stumbled across something else on my own and now I'm swimming in the things. Generally I like to leave as much as possible to discover on my own though, at least on a first run. I'll dive into the inevitable lore videos once I see the ending.
  7. I'm saving up for a speedy 1TB card. This is all getting quite expensive.
  8. To be fair, that's easily handwaved away. The 23rd century research could have been wrong, and later researches found it wasn't as extensive as they thought. It would be a bit too convenient if Discovery could instant jump literally anywhere in the universe.
  9. One of the more logical deductions for me. Wordle 256 4/6
  10. Parrying is a weapon skill in Elden Ring. Not all shields have it by default, with some having nothing and some having other skills. Applying a new skill to your shield will overwrite it. L2 will always default to the shield skill if one is equipped, or the weapon skill if no shield skill is present. I didn't know you could double tap to switch it up though, which will be useful.
  11. A quick Worldle to pass the time while I wait for the AA. Wordle 255 4/6
  12. I've made all sorts of progress today, but every now and then I've taken a pop at Margit. I was about to call it a day but I thought I'd give him one more go before bed, only to die after getting him down to a quarter health again. Ho hm I though, before realising I'd just dropped thousands of souls beyond the fog door. I decided I'd just have to kill him, and managed it on the very next attempt. Best game.
  13. Finally took down my first boss today, quickly followed by my second. I've also levelled up my stats to the point where I can use the Dismounter greatsword, which I quickly put to work killing a giant. I'm playing on PC, and while it's mostly running fine I do get the odd freeze here and there. It's not frequent enough to really marr the experience, but I hope it's patched out soon.
  14. No game has crawled into my brain like this since, well, Sekiro I guess. It's so good. I've still yet to kill a proper boss. I've found one, which I can get down to about a quarter health but was probably a bit too tough for my current power level. I went exploring in completely the opposite direction instead, where I've found all sorts of interesting stuff. I've also found myself a so that was cool.
  15. This is incredible. I'm only a few hours in and it feels like I've barely scratched the surface, but it's utterly enthralling. It's definitely the most inviting Souls game I've played. I've had the game pause fairly often to throw up tutorial text, the bonfire equivalents are impossible to miss, running doesn't drain stamina, flasks can be replenished on the fly and THERE'S A DEDICATED JUMP BUTTON. The atmosphere alone is stupendous. It feels like nothing I've ever played before, and I'd include From's other games in that statement.
  16. I didn't quite finish this week's episode yesterday, which probably says it all. It was so boring! I'll probably finish it today if I can be arsed, but it was a classic example of the show mishandling its serialised format by just dragging things out. We'll see where it goes, but more than ever right now I think this season's story could have been told far better as a condensed two or three parter in an episodic show.
  17. That looks fantastic, and for a first effort it's amazing.
  18. Made it through character creation, started the game, died. All good. That'll have to do for now. Work is going to feel looooong tomorrow.
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