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  1. It's all gone a bit shite now. It started of very well indeed, went a bit crap when the trial and error stuff came arround, but redeemed itself briefly with that excellent chase sequence. After that it see sawed between lacklustre stealth sections, a very atmospheric trip through the sewers, and finally a horrifically broken piece of platforming. I say finally, because I really can't be arsed to persrvere any more despite my earlier optimism. I've already seen that the game can shine on occasion, but I shouldn't have to torture myself by wading through utter bilge to see them. The game does a good job of engrossing the player in its early stages, but that just makes things all the more irritating when it comes to destroy that sense of immersion. To summerise, it's shite. Avoid.
  2. I played through the Attack of the Fishmen bit last night, followed by the sewer bit and finally ending up in a church. I'm really in two minds about the game now. When escaping from the nasty folk, I was offered next to no signposting as to what the hell I was supposed to be doing. I spent about half an hour jumping out of the window trying to reach the ledge over the street! Once I had everything figured out it still took a few attempts to get through. All that trial and error really takes a chunk out of the atmosphere and imersion. However, once everything finally clicked into place I ended up being thrown right back into one of the most tense, immersive and terrifying chase sequences I've ever played. The stealth bit wasn't bad either, being able to make a mad dash for the exit once I was spotted without taking too much harm. Having to spend time to heal yourself is a nice touch incidentally. How much anyone will like this game will be down to just how much you're annoyed by the ridiculous ammount of trial and error involved. There's so much goodness in the game that it's a crying shame that nothing could be done about the broken stuff. I must say I'm enjoying the game in spite of its problems so far, but its going to be very hard to review. So far at least, both Edge and GamesTM are correct.
  3. I felt season 6 was the most consistent in quality myself, and more importantly plays host to my all time favourite episode - Gunmen of the Apocalypse. Anyway I watched the remastered xtended version of Tikka to Ride earlier. Surprise surprise, the "remastered" thing is a waste of space. The new CGI is, while better, still shit. What's more the uncut stuff is mostly rubbish too, and completely ruins the pacing of what was already a below par episode. The lack of a laughter track hurts it too, as no extra editing has been done to compensate. As a result there's often a jarring pause where the laughs would have been. Still, the original version is still there in both normal and remastered options. That's all I've watched of the DVDs so far. The DVD intro is the same as the RDVI one, with a very similar animated menu.
  4. Well that blog seems fake, yet you can't help but get excited at the ideas it raises. I had my doubts about how platformers would work using the controler, but naturally it could be just as intuitive as any other genre on the Rev. Just imagine if Mario 64 had come out on the Rev: jumping with a flick of the remote, wall jumping by flicking from side to side, flying by simply tilting the controler - swooping and diving, and swinging Bowser into a bomb by simply swinging the controler arround. Mario 128 = Best game ever?
  5. My copy was shipped yesterday, so it should be here tomorow. Maaaaarvellous. I'm most looking forward to that Identity Within thing actually, a "lost" episode told through slideshow artwork and Rimmer impersonating everyone while reading the script. From the clip on the site it looks ace. Season 7 is not a patch on the earlier ones, especially after the brilliant RDVI before it. However like others have said it does have its moments. Stoke Me a Clipper, Blue (the Rimmer song), that one with Kryten's brother. All good. I actually found VIII quite funny too, but in retrospect it just wasn't the Red Dwarf I'd grown to love. It had a completely diferent style. It had too many characters for a start, almost all of which were nothing but one dimensional charicatures. The tough guy prisoner, the camp psychiatrist and so on. It was funny in a silly way, but it was impossible to take seriously.
  6. I wouldn't go that far. I do love Guitaroo Man, but in terms of sheer enjoyment Ouendan blows it out of the water for me. Over The Distance is possibly the single most beautiful experience I have ever had with a video game.
  7. I haven't played the game, but from the screen shots I'd add that every single piece of design in the game is apallingy bad. Well, apart from the controlers.
  8. Apparently so. Best. Online thingy. Ever.
  9. I used both my thumb and fingers as I recall. There's one point on that shark level where you have to hit two buttons at the same time, or at least so close together it's effectively the same. I switched to fingers at that point.
  10. That's what was said at E3. It's from a developer interview Gamespot held there. I've just watched the videos myself, and it does look bloody amazing. Just think, this will be playable online for free!
  11. The developers have been promising a proper single player game for ages, only they had to keep it under wraps. You can apparently fly to different planets too incidentally.
  12. I managed to S rank that shark level on master mode. Needless to say I wasn't just button mashing.
  13. I just got this for free (cheers 2K), and played it for arround three hours straight last night. So far, I love it. The atmosphere is incredible, and the slightly dated visuals are made up for with some excellent animation. I've just reached the "Attack of the Fishmen" hotel escape bit though, at which point I died about five times in a row. I can see some trial and error coming into play.
  14. What? Why hasn't mine been shipped? Bloody favouritism I tell you.
  15. Which is why the original GTA was rated 18, and Doom was given a 15. Some truly horrifc cutscenes to be found there. The last I heard was that the BBFC are sent a selection of videos depicting what the game entails, and they judge suitability based on those examples. It may have changed now though.
  16. It is a horror game you know.
  17. Hmm. I don't suppose it's worth buying for the single player game is it? According to Gamerankings' write up it "improves upon the original game's single-player experience with open-ended, mission-based objectives inspired from all six Star Wars films", as well as mentioning a "compelling storyline". Is this just hyperbole?
  18. I must admit I shed a tear or two the first time I played that. It brings out my inner wuss. It is beautifully done though, and so unexpected after the relative brashness of the rest of the game. Language barrier? What language barrier?
  19. I preordered with Play on August 18th along with a bunch of peripherals and games, and they haven't sent me one of those "don't count on it" emails. This either means that I'm guranteed one, or that they've forgotten about me.
  20. Nintendo specifically said so when they unveiled the thing, after which it's been reported on pretty much every games site on the internet and moaned about on all the forums, including this one I don't doubt. Maybe you just weren't paying attention.
  21. Look, the reason the GBA can play GBC/GB games is due to it containing a whole extra chipset to get the job done, it's not emulation. Similarly the DS packs a GBA chipset alongside its own. Adding another one would probably require a redesign, and hike up the cost for the sake of playing games you can't even buy any more.
  22. I take it you also assumed the Gamecube could play N64 games then?
  23. The lack of GB/GBC compatability was made quite clear ever since the DS was unveiled, and the same goes for the Micor. In both cases it's simply to do with space for the chipset and the cost as far as I'm aware. The Micro's USP is its size, and the DS isn't even a Game Boy.
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