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  1. For a second there I thought "Microsoft's longest running franchise" was going to be a new Solitaire or something.
  2. I mean, the stream quality makes it look awful, but I get the idea.
  3. If that coincides with Steam versions I can play on the Deck, then I'll be very happy indeed. I'll settle for Game Pass releases though.
  4. I often forget, but the PC was pretty much my main gaming platform between the Mega Drive and the PS1. That said, a lot of that time came just before a lot of the games on these lists. I played a lot of Command & Conquer and Age of Empires, but didn't own the sequels until I played Red Alert on the PS1. I loved Conflict: Freespace, but didn't play the sequel until that GOG freebie a few years ago. My time with point and clicks was largely on the Sierra side, but I never played the Gabriel Knight games. I loved this episode though. The TIE Fighter moment was rather special.
  5. Pirate it then. It's not like it's easy to watch any other way at the moment. Picard is bloody awful, sure, but I'd lay no small part of that on Stewart himself. Meanwhile Lower Decks has been excellent, Prodigy is a decent show for younger viewers, and I'd even say Discovery is at least improving. Strange New Worlds addresses every single criticism you could lay at the other live action shows. It goes back to self contained episodes instead of stretching out a thin fate of the galaxy plot and has an excellent ensemble cast. If Discovery was Paramount trying to chase modern TV trends using Star Trek clothing, Strange New Worlds is them simply trying to make a good Star Trek show. That, in my opinion, is well worth rewarding.
  6. I used to think this would be a big problem, but in a show like this I don't think it matters too much. The individual episode stories could probably work in any time period with a bit of tweaking, so far at least, and most of the characters are original. The few TOS characters werequite thinly developed in TOS itself, especially Pike and Number One for obvious reasons. We know what ultimately happens to Pike of course, but I think they've done something quite clever by ensuring Pike also shares this knowledge. Spock is the one character we know a lot about, but even that's mostly in the context of his friendship with Kirk and McCoy. This is a younger, less experienced Spock surrounded by a different cast of characters. This is also set something like a decade before TOS, which is long enough to avoid clashing with the events of that show. If you want a far future Star Trek show then that's basically what Discovery is from season 3 onwards, and, well, be careful what you wish for. I did enjoy season 4 a lot more than the first three, but it still stretches its story way too far to fill the season and doesn't have anything like as good a cast of characters.
  7. If I'm remembering correctly, the Kojima link was entirely intentional. It was openly inspired by Death Stranding's "social strand" thing.
  8. I bloody did it! It only took three attempts today, the second of which saw me dying to the first stage due to what can only be described as a string of total bullshit. Things went very differently on my third attempt, leading to my mimic tear surviving for ages and soaking up a couple of big attacks from the boss. I also managed to dodge a grab somehow, and it seemed everything was just going my way. I'm glad my wife wasn't home as I might have shouted at the screen a little bit.
  9. You can get another 5% off if you use Paypal with the PAYPAL5 code.
  10. I'll miss that Ice Cap theme. It's one of my favourite themes from the whole series.
  11. I know it's not saying much, but it really is by far the best Trek has been in a long time. I don't think we've ever had a Star Trek series be so consistently good from the start.
  12. I had the last boss down to such a tiny amount of health tonight I couldn't see a spec of red in its health bar. Then it did its annoying grab I haven't figured out how to avoid and demolished me. I'm so close now though!
  13. This bold new era of CoD looks an awful lot like the last one. It even has a reused title.
  14. This week's episode was complete and utter shit. ... Nah, it was really good again. I was surprised to read that this was based on an unused TOS script, but it did have the feel of a classic story.
  15. Stuff like this: I think the exact same dialogue was used in the show.
  16. I've been rereading the comics recently and there were some great little, and not so little nods to those in the show, including some full on dialogue. I loved the episode. I think it's by far the strongest opening to any of these Marvel shows so far, and absolutely did justice to the comics. Superb!
  17. I think I'm at the last boss now. I almost took out the first stage in one go, although I can see it being a multi-stage rush of horrors so I doubt I'll be done any time soon. I'm wondering whether it's worth cleaning up a few options bosses first, although new levels cost so much at this point that I'm not sure it's worth it. Was an absolute bastard by the way. That fight was the wall I was stuck on before, and it was still a tough fight after getting my hands on a level 10 Mimic Tear. The next couple of fights weren't so bad though.
  18. I hit a bit of a wall a few weeks ago that led to me playing some other stuff, but I went back today and decided to explore some other areas. Naturally I've now discovered about three substantial new locations, finally got my hands on the Mimic ashes you've all been going on about (70 hours in!), and I'm back to loving this again. I also had a bit of a facepalm moment when I realised the other half of the Dectus medallion wasn't where I thought it was. Not only that, it was at a location I'd already discovered tens of hours ago. I then had a second facepalm moment when I finally activated the grand lift itself, then stepped off to find it just took me somewhere else I'd already been. Nice to see there are so many options for progression at least. Oh, and now I'm somewhere completely horrible and putting my scarlet rot remedies to good use.
  19. It still had a couple of light hearted moments, like the bit with Isaac right at the start, but it wouldn't have felt right to have too much comedy in an episode like that. I've been re-watching Deep Space Nine on and off for a while, and that show could be pretty funny when it wanted to be, mainly thanks to Worf. I'd be happy for The Orville to have a similar balance.
  20. Yeah, the earliest Xbox One pads (with the shiny plastic bit at the top) didn't have Bluetooth. Any of them released after that should work though. The adapter is still required for some functionality on Windows, like the headphone jack, but otherwise Bluetooth works perfectly.
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