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  1. It turns out a lot of words use those two letters in those positions. Wordle 218 5/6
  2. We know the Doctor starts starts to regenerate into his "old favourites" based on what the Curator said in Day of the Doctor, although I assumed that would start at some far distant point their future. But hey, he didn't want to go... It probably is just some wishful thinking from certain fans anyway. I don't think RTD would want to just retread old ground, so if Tennant is coming back at all I'd expect it to be for a multi-Doctor story or something. There's always Big Finish for the new Tennant stuff.
  3. I quite enjoyed this in the end, in spite of its flaws. It did however take me two sittings, which definitely helped with the pacing. It was nice to see a Marvel movie try something different, even if it didn't all work.
  4. I can't see it happening. For a start, some of the games on the service are multiformat releases that could eat into sales on those platforms. That and it would be advertising a direct competitor's brand on their platforms. I'd expect Xbox game streaming to show up on smart TVs before too long though, at which point it wouldn't really matter.
  5. There were rumours going around that Microsoft was attempting exactly this, but clearly Nintendo and Sony weren't interested. Microsoft definitely want Xbox streaming to be on anything they can get it on. I can't see them ditching traditional consoles, or indeed PC support though and I think they said as much a while ago. Streaming is just a way to get them everywhere else.
  6. I'd be very surprised if Doom remained multiformat after Eternal. The Bethesda buyout was still very recent, so none of their studios have released a game yet that wasn't already heading to other platforms. Microsoft have stated that future games would be exclusives.
  7. I ended up doing today's at about four in the morning when I woke up for no reason. Wordle 215 4/6
  8. Got today's in four, which was an improvement. Wordle 214 4/6
  9. That's what some people were saying about The Elder Scrolls when MS bought Bethesda. Microsoft seem to want Game Pass subs more than anything else, so you can almost guarantee that CoD will be an exclusive. Put it this way, there's a reason Microsoft don't release PlayStation ports of Forza, Halo and the rest.
  10. Assuming the deal is the same as Bethesda, then I imagine they'll need to honour any existing deals and then most stuff will become exclusive. CoD being an Xbox exclusive would be a pretty massive incentive for a lot of people, so I can't see it not happening.
  11. I was just thinking that. I mean, surely Microsoft can't just buy everything?
  12. Figured I might as well start posting my results here. This was a close one, although I really should have guessed it earlier with all those greens as it's a word I use a lot at work. Wordle 213 5/6
  13. Series pad for me. It got me through Sekiro so it should do just fine for Elden Ring.
  14. Yay! For some reason I was worried you weren't going to think much of it, but yeah it's an amazing episode. You're into the real DS9 now.
  15. You could just buy it, check the list then cancel your order if it's too big. If it's too late to cancel then you'd just have to sell it on like joek said, or return it.
  16. That's ace. Claudia Gray is just the best.
  17. Well, if you're still waiting for a 3080 it seems there will indeed be a 12GB version on the way: https://www.theverge.com/22878021/nvidia-rtx-3080-12gb-model-release-date-specs-price
  18. Carrots are a perfect example of something genuinely scarce. If you buy a carrot, you alone own that particular carrot. Once a shop has sold all of its carrots, there's no more available to buy until they get a new delivery. Charging for digital art however does not make it scarce. You can sell an infinite number of identical copies, as there's an infinite supply that can never sell out. Charging restricts the ability to obtain one, but not the level of supply. NFTs introduce artificial scarcity because while the image (or whatever) remains infinitely copiable, the NFT linked to it is unique. Of course in reality it's more like the NFT itself is quite genuinely scarce, while the image remains in infinite supply. Put it this way, if a grocer had an infinite supply of carrots, charging for them wouldn't make them any less infinite.
  19. Mogster

    Outer Wilds

    Assuming you're still following the trails of clues and narrative, and not stuck, then probably not I'm afraid. It's all about learning stuff that teaches you how to use other stuff, and indeed learning what's going on in the system. All I would add is that I think the story is genuinely excellent, based on a brilliant sci-fi concept. It's worth seeing it through.
  20. I'm probably stating the obvious, but are you using the ship's computer? It keeps track of the important discoveries you make, and tells you what they might be linked to and (crucially) tells you when you've found everything in each area. You can absolutely progress without finding everything, and indeed some stuff only exists to teach you how to do other stuff, but if you're stuck it's always a good place to look.
  21. Mogster

    Outer Wilds

    I also got stuck on that puzzle, and resorted to a guide. I figured out enough to know where I was supposed to do something, but if there were any in game clues beyond that I didn't find them. I don't think you had to perform that action anywhere else in the game either, so it was a bit of an anomaly.
  22. It hasn't been what I expected from a final season, but I've still loved every minute of it. GOT was a completely different situation, where almost all the characters I actually cared about had been killed off, and only the worst plot threads were left to resolve (badly). This season has been the exact opposite of that. There's certainly a lot to resolve next week, but I have a feeling it's going to be great.
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