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  1. If AvP2 is too dark to watch, then take it as a blessing and stop. Dear god, make it stop!
  2. As Isaac says, I'm talking about Winky, and Hermione's SPEW (lolz) organisation she set up to try and stop the use of house elf slaves at Hogwarts. Like I said, Dobby is addressed as part of those subplot. Hagrid argues that freeing house elves would be an "unkindness" as they're naturally meant to be slaves and actually like it. Seriously. Hermione brings up Dobby as a counterpoint, seeing as he wanted to be free, which Hagrid handwaves away by stating "every group has its weirdos" or something like that. And yes, Winky was shown to be miserable after she was freed, because house elves really are born to be slaves and that's not a problematic idea at all.
  3. Hermione's attempts to free the slaves was meant as a humourous subplot in the books, and something made fun of by Harry and the other "heroes". Indeed, the slave she did manage to free went on to be miserable as a result. Dobby's joy at being free was explained away by Hagrid as just Dobby being "weird", and that most house elves wanted to be slaves so it was fine. It's all looked into rather well in that YouTube video a few posts back, incidentally.
  4. I thought the episode was okay again, but was still completely daft when it came to canon stuff.
  5. All of this is very well articulated in Shaun's recent video essay, among other things. It's long, but a fantastic listen: It doesn't really address Rowling's trans views, as it mostly focusses on what's in the books/movies/play. It does however discuss Rowling's neoliberal world view and how it likely influences her writing.
  6. Another day, another 3. Now I really need to go to bed. Wordle 273 3/6
  7. Nope, although there's a remake on the way that could well re-canonise some aspects of it. The only pre-Disney stuff that survived their mass decanonisation were the movies and The Clone Wars cartoon. Everything else was shunted under the "Legends" banner.
  8. I won't, thanks, but it's not spurious at all. It's entirely possible to accept that Harry Potter, and JK Rowling's wealth will no doubt continue to thrive, while also not wanting to be a part of any of it. Like you've just said, my decision not to buy the game is unlikely to impact the success of the game. Even if it did fail as a result of people not buying it due to the link to Rowling, then that's entirely the fault of the people running the business. Unless you're now claiming that any game that's flopped is because people didn't take pity on the devs, rather than the quality of the game, the marketing or whatever. I'm sure you have, and that obviously sucks. Once again though, you've stated that my decision not to buy the game won't affect its success. Also once again, even if it did then this failure would rest with those in charge, not my decision not to buy the game.
  9. Won't someone think of the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment? As ever, this isn't some indie gig. Sales of the game are not directly funding the devs' wages. Even if it was, since when was buying a game seen as an act of charity? (Err, except for the obvious cases where games have been sold for charity). And on the first point, I can only speak for myself but I don't see my decision not to buy the game as a way to somehow impact on the life of JK Rowling. It's purely that I don't want to give her any of my money, regardless of what impact it would have.
  10. For a second there I thought I'd finally managed a 2. Wordle 272 3/6
  11. The season finalé was... okay. There was however some crying, incredibly. I definitely think this was the best season so far, although it's still a long way off challenging any of the classic shows. I think I like the direction things are going though, and I'm almost looking forward to the next season. Almost.
  12. It's still got a lot of issues, but aside from a couple of episodes I've quite enjoyed this season on the whole. There's yet another threat to the entire galaxy to deal with of course, but it's managed to lead to some interesting ideas and a decent amount of exploration and sci-fi stuff. It still has some completely daft stuff mixed in, and drags out its plot way more than it should, but it's been okay. I haven't watched the last episode yet though.
  13. I'm not sure I agree. Canon can certainly restrict certain things, but it also adds a huge amount of context and history which can just as easily elevate new stories. TNG followed three seasons of TOS, along with an animated series and a bunch of movies. Despite this, most weeks saw it focussing on completely new planets, situations and alien races. Canon was only really an issue when it was deliberately invoked. If CBS wanted to go back to basics with a new TNG style show, there's basically nothing stopping them. They could always come up with a way to explore a new galaxy, or indeed a new time period and use it for an episodic story of the week show. Even if they didn't, the galaxy is a big place and there's no reason they couldn't introduce a bunch of new worlds and stories. If anything, a bigger problem is simply that we've had so many stories told in this universe that it must be hard to think of new ideas. The Orville, excellent as it is, often riffs on old TNG episode ideas. A new Star Trek show could do the same of course, but would probably not be quite so well received. A reboot wouldn't help with this either.
  14. I actually thought the design of the Enterprise bridge in Discovery was a fantastic update to the TOS version. It certainly looked a lot better than Discovery's.
  15. I vaguely recall it being declared "non-canon" a while ago, along with the Netflix shows and almost certainly Inhumans. AoS' version of the Inhumans were basically mutants anyway, so I imagine Disney want to brush them under the rug now that they have the actual X-Men.
  16. After Discovery ruined Spock I guess they needed to pick a new target.
  17. Yep, that looks perfect.
  18. Spent ages trying to figure this out, on and off. Looked at it just now and solved it in seconds. Wordle 269 4/6
  19. I thought it was fine, but not particularly memorable. I have a feeling I may just have been in the wrong mood for it though. I thought it had a good message though, especially for younger viewers.
  20. I don't think I've seen a bad word said about The Orville, at least not since the very early days. That includes the Star Trek subreddit and even Twitter. It's basically a really good TNG tribute act, so I don't really see how you could be a Star Trek fan and not like it.
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