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  1. That's the same one they've been sending to everyone's queries it seems. Helpful.
  2. Looking at my Play order, I've realised that the status of the console should have changed to "Awaiting Stock" if they had had any in at all, but not enough to meet our orders. What is going on?
  3. All my accesories and PGR3 have now changed to packing or processing over at Play too, but still no change on the console itself. Someone on Gamesradar gave them a ring earlier, and apparently if the console is not "processing" tomorow you won't be in the first batch. Assuming for now that I'm not, what the hell am I supposed to do with £115 worth of accessories and stuff on Friday? That's not including the games on order from Gameplay either.
  4. Unless you're looking for a high-score fest, you'll probably feel a little short changed with Yoshi Touch and Go. Unlike Kirby it's not really a platformer at all, and while it has an appreciable level of depth to it it just didn't hold my interest in the end.
  5. The Game group did buy up Gameplay, but Gameplay and Game.net remain two seperate entities. Head over to www.gameplay.com and you'll find it's still very much in existence.
  6. I know, but I would have expected everything now in stock to have been dispatched already if they were going to send them seperately. Of course they may just be waiting until tomorow to get them to us on the release date. Get a move on Play.
  7. I wouldn't jump to conclusions. Play usually ship stuff as soon as they get it in stock, but all the 360 stuff has simply changed to "Order Placed" rather than "Processing" or "Packing". It would be far cheaper and more sensible to ship everything through the courier with the console, and that seems to be what's going on. Needless to say I'll be refreshing that order page all day long tomorow.
  8. Seconded, although mine's the sadly stylus-less US version. The last boss is quite wonderful, as is the rest of the game.
  9. in the house. ← Ah, smashing. It's just about to turn into the worst game you've ever played.
  10. Sounds like scaremongering to me. I'm scared.
  11. He probably means the battery packs, or Play and Charge Kits if he's sensible.
  12. You can, but it's far more fun if you do.
  13. We have mandatory film screenings on Friday mornings on my degree course. Of couse they are in reality completely pointless and entirely optional. So, regardless of whether my 360 turns up or not I'm taking the day off.
  14. I did considder that this might be your problem, but I dismissed it thinking it was too obvious to miss.
  15. The wireless pad has just become listed as in stock. Just the console to go now.
  16. Everything but the console itself and an extra wireless controler has changed status to "Order Placed". Looks like something's happening... EDIT: At Play that is.
  17. People get pissed off yes, but people will be less pissed off if they're told just what's going on. If they can't get me one on launch then fair enough, I'd prefer to know either way.
  18. The point is that Play must know what their allocation is by now. They need to be shipping them out tomorow for fuck's sake! So why won't they just tell us whether we're getting consoles or not? I suppose it's possible that they won't get them in stock until the shipping date, to stop them sending them out early perhaps, but I would have thought they's have been told their allocation at least.
  19. Although there are a number of portals dotted about each zone, you can only access one special stage through all of them, so it's impossible to end up with all the emeralds after the first two or three zones like in Sonic 3. You can always go back to old levels if you miss them though. They look like red circle things with a star in the middle. Jumping up to one will make Sonic grab hold of it, after which holding down the rush button for a few seconds will send you into the special stage. EDIT: They're aces by the way.
  20. Reading that review, it appears virtually all of it is available in free downloads.
  21. The rush move is an absolute lifesaver, and really makes the game. As long as you keep it topped up it's always available when you need it, and obliterates just about every enemy so unfairly placed in your path. There's one section on the aircraft carrier levels, I think it's the beginning of act 2, that places you on some rails with lots of enemies and spikes in your way. Here you can actually just rush your way straight through everything, smashing through spikes and bad guys without prejudice while your momentum is enough to send you to the higher levels when needed. All the stuff you're smashing through will keep you rush bar nice and full, so you can just power on feeling like the coolest thing in the world. B)
  22. The "last" boss is rock hard though, but it's really just a case of learning its attacks, how to deal with them and keeping your wits about you. After I finally beat it with Sonic, it only took me two attempts to do the same with Blaze.
  23. That's not the last boss, but it is by far the hardest thing in the entire game. You have to complete both Sonic and Blaze's stories with all the emeralds to see the real last boss.
  24. Ah, now that makes sense. As far as I can remember the only games I own with the pink triangles are Castlevania: DoS and Ikaruga.
  25. Not including my rather hefty 360 order, I've spent a total of £448.70 at Play.com. If this thing is true, then hopefully that will be enough.
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