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  1. 4 minutes ago, Hanzo the Razor said:


    Because Sonic games are well known for their sprawling narratives?

    Obviously not, but that doesn't stop this one being particularly bad. It's not like I was expecting a good story from the game, but what's there is both inane and bizarrely vague.


    The best "story" I've seen in a Sonic game was probably Sonic 3, which got across a few simple beats without any dialogue and without ever getting in the way.

  2. I'm playing Sonic Frontiers at the moment, and while I'm enjoying it I think I can easily see why it could score a 3. I could also see why it could score a 7. It's such a weird mix of good and bad stuff, and sometimes the bad stuff becomes sort of good when it adds a layer of jank to take into account and master.


    The only thing I think its unequivocally bad so far is the story, which is not only dull but also weirdly vague. I feel like I could skip all the dialogue and lose nothing from the experience.

  3. 17 hours ago, pastry said:

    I hope they remake all of it! Reboot from Ep1, please!

    A full on remake in this style would certainly be cool, if a bit BSG, but probably not really necessary.


    What this will do though is open the door for more Star Wars in this style, and possibly other styles too now its proven that Star Wars works just fine in other genres.

  4. Just now, deerokus said:

    I don't think there are any cases like that. What would the point be?

    I mean, he literally posted a link to one a few posts up. :D


    I guess if you use your Deck while out and about a lot I can kind of see the point, just like a phone case. Unlike a phone though, it's surely a lot more important to keep the Deck as ergonomic as possible. I'd just make sure the Deck goes back into its carry case when you're not using it.

  5. Speaking as someone who only got into Twin Peaks a decade or so ago, it may still be worth sticking with simply because it's not quite like anything else.


    Season 1 is basically a 90s soap opera pastiche with an undercurrent of Lynch weirdness.


    Season 2 continues this for a few episodes, then Lynch sods off for a bit and it turns into, well, a dodgy 90s soap opera before Lynch comes back for a pretty mindblowing ending. I do think it's worth watching the shit episodes, but I don't think you'd lose too much by skipping them. I'm sure there's a watchlist somewhere if you're after the essential ones.


    Fire Walk With Me is horrific, in a good way.


    Season 3 (The Return) is probably what you're looking for, and is the point where things go full weird. It's astonishingly good, but won't make any sense whatsoever without the grounding you get from the older seasons and the movie.

  6. 1 hour ago, therearerules said:

    I love Lucasarts classic adventure games, but Ashley Day sounds like he's phoned in using tin cans and a piece of string. I genuinely can't understand what he's saying. The answers almost certainly no, but is there a cleaned up audio version, or any ideas on anything I can do to improve the quality?

    I almost gave up on that one early on, but I either adapted to the audio quality as it went on or it may have improved a bit. It was a good podcast in the end, in spite of his audio.

  7. 4 minutes ago, spork said:

    If I only have The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Steam do I need to buy the GOTY edition to get all the fancy new things?

    Nope, you can get the Expansion pass and save a whole pound. :)




    EDIT: Oh sorry, I thought you meant the expansions. The upgraded stuff is free and will apply to any version on PC. This is from the Steam blurb for the standard edition:



    If you buy this game, you will receive a free next-gen update on December 14th!


  8. 1 minute ago, Stejay said:

    Yes, I spotted that after I posted. I’ve only completed the main quest on Xbox, not touched the DLC yet. If I get the Steam  GOTY version, can I jump straight into the DLC without having to play any of the main game first?

    As I recall, yes. You get an option at the start to jump straight to either DLC with an appropriately levelled character, so you could start with Hearts of Stone and the then continue to Blood and Wine.


    I can't remember if your choices in the main game affect the DLC or not though.

  9. 21 hours ago, Stejay said:

    I gotten my hands on a Steam Deck today and I notice that The Witcher 3 is down to £4.99 on Steam. Which is the best handheld way to play this on the Deck, buying the Steam version, or streaming the Xbox version which I already own? I have no plans on playing away from home.

    It's £6.99 for the GOTY Edition with all the DLC too.


    I already own the GOG version, but I'm thinking of double dipping just for the Steam Deck. :ph34r:

  10. I really wasn't prepared for just how good this show was. You could rip Star Wars out of it altogether and it would still be amazing, but the fact that it adds so much texture to that universe makes it that much better. Incredible stuff.


    The finalé was absolutely perfect.

  11. 36 minutes ago, JohnC said:

    April 2022 and November 2022




    I also learned that Peter and David are Doctors-in-law. I'm sure that's common knowledge among you guys.

    It's more wibbly than that. David's wife Georgia is not only a Doctor's daughter in real life, but also played Tennant's Doctor's "daughter" Jenny in the show. I think that's how they met. :D

  12. 11 hours ago, Vespa Alex said:

    This is getting much more Trek-y now. The latest episode has 

      Reveal hidden contents

    The Borg. 


    I thought it handled them really well too.



    It could only go so far within its limits as a kids show, but I thought it did a good job at showing why the Borg used to feel so threatening. It was nice to see some more outlandish assimilated species too, beyond the usual regular humanoids.


    54 minutes ago, Jammy said:

    In a classic Orville thread style, I’m going to ask - is this worth persevering with ? Didn’t get on with the first three or four.

    Honestly, if you didn't like any of those then probably not, but it's a good show. It gets a lot more Star Trekky after the first couple, and while it's aimed at kids I think there's a lot to enjoy as an adult as well. The characters all get a decent amount of development, and there's some occasional but welcome returning characters from other Trek shows too.

  13. 1 minute ago, Strafe said:

    What’s that?

    GP streaming used to default to some relatively low quality setting on Linux, which I assume this update has addressed. You could install Chrome/Edge extensions that spoofed a Windows user agent though, which meant you could stream at full quality as the servers would think you were running Windows.


    The reason for this was purely practical, as Microsoft hadn't implemented a way to optimise for the various Linux distros users might be using, so just took the quick option of defaulting to the lowest quality across the board. Hopefully that's changed now.

  14. It depends on the game, but Sekiro's final boss remains probably my all time favourite gaming experience. It took me loads of attempts over three days or so, but the gradual feeling of mastery, and the eventual victory felt like nothing else. Not even the other Souls games quite matched the feeling I got from this.


    Sometimes it's nice to just enjoy a big spectacle though, but I like a boss fight to feel at least a little satisfying, mechanically speaking.

  15. Just now, Jamie John said:

    Opinions, eh? ;)

    I did notice your conflicting review. :D


    I think I had quite low expectations, to be fair. I went in just looking for more of the same, and had no real expectations for the story. It sounds like I enjoyed the combat more than you, which probably makes a big difference when the expansion is almost entirely combat based.

  16. 31/10/2022 - Final Fantasy VII Remake: Episode Intermission


    This was a fun little romp, introducing Yuffie into the story a little earlier than she was in the original. Well, the International version of the original.


    I hadn't played FFVIIR since it came out on the PS4, and I'd largely forgotten the intricacies of its various systems. I was a bit concerned when the game warned me that there would be no handholding in Intermission, and I was floundering a little to start with, but I was able to get back into the swing of things before too long. The combat was really enjoyable after that, with a few new systems added into the mix for Yuffie and new character Sonon. It got quite tough in places too, especially the last boss which took a few attempts for me.


    I was surprised to find a reimagined version of the Fort Condor minigame from the original, implemented here as this Midgar's equivalent of a CCG or something. It's a sort of competitive tower defence game, in which you spawn a selection of hand-picked units to attack enemy bases and defend your own. It's not great, but it was diverting enough for me to finish the questline.


    I was a bit disappointed with the story. I wasn't expecting much, but was quite enjoying the lighter tone to start with. The problem's begin when it tries to very quickly build a character arc and backstory for Sonon, leading to an attempt at a resolution that I don't think it earned at all. I think I'd have preferred it if it kept things light and simple,


    Anyway, it was definitely worth playing as a bitesize slice of FFVIIR. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the series.




    04/01/2022 - Kena: Bridge of Spirits
    24/01/2022 - Hitman (2016)
    26/01/2022 - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


    17/05/2022 - Kirby and the Forgotten Land


    09/06/2022 - Elden Ring


    09/07/2022 - Cyberpunk 2077
    10/07/2022 - Citizen Sleeper


    01/08/2022 - Stray
    14/08/2022 - No Man's Sky Expedition Eight: Polestar
    30/08/2022 - Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection (GDI Campaign)




    10/10/2022 - The Nonary Games: 999
    31/10/2022 - Final Fantasy VII Remake: Episode Intermission


  17. I've played some more Resi VIII now, and I think it's the most impressive experience I've seen on the Deck. Sure, it can run Cyberpunk, but when I tried the GOG version at least it was sending the fans haywire and murdering the battery. Resi VIII look incredible and runs flawlessly so far.


    It actually reminds me of playing REmake on the GameCube for the first time, and wondering how the hardware could run something that good looking. 


    It's only classed as "Playable" on the Deck due to apparent minor sound issues, but I haven't noticed anything so far.

  18. There are any awful lot of them around for sure, but I don't have an issue with their existence. Remasters and rereleases ensure games remain easily available without having to get your hands on older hardware, and remakes can be amazing if done right. 


    Capcom's Resi remakes are the perfect example really. For a start, they don't seem to be getting in the way of completely fresh Resi experiences, and they genuinely seem to preserve the essence of the originals while making them completely modern in the process. The Resi 2 remake is probably one of my favourite games of recent years.

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