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  1. It currently just has the DLC, although it will be getting a free upgrade to the next gen version once that's released.
  2. There's certainly a foggy area, if that's what you mean.
  3. I got into Big Finish thanks to the Eighth Doctor stuff, and I'm still buying every release of those they put out. I tried to keep up with all the modern era stuff, but now I mostly just get the Tenth Doctor and Diary of River Song audios, along with all the Time War stuff. Even then I've got quite a big backlog though. I'd forgotten about the new Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller box-set for a start, which I'm really looking forward to now.
  4. That Avoid was a bit of a shock, although it's worth noting it's received more positive, if lukewarm reviews elsewhere. I don't think I'll be picking this one up on launch, although I do still want to play it.
  5. All GOG games can be downloaded and installed without any client, should you wish, but they do have their own launcher called GOG Galaxy which is pretty cool. It can connect to almost any other store accounts you can think of to list and launch the games you own there, so can be used as a kind of universal launcher. If nothing else it's a place to quickly check if you own a game somewhere before accidentally buying it for the third time.
  6. Yeah, it works using WIFI. In my case my PC is connected to the router over ethernet, and so it's just the headset connected over 5GHz.
  7. Alyx works pretty flawlessly over VD as far as I'm aware. I really should play it actually.
  8. I'm in the second area now, after a brief interlude, and it certainly does look a lot more interesting. I found the second boss a lot easier than the first. It still took me a couple of attempts, but the first never felt hopeless. Beating it was exhilarating again. The weapon I crafted from the boss is awesome too. I'm definitely sticking with that for a while. I'm still playing entirely solo at the moment, and it seems to be getting a little easier as I get more powerful. I can see how it would be amazing in co-op, but I'm enjoying the Soulsy feel of being
  9. Sorry, I was talking about Doom. I've already two copies of Control, so a third wouldn't be much use.
  10. Amazing selection there. I've been wanting to check out Greedfall.
  11. Brilliant. Glad I held off on that sale price now.
  12. Ah. Well the strategy I used was to panic, run away in terror and blindly hack and shoot my way past everything that attacked me. By the time I reached the start of the level he was the only thing left to fight. That's probably not good advice to follow.
  13. The guy with the swords? It might become obvious, but if you're still stuck:
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