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  1. They certainly were. Unfortunately my postman appears to fallen down a hole somewhere. EDIT: It's here now. All is right with the world.
  2. Mogster


    As I recall, they're sticking with 3D due to the publisher (Atari?) insisting on it or something. That was a while ago though.
  3. Excellent again, and a really dark turn for the series too! Didn't stop the jokes coming though.
  4. Mogster

    Ridge Racer 6.

    Well, after arround 16 hours and just over 70% of the World Tour, this game is better than ever. The Special Route proved to be something of a sticking point, thanks largely to the ridiculously hard Angelus duel, but in a similar vein to Ouendan it's impossible to pull myself away from even the most frustrating challenges. Also like Ouendan, once those challenges are finally overcome it feels absolutely fantastic. It's my favourite 360 game by a country mile, and by that I'm not implying that the rest are all rubbish or anything. I really am enjoying it an extroardinary ammount, and it just keeps getting better and better. I don't want it to end.
  5. The new Test Drive seems to be taking something at least similar to this route, allowing you to drive arround the gameworld as you please, meeting other players at clubs and planning races and stuff. They apparently considdered implementing a proper fuel system too, but ditched it for the sake of not forcing a gazillion oh so exciting refueling stops.
  6. That's supposed to be based on technology genuinely in the works though, as is the rest of the HUD furniture. I'm not sure about the "behind a rock" thing though.
  7. Mogster

    Ridge Racer 6.

    Right, the Angel car is causing me no end of grief. The Devil car fell after a few attempts, and after an hour of fighting its handling against our angelic friend I discovered that the Phelios thingy is far more effective despite being slower. I still can't beat the bastard though. Any advice?
  8. Mogster

    Ridge Racer 6.

    Ah sorry, missunderstood you there. On a side note I re-bought Type 4 last week on a bit of a Ridge binge, and I've realised just how far the series has come since those days. It's so slow in comparisson, sports a pathetic framerate, has a hiddeous resolution and weirdly stiff drifts. You have to use the brake button too for smaller drifts, which threw me. Once I got used to it again it was still pretty great, but RR6 is in a different league. Even when it's pissing me off, I'm enjoying myself.
  9. There is, but for some reason it doesn't show your weapon in the HUD, instead making do with just the aiming reticle. The third person view looks excellent though, using a Resi 4 style over the shoulder view. You can even shift your character from side to side at will to get a better view. I've never played a GR game myself, but after watching the 1up show footage I don't see how I could refuse.
  10. Mogster

    Ridge Racer 6.

    If there was something wrong with the game itself then surely they'd all have the same problem? I've been playing for about fourteen and a half hours so far, and it hasn't crashed or failed to load anything. Why not just swap it for another copy, and if that gives you the same problems then get a refund?
  11. Mogster

    Ridge Racer 6.

    I discovered the best thing ever last night. That external hard drive topic made me realise that I had a way of playing custom soundtracks without the proper HDD. So once my hard drive was hooked up, I ended up playing RR6 to the sound of the Ouendan soundtrack, with headphones, at high volume. Gaming nirvana.
  12. Apparently not. For whatever reason it seems it can only play videos stored on a 360 hard drive, or through the media center thing of course.
  13. "You cant use any USB hard drive with a Xbox 360, the drive has to be formatted a specific way to work" Because you clearly can't format just any external hard drive however you like. I've just tried hooking up my external HDD, and it works just fine with the 360. It's formatted with the FAT32 file system. OMG the secret's out!
  14. The response was better. "Up yours!" *shoots at armed bastards* I think this show is making its way onto my "best things ever" list.
  15. Mogster

    Ridge Racer 6.

    There are a few different race types in the game, each of which have different hexagon designs to indicate what they are. I think it tells you under the name of the track if you highlight them too, or somewhere arround there at least. Plain blue - Normal race Turquoisy ones with two lines at the bottom - Reverse Charge (You begin with two full tanks, and can only build up more while drifting). Thick lines at the top and bottom - No Nitrous Race (You start with less than one full tank, and can't build up any more at all). There are one-on-one and four car races too. As for the internal/external "true experience" issue, the original Ridge Racer only had an internal view in the arcades. The external one was added for the PS1 port, and it was rubbish. Ergo, vis-a-vis, concordantly... external sucks.
  16. Mogster

    Ridge Racer 6.

    That's your problem then - it really does look a lot faster from the internal view. Being a Ridge game too, you never have to worry all that much about where you're heading during a drift. The game actually lends you a hand, ensuring you take a good line through the drift unless you do something stupid.
  17. Mogster

    Ridge Racer 6.

    Out of interest, are you playing from the bumper cam or external cameras? I flicked on the (rubbish) external view for a bit on the weekend, and it really did feel turgidly slow. From the bumper cam though, which the Ridge games have always been designed to work with, it looks nice and nippy.
  18. Mogster

    Ridge Racer 6.

    I was actually rather pleased to find RR6 fixed in a widescreen letterbox, as I can't seem to figure out a way of playing my other 360 games in widescreen on my 4:3 display. Is there?
  19. It was being touted as such, although having just re-read the first post it seems the people behind the show have been trying to avoid the label. Whatever, it's still rubbish.
  20. What a hillariously bad concept. What a hillariously bad script. What a waste of a good actor. This is ITV's response to Doctor Who?
  21. Well, I just made my very first Stars purchase. One free copy of Mario Tennis: Power Tour heading my way. B) Stars Remaining: 40
  22. Mogster


    The doom ray thank you very much.
  23. Maybe he really was sent back in time somehow when he got hit, complete with a concussion. His addled mind has a bit of a problem making sense of his new environment, and his subconscious creates the "coma" fantasy as a means to rationalise everything. Or not.
  24. Cheers. As for the lack of updates, we've all been on something of a hiatus over Christmas I think. Plenty more on the way now though.
  25. Err, except for the back-to-back repeat showings from 7:10pm this very Saturday of course. I didn't think much of the first two episodes incidentally. I just didn't care about any of the characters, and the plot feels a little tired. I might tune into the third episode if I'm in the mood this Sunday, but I won't be losing any sleep if I miss it.
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