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  1. The controls feel weird to start with, but make a lot more sense when you start getting more abilities. The fights get quite spectacular. I did drift away from this after a few hours though. It's good, but I found it got a little repetitive over time. I'll probably go back to it though.
  2. Nah, I think most people like Enterprise these days. Especially after the first two seasons. If anything I think its reputation has improved over time, and it's definitely leagues above Discovery and Picard. Strange New Worlds has had a much stronger start than Enterprise had though.
  3. It's definitely worth following the chronological order. I wouldn't usually bother with watching shows in weird orders, but The Clone Wars doesn't really make sense if you don't. It's not ruinous to watch it in release order, just a bit confusing when you run into an episode that sets something up, only to be followed by something completely different with no explanation because the setup was for an episode two seasons earlier. It also jumps around the timeline quite a bit with no real indication that it's doing so, which can be a bit jarring.
  4. Oh god. I'd forgotten about that. My wife and I both burst out laughing at that particular reveal.
  5. It's so good! I'm actually rather liking the differences from the comic too, as it makes it all that much more fresh. It could do with a bit more embiggening though.
  6. I enjoyed that, but it really was complete fluff as a series. A few of us have been watching it at work, and yet there's really not been anything to talk about each week. It was fun though!
  7. You might not mind if you've just got it on in the background, but the episode order for The Clone Wars is really, really weird. There are episodes in season 3 for instance that are set before episodes in season 1, and which directly set up events in those episodes. It's so messed up that there is an official chronological order on StarWars.com: https://www.starwars.com/news/star-wars-the-clone-wars-chronological-episodeorder Someone advised me to watch season 7 in order though, which I agree works better and doesn't really affect anything either way.
  8. It's set soon after Discovery season 2, and about ten years before TOS. It's technically a spin-off of Discovery, and there are a handful of references to that show but nothing too important. Pike and Spock were major characters in Discovery season 2, and stuff that happened to them there does have an impact on SNW, but I think it's explained well enough in SNW that you don't need to have watched Discovery season 2. I would strongly recommend that you do not watch Discovery season2.
  9. I'm with you on Discovery and Picard, but Strange New Worlds is really, really good! It addresses basically every issue you could have with the other new live action shows, including going back to the old episodic format, a strong ensemble cast you actually care about, and just excellent Star Trek storylines. Lower Decks is well worth watching too, defying all expectations. I enjoyed Prodigy too, although that's obviously aimed at a younger audience if that bothers you. I do think Discovery improved with season 4, but it still wasn't that good and still had all the usual issues with pacing its overly drawn out story.
  10. I've been playing this recently as well, having started again after the big patch. I'm enjoying it a lot more than I did first time around, not least because the upgrade trees are so much improved. I found it really hard to decide on meaningful upgrades before, but this time I've managed to make V quite the hacker. I just finished playing through a great encounter. I started by breaching the network and switching the turrets to my side, before picking off some drones and snipers with some long distance quickhacking. I then sneaked up the building and took out another guy, but was spotted and ended up in a close range gunfight with the remaining enemies, sliding around the floor and popping off quickhacks as I went. It was great fun, and it's really cool to see the build coming together.
  11. I watched a YouTube video about the Fuel Rats yesterday, which made me want to jump back into ED again. I was doing a bit of research into Odyssey, saw the view was still very mixed but saw it was only about £8 on CDKeys so figured it was worth a try. Erm. I've only played through the training so far, but the opening on-foot sections were terrible. Hopefully the real missions won't be quite as simple as the tutorial Simon Says stuff, but even then the FPS combat was atrocious. On top of all that, despite not looking particularly great it all ran considerably worse than Cyberpunk 2077 does on my PC, even using FSR. The space stuff was still really cool though. I also liked how easy it is now to set different controllers for various things.
  12. That's not fair. He posts about loads of good Trek. He just doesn't want to know this good Trek.
  13. If anything, I think it's good that Disney are finally diversifying their Marvel output a little. The Infinity Saga was great and all, but when I regularly read comics I never felt like I should be reading absolutely everything, or that everything was aimed at me. I did read Ms. Marvel though, because like the show the comics were an absolute breath of fresh air.
  14. 09/06/2022 - Elden Ring I was a little unsure about this before it came out. As much as I adored the Dark Souls games, this looked very Dark Souls and I would have loved to have seen something brand new along the lines of Bloodborne or Sekiro. The shift to an open world was also a cause for concern, as more often than not they seem to be used to drag things out with repetitive filler content. Worse still, I feared it would ruin the joy of the usual intricate, looping Souls world design. I shouldn't have worried. From's take on an open world was absolutely glorious, and easily one of the very best I've experienced. Aside from being beautiful and varied to look at, it was seemingly endlessly rewarding to explore. Even after the 80 hours or so I spent playing, there were still parts of the map I hadn't uncovered, and entire areas I was seeing for the very first time. On top of that, while the world was certainly more decompressed than the other From games, the major locations were still as cohesive, unique and well designed as ever. I did feel that the combat suffered a little bit after Sekiro, but I don't think there was any way to avoid this without removing the range of options it allowed for. It was certainly more refined than the older Souls games, streamlined where it needed it and expanded with new actions and abilities. The AI ash summons were an excellent addition, and one I probably wouldn't have finished the game without. All that said, beating a tough boss was never quite as satisfying as it could be in Sekiro's incredible sword fights. The highest praise I could offer is that even after all those tens of hours, I was incredibly tempted to jump back in with a brand new character. There are so many builds I want to try, but there are so many other games I want to play that won't get a look in if I do. I'll be back though, sometime.
  15. I'm enjoying this more than any of the Marvel shows so far. It feels a lot more confident, has way more of an identity of its own and is just really good fun. I watched the little 5 minute behind the scenes thing as well yesterday, and it gave the impression that Iman Vellani basically is Kamala Khan, to the point where she used to cosplay as Ms. Marvel and now, well, is. It sounds like this was something of a dream role for her, and it shows.
  16. I doubt it will be soon, but I'd definitely expect a "Switch 2" of some kind rather than a return to a dedicated home console. Assuming they do go for another hybrid, then we're not going to get specs to trouble the PS5 or Series X. Earlier "Switch Pro" speculation suggested they could make use of Nvidia's DLSS upscaling to support higher resolutions, which sounds sensible to me. I don't think Nintendo are particularly interested in direct competition with Sony and Microsoft. The Switch has been a huge success after all.
  17. There was more than a hint of Alien in there too, including the incidental music and even some of the shots.
  18. That's come up a lot in the office over the last few days, with people watching it for the first time. One guy saw it and hated it (before loving Mavrick), while another introduced it to his family who also all hated it. I don't like it either. There must be a fair few Disney films that are universally liked. I'd vote for Moana or The Lion King.
  19. The initial FPS mission looked pretty awful in every way. Visually it still looked a lot like their older games, with a surprisingly bad framerate for some reason. The combat looked very workmanlike, and the AI seemed to amount to enemies running directly at you. Then they showed off all the planets, base building, exploration and space combat, and it looked very much more than the sum of its parts. I can forgive dodgy combat if it's in aid of something as ambitious as something like this
  20. I was actually feeling a bit emotional by the end of the episode.
  21. It's not literally the same team doing every show is it? Paramount have three live action shows and two animated ones in rotation, not to mention more spin-offs supposedly on the way. The same people can't possibly be churning out all of them. For what it's worth, the animated shows are also both good at what they do. I grew up with Star Trek. I've seen all of the other shows and movies, and watched most of them as they aired from some point through TNG. As a kid I used to read Star Trek novels, owned two technical manuals and even collected the official Fact Files for way too long. I think I still own a medical tricorder toy, the TNG video board game and that rather neat Bluetooth TOS communicator. It's fair to say I know what Star Trek should be like. I suffered through all of Picard and Discovery, and until now hailed The Orville as the closest thing we had to a proper new live action Star Trek show. Strange New Worlds is an actual, proper new Star Trek show, and it's very good. There's no "apparently" about it. Convictions are all well and good, but in this case you're just cheating yourself out of a good Star Trek show because it followed a couple of bad ones.
  22. Okay, I think this has won me over now. It's certainly not the slam dunk they were probably hoping for though.
  23. The space combat looked a lot better than the ground combat. Also, space combat!
  24. I hope Starfield is good, but they really shouldn't have opened with with that awful FPS bit. It all looks a little last gen too. Actually it all looks a little Fallout 4.
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