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  1. It looks like Roll20 was hacked back in December, so it's probably best to reset all your passwords if you haven't already.
  2. Is there any point in playing the first game now, bearing in mind it's already in my backlog, or would I just be like playing an inferior version of the sequel? The hype in here is a bit infectious.
  3. I've caved at £15.99, but even at that price I'm not sure if it's worth it.
  4. No problem. We'll just have to wait another week before we all get horribly murdered.
  5. I really think McFarlane grew into the role really well. Sure he never had the presence of Presence as Picard, but he worked really well as part of the ensemble.
  6. What they said. Season 2 was just fantastic, and some of the best "Trek" in a very long time.
  7. I don't think that's going to be the case here. Nintendo have just applied for some kind of certification for a hardware refresh of the regular Switch, and the Lite still supports separate joycons. Even so, selfishly speaking I can't say I particularly care about motion controls or HD rumble support, and the latter is often a little annoying when using the Switch as a handheld.
  8. Garbage is a bit strong, but yes it absolutely does. Season 1 just gets better and better, and I thought season 2 was brilliant.
  9. Mogster

    Nintendo Switch

    That's what I meant really. It's not flat out better in the way the DS Lite was for instance, but looks like it's the better choice if you specifically want it as a handheld and don't care about the other features.
  10. Mogster

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm not sure that this is "better". It's cheaper, smaller and apparently has slightly improved battery life, but it can't output to a TV and the joycons are fixed. If you just want a handheld then it's probably a better choice, but you'd lose out on the flexibility of the regular Switch.
  11. I just got around to watching season 2, and I really enjoyed it too. It was just as addictive as the first for me, although probably not quite as strong overall.
  12. Mogster

    Google Stadia

    That's probably part of the reason Sony have made their deal with Microsoft to share their infrastructure in the future. I think we'll see a much bigger push for PSNow, or whatever replaces it next gen.
  13. Mogster

    Nintendo Switch

    Oh right, cheers. Somehow I missed the skateboard thing from the trailers.
  14. Mogster

    Nintendo Switch

    The swords game could be Katana Zero. I have no idea what Max Payne on a skateboard could be, but it sounds amazing.
  15. Mogster

    Nintendo Switch

    The Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip is absolutely brilliant: https://www.satisfye.com/collections/all/products/switch-grip-pro You have to import from the US though so you may be hit with import tax, but it's worth it. Their Slim Grip case is lovely too, and holds the Switch and the grip. https://www.satisfye.com/collections/all/products/slim-grip-case
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