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  1. I don't think I've seen him in anything before, but I'm sure he'll be great. I am a bit disappointed they didn't go for another woman though, if only because certain people will be celebrating for the wrong reasons. But hey, we've finally got a black actor in the lead role!
  2. Well this was predictably daft. Can't wait for season three, guys!
  3. I'll spoiler the specifics just in case, but yes there were some references to Discovery and TOS, and even The Animated Series. TOS stuff: Discovery stuff: The security officer is La'an Noonian Singh, who is presumably a relation of Khan but is otherwise a new character.
  4. I enjoyed that, although I do have a couple of issues. Otherwise that was way closer to proper Trek than just about anything from the new live action shows. It even had a conference room scene.
  5. I summoned help for the first time today, and was also summoned as help for the first time. I helped someone beat the Volcano Manor boss and then someone else helped me do the same. I'm "only" 60 odd hours in, which is nothing compared to some here but it's quite something for me these days. It's still nowhere near getting old.
  6. The thread title is inaccurate. Season 4 of Discovery was much better than this, which isn't saying much I know.
  7. Yeah, they've got that much right at least. I really hope the show lives up to it.
  8. Hynes would be amazing, and has worked with RTD recently in Years and Years so it's not totally out of the realm of possibility. She's also got prior Who experience of course, and there's avery good reason for the Doctor to choose that character's face.
  9. That passage is hilarious. He's basically saying "This is just my opinion and I'm probably talking rubbish, but I think Arcade Fire make shit music for arseholes". What a load of twaddle! Anyway, I guess I misjudged the perception of the band here. I absolutely loved their first three albums. I think I first noticed them after hearing Intervention, devoured their first two albums and the EP before seeing them live for an amazing gig in Cardiff. The Suburbs didn't disappoint either, and I saw them a second time for their tour for that. If the new album can capture any of what made those albums so good then I can't wait. But whatever. I'm long past caring what people think about my taste in music. *Puts The Lightning on again*
  10. Arcade Fire have a new album out next month, and have had a single out for a little while now: I'm surprised to say I rather like it! It's a big U-turn away from the direction they were taking with Everything Now and Reflektor, and I hope it's indicative of the rest of the album.
  11. Just noticed those. I'm not surprised to see a Fugitive Doctor series, although I am surprised to see it quite so soon. I guess this era will soon fall into the "old stuff" category.
  12. It does for a while. If you click on the cancel option it says they'll keep your watch history, likes and stuff for 12 months or something, then ditch it.
  13. That's my understanding, yes. Although as others have said I'm not sure how they can define what's legitimate and what's not. I can only assume they'll monitor accounts used consistently from multiple locations. You'd hope they'd view occasional use, while travelling for instance, wouldn't flag anything up. After all they provide mobile apps. As for this: It depends how lenient they are. Maybe if they the same devices used at home they might allow this. You wouldn't be allowed to share a TV license in this scenario for instance. It's funny how new tech companies gradually become more and more dickish as they mature. I remember when Netflix used to permit VPN usage to access different regional libraries, until they found it was stopping them launching in a while bunch of new countries.
  14. There was some good stuff this week, but the nonsense was still present and correct.
  15. I'm watching this week's episode, and the recap reminded me of the daftest thing from the last episode full of daft things. GUINAN CAN SUMMON A Q BY DRINKING SOMETHING BOTTLED THE LAST TIME SHE MET ONE. OR SOMETHING. WHAT? WHAT? I mean, come on.
  16. Finally watched this and... bleh. It wasn't offensively awful, and I actually quite enjoyed the first twenty minutes or so, but then it just dissolved into a mess of noise. I can't wait for this era to end. The trailer for the finalé reminded me that there has been some good stuff in Whittaker's run, but they've been few and far between. Actually, the trailer also reminded me that Chibnall started out by making a point of never falling back on classic monsters in an attempt to put his own stamp on the show. Now we've got a finalé promising Daleks, Cybermen, The Master and All this following specials focussing on Sea Devils and, well the Daleks again. It's like he can't be arsed any more.
  17. Of course its made stuff up new stuff before, it's fiction, but usually it's where there was a gap to be filled or an interesting sci-fi idea to explore. New ideas were introduced in a way that usually meshed nicely with the existing canon. Your point about about the Borg assimilating the El Aurian sensitivity to time was actually really good, but I can guarantee the writers didn't think of that. When Guinan sensed stuff in TNG it was always shown as a vague thing, an ability to sense that something was wrong, but she couldn't have told you that "drat, a change was made on Tuesday, October 5th 2024 and you need to go and chat with Jim Bob at this precise location to sort it out". That's lazy.
  18. 8's showing up for me. Not that I want to watch it. I only got around to watching 7 yesterday. Another Voyage Home reference (we get it, thanks), and some fleeting nice scenes between Rios and the doctor. The rest was a whole load of waffle. The Borg plotline is completely daft. EDIT: On that subject, the "make it up as they go along" Borg stuff is a perfect example of how little respect these shows have to Star Trek's history and canon. That may sound like a nerdy complaint, but it's a nerdy show and stuff like this builds up vital internal consistency. This all started with the addition of the Borg Queen back in First Contact of course, but now we have Seven matter of factly stating that Borg Queens can see through time, Borg Queens straight up possessing people, and finally hunting for endorphin rushes to allow them to assimilate others somehow. It's nonsense!
  19. Yeah, this was announced back at the Sonic anniversary thing as being exactly this. It's the same engine used for the most recent version of Sonic CD as well, as well as Mania of course. I'm looking forward to playing a snazzy version of 3 and Knuckles.
  20. Actually I guess I can add FFXIV here too, as I finally uninstalled it yesterday. I've been meaning to go back to it someday for far too long, but with the cost of living increases and all I don't think I can justify a monthly sub. I've never liked the idea of being forced to play a game to make the most of a sub anyway.
  21. I've come close to cancelling a few times, but there always seems to be something there either I or my wife want to watch. I might set my sub not to auto-renew and see what happens.
  22. It's not even the worst episode of TNG, not when there's the actually racist Space Africans episode to contend with. I genuinely love Sub Rosa.
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