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  1. 8's showing up for me. Not that I want to watch it. I only got around to watching 7 yesterday. Another Voyage Home reference (we get it, thanks), and some fleeting nice scenes between Rios and the doctor. The rest was a whole load of waffle. The Borg plotline is completely daft. EDIT: On that subject, the "make it up as they go along" Borg stuff is a perfect example of how little respect these shows have to Star Trek's history and canon. That may sound like a nerdy complaint, but it's a nerdy show and stuff like this builds up vital internal consistency. This all started with the addition of the Borg Queen back in First Contact of course, but now we have Seven matter of factly stating that Borg Queens can see through time, Borg Queens straight up possessing people, and finally hunting for endorphin rushes to allow them to assimilate others somehow. It's nonsense!
  2. Yeah, this was announced back at the Sonic anniversary thing as being exactly this. It's the same engine used for the most recent version of Sonic CD as well, as well as Mania of course. I'm looking forward to playing a snazzy version of 3 and Knuckles.
  3. Actually I guess I can add FFXIV here too, as I finally uninstalled it yesterday. I've been meaning to go back to it someday for far too long, but with the cost of living increases and all I don't think I can justify a monthly sub. I've never liked the idea of being forced to play a game to make the most of a sub anyway.
  4. I've come close to cancelling a few times, but there always seems to be something there either I or my wife want to watch. I might set my sub not to auto-renew and see what happens.
  5. It's not even the worst episode of TNG, not when there's the actually racist Space Africans episode to contend with. I genuinely love Sub Rosa.
  6. Sub Rosa is shit, but it's hugely entertaining shit. You can also watch it safe in the knowledge that it's just a one off.
  7. I forgot this was on today, which probably says it all. Sounds like I didn't miss much, but I guess I'll watch it tomorrow out of duty.
  8. I signed up to the Patreon earlier this week. I'd have done so even without the extra stuff, but you can't have too much of a good thing.
  9. Never say never I suppose. Maybe Disney are waiting to see how successful this season is before committing to anything. It would be a real shame if it wasn't renewed at some point. Are they still looking into their Firefly reboot? Maybe they feel like one space opera is enough.
  10. Funnily enough, I was thinking while watching the last episode that Stewart wasn't really acting like Picard any more. He wasn't even doing a convincing movie Picard. It makes sense that 97 year old Picard would have developed from the Picard of TNG, but aside from a couple of moments there's barely anything of that character left.
  11. Strange New Worlds does have a couple of things going for it. Mount's Pike was a cool character, and one of the few good things about Discovery's second season. I think it's going for a more traditional story of the week format too, although I may have made this up. None of this means it will be any good of course.
  12. 2024, but in the Star Trek universe rather than ours which was more advanced by this point. It felt out of place even in that context though.
  13. The DS9 reference was a production mistake. It's officially still 1992-1996: https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Eugenics_Wars Also, WW3 starts in 2026 and ends in 2053, unless this has been retconned somewhere. Memory Alpha still uses these dates anyway.
  14. This is the Star Trek universe though, where Khan blasted off into space in 1996 or whatever following the Eugenics Wars, and all that. This is only 39 years before the first warp flight, which itself was following a nuclear world war that set humanity back a bit. It basically stops being "our" universe from 1966.
  15. Looks like today was a too many options day. But hey, that means I can stop! Wordle 288 X/6 Final stats:
  16. Methodical one today. Three more before 100. Wordle 287 5/6
  17. Wordle 286 5/6 I'm thinking of just bowing out after 100 games at this point. Four to go.
  18. I think I've decided at this point that full on GAAS games just aren't for me. I like Destiny 2, but I don't like feeling like I need to play at the pace of releases or indeed other players. I like feeling like I've finished a game, which leaves me free to go and play something else. On the other hand, I quite like games like Forza Horizon 5 where I can dip in and out, experience something new but not feel like I'm being forced to.
  19. I don't think there's any potentially about it, or they'd be shouting it from the rooftops instead of talking about God of War and Returnal. I wouldn't be surprised to see some smaller releases launching on the service mind.
  20. I hope it is, but I interpreted it as just throwing in a bunch of PS1/2/3/PSP games along with streaming. I assumed the "340 additional games" just covered those, but I could be wrong. The PS5/4 games seem to be covered by the mid tier option, and the games mentioned are all getting on a bit now. My main issue with this, based purely on the press release, is that it sounds like this is something Sony expect you to buy in addition to shelling out for big new releases. Part of the reason Game Pass is so appealing is that it mostly removes the need to buy games at all.
  21. It's been a while, but I think PTD is indeed locked to 30fps unless you use the DSFix mod. The Remastered version should run at 60 though.
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