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  1. I just had this response from Scan: So we should at least have an estimated date soon.
  2. My Scan order is still Awaiting Picking too, so somehow I don't think I'll be seeing it any time soon. Still, that's a card at a sensible price pre-ordered so I'm not too disheartened. I noticed that they seem to have removed the option to pre-order any of the cards now, so they're probably trying to sort through all the mess.
  3. I had to wait ages before my order showed up in my order history. I got an invoice status update email at the same time.
  4. I had to go through about twenty Captchas on Scan today. Usually followed by the site falling over.
  5. I'd be surprised if I've actually got one on Scan anyway, to be honest. It's still up for "pre-order" with stock due today, so all mine means is that I'll be stuck F5ing my order status page until inevitable disappointment.
  6. Scan appear to have just bumped up the price of the Ventus to £720! Glad I got my order in earlier.
  7. And ordered! Technically it's a pre-order though, with stock arriving today for immediate dispatch. I'm not holding my breath.
  8. Where is it even listed on the Nvidia site? I'm just seeing the "Notify Me" button.
  9. I made a short list of cards under 315mm earlier, all of which should fit your case. I narrowed it down to five cards under £700, although I probably wouldn't bother with the Palit. The sizes are in mm. I also found this Reddit post which lists a bunch of confirmed and estimated lengths:
  10. I imagine that FFXVI will only be exclusive for a year or so, like FFVIIR. That's probably still long enough to justify buying a PS5 for it though. Or indeed, just play it on PC.
  11. Demon's is basically proto Dark Souls, with the main difference being the lack of an open world. If you really didn't get on with DS3 or Bloodborne then you probably won't enjoy this either, but then these are the sort of games you can bounce off a few times before, well, you don't.
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