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  1. If it's all in his mind though, he would have been a real hypnotherapist talking to him in 2006. The "joke" thing would have been his mind rationalising it in the context of his fantasy. Or something. Anyway, I loved it.
  2. Not likely, but as others have said the Japaneseness really doesn't matter, and in fact adds an extra dollop of charm to the experience. The numbers on the circles you poke at are the same old arabic numerals you know and love, and that's the only writing in the game that's actually important to the gameplay.
  3. Apparently playing exactly the same part too, albeit with a diferent name/place/universe etc. The only thing I really didn't like about the SE was the extended exchange between Hicks and Ripley before she heads off to rescue Newt. I can't remember the exact words but it went something like this... Ripley: See you later Hicks. Hicks: Dwayne, my name's Dwayne. (LOLz0Rz) Ripley: Ellen. Hicks: See you later Ellen. It's not exactly like that, but it's allong those lines. It's stupendously cheesy, and I have absolutely no idea why they restored it.
  4. Assuming he means the movie. The feature length pilot, also called Serenity, is obviously the beginning. It was originally broadcast after the series "ended", as Fox wanted a pilot to show a presumably idiotic audience exactly what to expect on a regular basis. "The Train Job" took its place at the start, acting as an introduction to the characters despite being set after "Serenity". Anyway, rest assured the episodes on the DVD are all in chronological order. Serenity goes at the beginning.
  5. He did, back in one of the Colin Baker serials. For a brief time it became a hammond-organ.
  6. Meteos is good. Ouendan is one of the best games ever made.
  7. Well, the DS has played host to a whole bunch of great games that are anything but short lived gimmicks. The Revolution controler has the potential to do far more than could ever be achieved with a touchscreen, so I don't think there's any danger of a predominatntly shallow games line up. One of the strengths of the controler is that it can make "normal" games more intuitive to play as well, the obvious example being the FPS genre. I think we'll be seeing plenty of games occupying traditional genres to stand beside the new ones.
  8. The controls took a little while to adjust to with the shoulder buttons managing all the action, but before long it becomes second nature. I'm glad we've got the 360 pad to use with it though, as mashing those Controler S triggers could have got a little wearying over time.
  9. Somebody else suggested earlier (cheers), but it's well worth adjusting the controls to make them better, and by better I mean not shit. Switch off fast-aim and shove the sensitivity up to maximum, which doesn't make for the twitchy mess you'd expect at all. It's much smoother to play after this, and really helped with my enjoyment of the game. I've played up to and finished the Rooftops level so far, and it's just getting better and better for me. It has its problems yes, but for whatever reason they're not bothering me at all. Even when Jack got himself killed for the fifth time in Rooftops I didn't mind having to restart the level. The levels get better once you're familliar with them, which admittedly is partly down the unfriendly level design, but also because it allows you to play more smoothly and stylishly with the benefit of foresight.
  10. 100% agreed. I'm playing mine on a standard TV, with mono sound, through a composite cable. It looks lush. Should be even better tomorow when my RGB lead turns up. Damn you Play!
  11. Strike me off the list, I managed to buy a Core unit from Game. *Insert obligatory "Core units are better than Premiums" comment here*
  12. Well, Game had Cores left over but you do indeed have to go for a bundle. One of those bundles costs £620 odd quid. The smallest one does not. In fact, the smallest one demands you buy it with two games, one of which has to be Condemned or King Kong, with a saving of about £15. I went for that. I HAVE A FUCKING 360! PLAY CAN KISS MY SHINY METAL ASS! Anyway, I went for Condemned, along with PDZ:LE and Kameo which Gameplay failed to send to me. They's sold out of hard drives unfortunately, so I'm making do with a memory card for now. No Live for a couple of weeks yet anyway. Anyway, I'm happy now.
  13. Well I'm about to set off on my one man quest for a Core pack. Not wanting to spend £620 at Game I'm not getting my hopes up, but it's worth a shot.
  14. Where's this Play "We hate you and everything you stand for" email I've been waiting for then? If they can't send me a console they could at least get a move on and send the bloody email.
  15. I haven't heard anything yet, but it's only a matter of time.
  16. Right. Seeing as Play have shown themselves to be complete twerps, where would I have the best chance of picking up a Core system tomorow morning on the high street? I'd be willing to shell out for a small bundle, like the console with a game and a memory card or something, but not Game's £620 slices of lunacy.
  17. 1) mlewis (Cambridge) 2) Me / GinzaUK (Hull / Nottingham) 3) SPUNKY FUNKY MONKEY (london area, willing to travel so let me know even if u aint near london). Premium only. 4) SpongeManTim (Luton or anywhere within car distance) 5) Mogster (Exeter) Premium preferred. Lesson learnt - Play suck.
  18. So let me get this straight. Tomorow I'll be waking up to a large delivery of games and accessories, with no console to use them with. All because I ordered a little earlier than most. Tits. Should have gone to Specsavers Gameplay.
  19. I've been refreshing my order page all day. The suspense is killing me!
  20. That can't be right, surely? That makes no sense whatsoever.
  21. It's really quite easy to use. Simply drag your mouse pointer from the left side of the screen to the right, and you'll find that the rest comes naturally.
  22. I think The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances probably tops Dalek as my favourite after seeing it again. The "everybody lives" bit is probably one of the finest things I've ever seen.
  23. Thanks for that. At least we know now what to expect.
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