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  1. Methodical one today. Three more before 100. Wordle 287 5/6
  2. Wordle 286 5/6 I'm thinking of just bowing out after 100 games at this point. Four to go.
  3. I think I've decided at this point that full on GAAS games just aren't for me. I like Destiny 2, but I don't like feeling like I need to play at the pace of releases or indeed other players. I like feeling like I've finished a game, which leaves me free to go and play something else. On the other hand, I quite like games like Forza Horizon 5 where I can dip in and out, experience something new but not feel like I'm being forced to.
  4. I don't think there's any potentially about it, or they'd be shouting it from the rooftops instead of talking about God of War and Returnal. I wouldn't be surprised to see some smaller releases launching on the service mind.
  5. I hope it is, but I interpreted it as just throwing in a bunch of PS1/2/3/PSP games along with streaming. I assumed the "340 additional games" just covered those, but I could be wrong. The PS5/4 games seem to be covered by the mid tier option, and the games mentioned are all getting on a bit now. My main issue with this, based purely on the press release, is that it sounds like this is something Sony expect you to buy in addition to shelling out for big new releases. Part of the reason Game Pass is so appealing is that it mostly removes the need to buy games at all.
  6. It's been a while, but I think PTD is indeed locked to 30fps unless you use the DSFix mod. The Remastered version should run at 60 though.
  7. Well that could have gone either way. Wordle 283 6/6
  8. I think it was implied that the Borg had been eradicated, with the Queen the last to go as part of the Eradication Day ceremony. That doesn't explain how the Confederation managed that of course, although I suppose they could just have developed their military technology so much that they were able to overpower them. I guess it's not really important, as it's not like this timeline is going to have any kind of lasting impact on the canon, I don't think Queens have independent thought as such, unless they're separated from the collective. They're supposed to be a sort of central command hub for the collective consciousness, giving direction to the drones but not really being "above" them. There's not really a good reason why the Borg would need such a role, but First Contact happened so we're stuck with it.
  9. A nice easy one after yesterday. Why am I awake though? Wordle 282 3/6
  10. I might not be up for this today I'm afraid. I picked up some kind of food poisoning yesterday, which was pleasant, and while I feel much better now I'm still not 100% and really tired. I'll let you know if things pick up, but it's probably best to assume I can't make it at the mo.
  11. Didn't think I'd get this for a bit. Wordle 281 4/6
  12. I thought this was entertaining enough, again, but it's still so very drawn out. There was no meaningful character development other than to repeat stuff from last week, and the only real plot development was that That's literally it!
  13. This is quite the shift in, well, everything coming from Elden Ring. I'm only a few levels in but it's exactly what I hoped it would be so far. A breezy platformer with some cool ideas, secrets that are fun to find and excellent music.
  14. I completely lost interest in this a couple of weeks ago, after the episode where Layton confronts his attacker in the tail. It just felt like it had completely run out of steam and was bringing up pointless subplots to pass the time. I might try and get back into it if it seems like it's going somewhere.
  15. I can't say I'm familiar with "house slave" as a thing either, but for what it's worth I doubt that's what Rowling was referencing with house elves. They're elves for your house. I also don't believe that house elves imply JK Rowling is actually in favour of slavery either. House elves were introduced with Dobby, who was enslaved against his will and was delighted at his eventual freedom. However as the Shaun video points out, this left Rowling in a situation where she'd introduced the widespread slavery of an entire race into her universe and had to deal with it somehow. Rather than turn it into an issue for the heroes to solve, she decided to wave it away by deciding that most house elves were actually really into the whole slavery thing, pushing it all aside and allowing her to focus on the story she wanted to tell. Of course, she managed to have a pop at political activism along the way, portraying Hermione's attempts to end slavery (what is she like, eh?) as an annoyance and even an "unkindness". So it doesn't indicate that Rowling is pro-slavery, but it is one of a few examples that indicate that she's very much against anything that challenges the status quo.
  16. If AvP2 is too dark to watch, then take it as a blessing and stop. Dear god, make it stop!
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