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  1. Well, hurrah. Was this the beat up the patrol and get them to tell us all their secrets plan?
  2. Oh yeah, everything's fine thanks. Just lots of stuff coming up last minute.
  3. I won't be able to make tomorrow's session I'm afraid. Sorry I've been a bit higgledy piggledy recently, but things should be back to normal for me from next week. AI for Samson is obviously to remain extremely calm and sensible at all times, quietly peek through keyholes before cracking open doors... Nah, you know the drill.
  4. 22/10/2021 - Super Metroid I really wanted to play Metroid Dread this month, but money was a bit tight so I thought I'd just play one of the other metroidvanias in my backlog. Then I remembered that I'd never actually finished Super Metroid, and I had a Switch SNES pad I'd barely used so... I'd only finished a couple of Metroids before, those being Fusion and Zero Mission on the GBA, but I loved them both at the time. I played a lot of Prime but never finished it, and while I think I finished Prime 3 I can't remember much of it now. I've definitely played Super Metroid before, but I remember it feeling a bit clunky compared to the comparatively slick GBA games. I also remember getting stuck quite early on. Anyway, I went back to it this month, finished it today, and I genuinely think it's brilliant now. Some of the controls are definitely a bit clunky by todays standards, like the unintuitive wall jumps and not quite right grabble beam swinging, but I soon got used to them. The actual sense of exploration, combined with the still amazing atmosphere make it wonderful. I think I remember where I got stuck last time around, and it was really early on. There's a section that clearly implies you needed to run, or find some way of moving faster than normal. I knew there was some kind of super-speed power up, so figured I just needed to come back there later. I made the same mistake this time around, only to eventually realise that you could actually just, you know, run. There's a dedicated button for it, but as there's a very slight acceleration period I didn't realise what it did. Modern games would have made sure to bash you over the head with this, but I'm guessing this one just expected you to read the manual. That said, this game is surprisingly good at showing you how to make use of most abilities without ever resorting to flashing tutorial text on the screen. I'm really glad to have finally played this. I've definitely played better games in the genre, like Hollow Knight for one, but I was really impressed with just how well this holds up. If I played it at the time I think my mind would have been completely blown.
  5. I loved this. It was my first cinema trip since the pandemic began, so I treated myself to an IMAX viewing. The time flew by, and honestly I think I would have happily sat through part 2 there and then if I could. It does feel like a longer movie chopped in half though, which I suppose was inevitable.
  6. That's a great line-up. The Forgotten City, Everspace 2 and AoEIV will do nicely.
  7. Are you going to watch the TV movies too? I remember In The Beginning being pretty cool.
  8. Thanks to this thread, I started playing Super Metroid this weekend. I've loved the genre for a long time, and have played both the GBA Metroids, but for some reason I never got very far in this before. Anyway, it's good isn't it? I did get stuck at one point though and had to look up a solution, which turned out to be the existence of a run button. Wall jumping took a bit of practice too, thanks to it working differently to every modern implementation and even the GBA games. Those quirks aside, it honestly feels like the game could have been released today and would still be considered pretty incredible.
  9. 29/09/2021 - Life Is Strange: True Colours Whoops! I forgot to write an entry for this, so better late than never. This was a funny one, in that I think I'd be more critical of this had I been in a different mood. The story was a massive de-escalation in stakes compared to LiS2, as was the lead's empathic superpower. Both felt under-developed too, introducing ideas which could have been explored much further. However, this de-escalation allowed the experience to become more grounded as a result, almost feeling like subplots while the character stories took the lead. The switch from an episodic release schedule to a single game contributed to this too. While the story itself remained episodic, those episodes varied more in length and some would have felt like filler if you had to wait a month or more for them to arrive. Instead it was a delight to be able to spend a bit of downtime with the characters, with one episode in particular being a wonderfully imaginative diversion. The low-key story does result in what feel like only very mild choices to make. I found myself really struggling to decide on a few of them, but aside from one I don't think any of them had much of an impact. It felt like the choices you made in LiS2 made a huge difference by the end, while choices here felt like more of a personal thing. I'd probably rank this as my least favourite LiS game so far, but I really enjoyed the time I spent in Haven Springs. I'd hope the next game manages to ramp things up again, but playing this now, with the real world in the state it's in, felt pretty great.
  10. Yep, although it was more a comment on Boimler (and presumably the Lower Decks writers) preferring classic style Trek over Discovery's hyper-serialised actiony approach. Discovery's problem isn't really that it's not like classic Trek, it's just shit.
  11. I rather liked that episode, after the rather slow and pointless start. It feels like everything is starting to come together, and it still looks amazing too. I stumbled across my books while hunting through my parents' attic today, and was tempted to read them all again.
  12. That was absolutely brilliant. And yes, it's ridiculous that a show I was dreading has become as good as this. That episode was up with the best Trek for sure.
  13. I tried watching it on All4 but really didn't like the dub. Hopefully the Netflix one will have an original audio option.
  14. I watched The Way of the Warrior again recently, and it's still absolutely brilliant. I genuinely don't know how you could describe it as "boring". It was also followed by The Visitor, which is a shift to a really thoughtful, emotional episode. Together they show just how much of a range DS9 offered, and how well it handled everything.
  15. The ship shots are almost, if not all, original model shots and not CGI. The rest of that is correct though.
  16. Oh yeah, that makes sense. And yes, Picard (the show) was mostly awful.
  17. Picard's got a bit of a raw detail being up against Picard in the best lead character category.
  18. I saw this today. It started off really well, with some solid action and the appearance of being one of those cool globetrotting spy movies. Then it all just sort of fell apart. I didn't care about anyone or anything in the movie by the end, and I genuinely think it might be the worst movie in the series.
  19. We've had Ferengi in Starfleet since Nog in Deep Space Nine. I'd be surprised if the Ferengi had actually joined the Federation though.
  20. I'm happy to skip a week, partly because I'm knackered and partly because I'm scared I'll manage to kill Walks.
  21. I think this was intended as a side story, with The Rising Storm being the actual "part 2", picking up with the LotJ characters. At least I hope that's true because I can't find an ebook version of this one.
  22. I think that new Ferengi design looks alright actually, unlike the rest of the trailer which looks bloody awful.
  23. That's one terrible trailer for a terrible looking film. I'll probably watch it anyway.
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