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  1. I've never played mine in a pub, but I've happily done so on trains. I also had a bit of a multiplayer session in one my uni's common rooms. I didn't feel at all self conscious.
  2. Yup. Their stamina bar should be depleted too, which means the same thing. By the way I've just fought a boss that didn't get knocked over by thudslugs. They still took a good chunk out of their stamina bar though, so you just have to make good use of cover and keep moving.
  3. You have to actually wear their stamina bar right down as opposed to just making them fall over. They should have three gold stars spinning around their head when you do. I find a failsafe way to knock them out is with a combination of thudslugs and charged zapflies. Hit them with a thudslug, then fire off a charged zappfly when they're on the ground. As soon as they're up again hit them with another thudslug before they can move, then hit them with a zappfly again. If you run out of thudslugs then stuck to the charged zappflies. They won't knock them over so you'll have to keep moving, but as long as you don't let up they should get the job done. It's worked for every boss I've used it on so far.
  4. Well I had decided to ignore this, but after hearing it features single cart multiplayer I just couldn't resist. I can't wait! I haven't played a Ridge Racer game since Type 4 on the PS1, which I loved.
  5. Being stuck with analogue TV I have yet to see the first season Still I bought the miniseries DVD last week, watched all three hours straight through and loved it. Naturally I've preordered the season one box set. Based on the miniseries this has the potential to be absolutely immense. I was a little worried that it wouldn't be granted a second series after the precedents of Farscape and Firefly. That it has after all is great news
  6. Mogster

    Half Life 2

    I finally bought this on the weekend after taking back the (quite appaling) Warrior Withhin. I was amazed to find that the demo ran smoothly on my laptop (on max resolution and full model and texture detail no less) and just couldn't resist it. I'm currently in the middle of Anticitizen One, and I have to say this is the first game I've played to ever give me that true ten out of ten feeling. It's just perfect! The AI, physics, scripting, level design and basic gameplay all work together to create an incredibly immersive atmosphere. Bungie have a lot to learn.
  7. Well my Mega Drive versions of Sonic 1 and 2 have borders. Maybe's it's just trying to be authentic. Either that or my Mega Drive is buggered.
  8. In Denmark the highest rating is 16 as I recall. I also seem to recall that Starship Troopers is an 11 over there
  9. To be honest I hadn't really thought that through. I just figured that if it works for movies then why not games? Point taken though. Alternatively how about a system more akin to America? Their games are all given legally binding age certificates from the ESRB. Maybe if the PEGI ratings were treated in the same way it would at least stop children buying 18+ titles. I suppose PEGI could always change their designs to coloured circles BBFC style.
  10. I say expand the BBFC's duties to cover all games in the future. Adopt the film rating system in its entirety, from Universal to 18. These are ratings that everybody understands, and if more games were given BBFC certificates parents might start tp realise that some games may be unsuitable for their children. At the other end of the scale a nice friendly U certificate would be very reasuring to parents with young children. Of course parents would still be able to buy games for underage children, but then what else can you do?
  11. According to one review I read the Xbox version suffers from sound problems during the cutscenes. Apparantly the GC version is the best of the three, being good looking and glitch free.
  12. Just to add my two cents on the new Biffovision thing, I also much prefered the original column. As others have said the new layout is messy, and intentional or not it just doesn't seem to look like part of the same magazine. As for the purely for humour approach, the last few Biffovision columns before the redesign literally had me in uncontrolable fits of laughter. The two new style pages did not. Basically before the redesign Mr. Biffo was able to write decent articles with a worthwhile point while being utterly hillarious at the same time. If it aint broke... Apart from Biffovision I'm loving the redesign now. The latest issue seems to have found the perfect balance. There's a lot more going on on the pages now, yet it doesn't fall into the usual mish mash you find in most other games mags. Instead it has the effect of presenting a more vibrant feel to the old design while still maintaining its uniqueness. Keeping the columns at the front would ruin the flow of the magazine due to the size of the Start section, but at the same time they don't really feel right at the back either. It's a compromise I suppose I'll just get used to over time. It's nice to see RedEye back at the front.
  13. What's more in Mario 64 DS you hear are Mario "Bye Bye!" soundbyte, followed by a "It's a me, Mario!" when you open it up again. Genious! Anyway on my first charge my DS lasted somewhere between eight and nine hours I think.
  14. The wrist strap thing has a thumb strap on the end, so you can tighten it around your thumb and use the screen like an analigue stick. The instruction manual has diagrams
  15. Sure it does. All the reviews say so anyway. You have to change the control method from the options menu though, it's not enabled by default.
  16. As far as I can tell when you're driving a vehicle your shield bar becomes the health of whatever you're driving, so it'll only explode once you would have died anyway. Once you're out of the vehicle it switches to it's real health, so if it's a smouldering wreck then it'll be destroyed very quickly. It's not exactly realistic, but makes for much less frutrating gameplay.
  17. Whether it was in The Mirror or not it's obviously a spoof. See?
  18. That Breking Benjamin song is actually in the game, albeit without the vocals. It's played during the "Maybe we should sit this one out" fight at the end of the 12th level. The first Incubus track is partly in the game too during the banshee bit on the gas mining facility. I agree with you about the Hoobastank trak being terrible, but I think a special mention goes to "Never Surrender". It's just a generic dance tune with Halo 2 soundbytes spliced in. "Okay, I'm shutting you down!"
  19. Well I liked the game a lot the first time through, but there were a few levels I was dreading to try again on Heroic. However I am now just three levels away from the end on Heroic and I'm absolutely loving the game now Areas of the game I previously found rock hard have now become a lot easier regardless of the harder difficulty. I know what weapons work well against different enemies, and have an idea of how to tackle each area instead of blundering into the unknown. I only have three levels left to do now. Now I wasn't really dissapointed with the game the first time through anyway, but from my experience it's definitely a grower.
  20. Mine's shipping on Monday, so I should have it either Wednesday or Thursday I'm going to have to skip my lecture on Wednesday morning to sign for it though. It's hard to believe it's coming out already. E3 seems like yesterday!
  21. So what's in the mag this month then?
  22. Then again Gran Turismo 3 is better than Gran Turismo, but that doesn't mean it's worth a ten
  23. I'm liking those Halo 2 and San Andreas scores. Exactly what I expected. I'm a little surprised at the Metroid Prime 2 score though, considdering the original got a 9. Maybe it's just a case of the game not really offering anything new. never mind though I'm sure I'll be enjoying it in a week
  24. Hmm I'm not sure to be honest. Going by the ammount of coverage it receives compared to the other consoles on American gaming sites it has the least ammount of interest anyway. *Digs hole* My point was though that even if a console is performing amazingly well most people would not wish to shell out for games from a previous generation as well as the means to play them when they could buy a brand new game instead. I doubt that many people buy PSone games to play on their PS2s these days, and that doesn't require any extra hardware. Instead most people use it to play games they already owned if at all.
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