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  1. The argument that boycotts will hurt innocent employees came up in the Ubisoft thread some time ago, and the same applies here. The fact is that Activision's employees pay will not be determined by the success of their games, with the possible exception of bonusses which seem to be tied more to review scores than sales. This isn't some indie studio where the only pay comes from profits, and assuming Activision want to keep making games they will always need to employ staff. And sure, boycotts probably won't make a huge difference, but aside from voting with your wallet there's not much more you can do as a consumer.
  2. Well, technically we've already had one: Shame we didn't see more of her. Her Doctor seemed so fully formed for such a short appearance.
  3. The single story thing obviously rests on how good that story is, and Chibnall's run so far hasn't exactly been full of standouts. I hope the focus will result in something special to end Whittaker's run though.
  4. No problem at all. If we don't see you then hope you have a fantastic trip!
  5. Yep, I loved Light of the Jedi. I thought it was really quite well written too, with some brilliant descriptions of the force and how it's perceived by the various Jedi. The climax of the first act was a highlight for me. I've been reading some other stuff since, but I'm just about to start the second book. Hopefully it won't drop in quality with a new writer.
  6. I had that status a couple of days ago, before it switched to "in transit" yesterday morning. Nothing's changed since then.
  7. Yep, another publisher into the bin alongside Ubisoft for me. Those reports are horrendous. You'd think these giant megapublishers would be super corporate by now, with strict behaviour guidelines and stuff. Instead they seem to be riddled with arseholes who never grow up.
  8. Yep, sorry. I meant launch the window assuming it's running in the background. I always found it a bit temperamental anyway. Occasionally it just wouldn't work, and sometimes would be triggered by a long press to power off the pad. These days I only use the button to turn the pad on.
  9. I think the Xbox button launches it, although I haven't tried in a long time. One press used to launch Steam, with a second launching Big Picture.
  10. Yeah that session was brilliant. Samson wasn't expecting to be able to talk his way into the house, but I figured he'd at least try as he wouldn't want to hurt the guards if he could avoid it. When that quickly failed he tried to intimidate them, then shove one out of the way, and was about to fly into a door kicking rage when Glen stepped in. It's fair to say it could have gone a lot worse, although it would have been interesting to see Benedict's reaction to a raging barbarian smashing his way into his house...
  11. I actually kick-started this. I remember it being described as a fantasy take on something like Eve Online, with minimal story and players dictating trade, politics and stuff. The problem is that while that subbed amazing to me give years ago, I have no interest in it whatsoever now.
  12. Yeah trying the manual upgrade thing could prove to be a bit of a false economy. If everything goes well then great, one discounted high capacity Deck! If something goes wrong with the upgrade though, or even if some kind of unrelated fault develops later on, you'll be stuck without a warranty. One for the brave I think.
  13. Almost all PC games from the 360 era onwards have native Xbox pad support, which would map to the Deck layout. Steam also has its own control customisation facility though, along with a bunch of presets for each game. This can plug the gap for some older games without native controller support, as well as give you options for fitting mouse and keyboard games onto the deck controls.
  14. I did eventually manage to get a reservation in for the 512GB version. Who knows when I'll actually get it though.
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