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  1. There is indeed a progressive scan option, and good luck with the missus.
  2. So presumably you would have preferred an all new, more "arcadey" Half Life game to be released on the Xbox in place of the real Half Life 2? There's really no good reason why Modern Combat is getting a 360 port when it could easily handle the real thing.
  3. In Morrowind most of the characters in each area had identical (text) conversation trees, along with a few canned soundbytes. So no then.
  4. All three are diferent games. The Xbox and PC versions are focussed more on action and tactics respectively, while the 360 game occupies some kind of middle ground.
  5. Result! It turns out it was some kind of Safedisc copy protection issue, despite the complete lack of any kind of illegal copying software or even Daemon Tools on my system. Another brilliant example of copy protection harming legitimate consumers then. Anyway, if anyone else encounters a similar problem I had to unplug my DVD RW drive as well as running a safedisk hider thingie to work arround the issue. PC gaming rules.
  6. It's a fault, because in my case the disk was already in. Also I find it interesting that it used the term "CD" for a DVD re-release. It's a documented bug anyway like I said.
  7. Speak for yourself. Tiberian Sun doesn't load at all for me, insisting that I need to insert the correct CD. EDIT: Generals has the same problem it seems. That makes two unplayable games for me so far. Super. It's one of a number of documented bugs with the compilation at the moment, but luckily EA are apparently already at work on some patches. In the meantime I've been enjoying playing the original C&C for the first time in ooh... ten years.
  8. Mogster


    Actually that's not entirely true. If you can manage to get Yorda to one of her doors before taking out all the enemies in the area, her magic will kill them all at the same time while opening the door. I only managed to do this a couple of times, but it is possible. Also the game is magical. On my second run through I played through the entire game in a single sitting, which passed in a flash. Definitely one of my games of the generation.
  9. ← Actually... I've just finished the game myself, to be greeted with a very unexpected ending. I had a very different idea about where the plot was headed, so needless to say I was a little shocked. The last colossus was incredible too.
  10. Yeah I spent ages trying to reach that bastard's back. I managed to grab onto one hand hold pretty quickly, but fell off. That opportunity never came again, and I eventually had to take a much trickier route. That was one colossus I didn't feel at all bad about felling.
  11. I've lterally just beaten it myself, and I think it could well have been my greatest ever gaming moment. Wonderful game.
  12. I spent literally about half an hour trying to clamber onto him. I was able to get a hold of his tassle things quickly enough, but the bastard shook me off. Git. Even that was fun mind, but number five blew it away. It's all rather immense, and like Cyhwuhx said the game has a knack of making you feel bad about doing well. The colossi are magnificent, and I can't help but feel sorry when I send them crashing to the ground.
  13. Gameplay seem to be dispatching their orders today too for some reason. Mine's being picked as we speak.
  14. Gamespot interviewed a couple of the developers back at E3, and they said exactly the same thing.
  15. Mogster

    Ridge Racer 6.

    Double post thingie.
  16. Mogster

    Ridge Racer 6.

    Just stick it onto a USB pen drive or something, plug that into your 360 and stream away. You may want to take out the menu music and stuff though.
  17. "Don't go in there. There are terrible demons! Owch."
  18. Then there's Exit. Also while Every Extend Extra obviously isn't a new idea, it's still going to rock.
  19. Gameplay should be dispatching mine tomorow. I only noticed this morning that it was out this week, which made for a nice surprise. Should pass the time nicely until Shadow of the Colossus. Along with Katamari and Ridge 6.
  20. Nope. It's the same situation as that of the original Xbox. Most games are region locked, but you get the odd region free game released from time to time. RR6 and DOA4's US releases were region free. I think it's down to the publisher.
  21. The best bit is that if you'd preordered from them before Tuesday, you would have had the game sitting on your doormat on Wednesday morning.
  22. Complete with interviews with the game's developers. In Japanese, with no subtitles that I could find. The game's good though, although after a while I was able to walk through pretty much every fight by repeating the same pattern of moves over and over again. Even for boss battles. It was still fun though, and the real time combat made it more interesting than mashing the X button in a Final Fantasy I guess. I've never been able to complete the game though unfortunately. I ran into a horrendous bug on disk two, blacking (or whiting) out an entire area except for a couple of small cutscenes I managed to set off. I was never able to get out of that, and ended up trading it in. I still got arround fourty hours out of it though, which wasn't bad for the £12.99 or whatever I paid for it.
  23. It's completely region free, to the point where it's actually impossible to region lock a game. It's the same with the GBA. Anyway, if you've bought a DS then you owe it to yourself to get this game. It was last year's GOTY for me, and quite possibly my favourite game of all time. It's just immensely enjoyable, and as addictive as a very addictive thing. The soundtrack rocks too. Buy it.
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