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  1. Mogster

    Outer Wilds

    You do need to be extremely careful, but it sounds like you're taking things a bit too slow.
  2. Mogster

    Outer Wilds

    That's not how it's designed though. By that point in the game you've learned all you need to do what you need to do, so all you need to do is carry it all out. You're either being incredibly unlucky, or you're not going about it in the right way. I have to commend you for struggling on with the game when you're clearly not having a good time, but you keep talking as though the game is designed to be some kind of punishing experience that constantly beats you down, forcing players to fight their way through in order to succeed. That's simply not the case.
  3. Yeah, this was a solid start, and already better than anything from Discovery. I'm very, very pleasantly surprised. I was also happy to see that it's not just going for the nostalgia button. It has a few nods to TNG, but otherwise this feels like something very new for Star Trek.
  4. Mogster

    Outer Wilds

    That just highlights what I was saying, where if something feels overly tricky then you're probably doing it wrong.
  5. I think I'd be leaning towards Strahd, but only because of the BBC Dracula show putting me in a vampiry mood. I'd be happy with any.
  6. Mogster

    Outer Wilds

    I can honestly say I didn't die much at all in this, and 90% of loops ended with the supernova. I did die on occasion of course, but this was usually an avoidable learning experience. I can see how it would be frustrating if you were dying all the time and didn't feel like you were to blame, but I also don't see why this would be the case after the first couple of hours at least. I'm still wondering if Alex has just missed a vital instruction somewhere or something.
  7. The Witcher's a weird one, because while it was definitely influenced by the games it's not really based on them. It's got a whole series of books behind it, along with a well developed world that stands out from similar fantasy settings. I don't think there aren't many games that are unique enough to justify being adapted into TV shows. I think a Halo series is already on the way, although it's been stuck in pre-production for a looooong time. Control's a good shout, as I think that would actually be a better setting for a TV show than a game, with the FBC tracking down OOPs and stuff. A Mass Effect show could definitely work, and would be a cool way to expand that universe if the games aren't going anywhere. I'd probably reboot it rather than try and fit it in with the games though. I keep meaning to play Frostpunk, but that seems like a cool setting for a TV show too. Have it focus on the rulers of what could be the last city on a freezing Earth, as they have to make tough decisions to ensure their survival, while also following the people having to live with those decisions.
  8. I played on Master and it was just right for me. It'll give you a challenge at points but shouldn't be too frustrating. It seems to be the most balanced option too based on the settings it shows you.
  9. Welcome @Nathan Wind I should be around on Sunday, and I'm happy with milestone leveling. I'll be rolling my stats as I seem to have good luck with that normally, so watch me roll nothing but 1's this time.
  10. I think the camera stuff was combination of a misguided attempt at a "unique" visual identity, and an equally misguided attempt to spice up "boring" scenes. There was a conference room scene at one point where the camera was spinning around the table for the whole thing. I have very low expectations for Picard.
  11. Yep! That's my understanding anyway.
  12. Mogster

    Nintendo Switch

    I think the main issues have been patched out already. The inventory icon corruption was the most annoying one for me, and that's apparently sorted. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/113133-patch-notes-for-26500-for-the-nintendo-switch/
  13. Mogster

    Xbox Game Pass

    Obviously A Plague Tale is coming because I bought it in the last sale. I haven't started it yet. I really should just stop buying games unless I'm definitely going to start it there and then. Sales be damned.
  14. I really enjoyed this. I was worried it would fall down the wacky hole when it started, but it tread that line perfectly and balanced it with some great, cynical comedy.
  15. I thought the episode was good in spite of the scorpion queen, who was pantomime levels of silly. The rest of the scorpion things were pretty cool though, and really freaked out my wife who's not a fan of anything with more than six legs. Much better than last week anyway!
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