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  1. The lack of GB/GBC compatability was made quite clear ever since the DS was unveiled, and the same goes for the Micor. In both cases it's simply to do with space for the chipset and the cost as far as I'm aware. The Micro's USP is its size, and the DS isn't even a Game Boy.
  2. I don't think there's a single negative post for this in the entire thread. Even Resident Evil 4 didn't manage that! So, Ouendan for Game of the Year then?
  3. Fair enough then. It would appear that my Celtic vocabulary is a little lacking. Now, enough of this aggro/agro/argo/D'Argo.
  4. That, and the word you're thinking of is aggro, with two "g"s. Agro is to do with plant type stuff like Stroker said.
  5. Yup. Then you'll have the pleasure of unlocking Insane mode, where RSG is a bitch.
  6. I'd be curious to see how this would work with RTS games, a genre which is notoriously difficult to pull off on consoles.
  7. I've been rolling in with entire batallions only to be humiliatingly torn apart by the AI, on "easy". Then again I suck, and have never played a proper TBS game before unless you count Advance Wars. Unlike Advance Wars Shattered Union really throws you in at the deep end doesn't it? When I spotted the Tutorial option I was expecting some handy AW style walkthrough missions to bring you up to speed. Instead they just explain the basic controls and nuances. Like I said I've never played a game like this before, so failing miserably without really knowing what I'm doing wrong is getting annoying. Anyone have any advice?
  8. That's a good point, although from Gamespot's review at least it seems it does a good job of simulating the feel of a pinball machine. Whatever that is.
  9. Metroid Pinball looks to be a lot more than "just" a pinball game though. I've just watched Gamespot's video review, and I was surprised at just how well they've used the license. The visuals and music are spot on, and the game really does seem to be a pinball version of Metroid Prime. It even features boss battles in which you need to reach spots to shoot at them in suit mode. Basically it looks to be as much a videogame as it is a pinball game.
  10. I beat insane mode weeks ago. I R t3h c00lest etc. B) RSG took me literally days to beat though, and proved quite extraordinarilly frustrating in the process. It felt incredible when I finally did beat it though. The most annoying thing about insane mode is that the buttons appear far later than they used to, giving you very little time to get to them. Thanks to this the likes of RSG can become a little more frustrating than fun sometimes.
  11. The sex and nudity I believe. Those crazy Yanks.
  12. A complete SotN limited edition on the PS1 and a copy of the standard edition of Ico on the PS2 would be my rarest items. Oddly enough, the standard edition Ico is actually rarer than the limited one due to the miniscule print run.
  13. It wasn't censored in Europe, just the US for some reason.
  14. I really don't want to splash out on a HDTV as well as a new console, not yet at least. HDTV's are bound to come down in price in a few years time, and until then I'm hardly going to be seeing Xbox quality visuals coming out of my 360.
  15. I ended up doing just that, but didn't really mind the repetitiveness. That reminds me, there are a few really annoying difficulty spikes littered arround the game, forcing you to embark on level grinds which damage the flow of things a bit. However one boss (that comes out of nowhere) is just plain annoying whatever your level.
  16. I was hooked on it for around forty hours, after which a certain plot twist and a game breaking bug killed any enthusiasm I once had. Until that point I really enjoyed it though, despite almost all of the first disk being a little irrelevant to overall plot. Incidentally that bug resulted an entire area being desplayed as a black (sometimes white) screen, leaving me to navigate using the map alone. It switched back to normal during a cut-scene, only to slip back into arseyness straight afterwards. I haven't heard of anyone else encountering this though, so I guess I'm just unlucky. The twist still sucks.
  17. Clearly the result of ancient Mayan magic.
  18. Was the two-player a new feature in the PAL/'The Best' release? ← It was indeed, although I've never tried it. Now that was a pointless adition.
  19. That's how the play and charge kits work for the wireless pads, so I don't see why it wouldn't work for an iPod as well.
  20. They also chucked in a new secret weapon for the second playthrough, and added some good looking optional filters too. It's not much perhaps, but better than nothing. I can wait anyway.
  21. The last boss was rubbish, and something of a poorly judged difficulty spike too. However after dieing for the tenth time or so I tried approaching it in a diferent way. I completely ignored Crowe on his legde, and instead concentrated on killing the respawing goons, who go down nice and fast with head-shots or feral attacks. After a few waves they stopped coming, and I was able to concentrate on Crowe, who kindly jumped down to my level to let me take advantage of his rubbish AI. He didn't last long.
  22. It appears to have become "not currently available", so I guess they've stopped taking pre-orders for now. Alternatively they could be replacing it with a completely diferent description, and claim all £14.99 pre-orders void. I hope not though, that would suck.
  23. Err, I really have no idea. I may quite well have imagined it. Either way Play have had this price up for some time now. If the official price does turn out to be greater, Play generally honour their pre-order prices. If it turns out to be lower, then everybody's happy.
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