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  1. I've only played the demo, and haven't tried Classic mode myself. I'm just going by what I've read about it, but you can definitely play with Classic mode in the demo so it's worth a look. Once issue people had is that Classic mode resulted in some fights literally playing themselves, with the automated basic attacks finishing off enemies without any need for ATB actions. I guess this isn't so different to the fights in the original you could win by holding down X though.
  2. "Classic" mode isn't really anything like the original combat. It's still basically the new system, but standard attacks become automatic. This way you only need to intervene to trigger ATB actions once the bars fill up, and I think it lowers the combat difficulty too. So I guess it does make combat easier to handle, but it also removes a big chunk of it in the process.
  3. I went back to Kiwami this week. For some reason I drifted away from both this and Zero at the halfway point, before coming back and loving them again. I've been really enjoying the combat too, especially the extended sections when you're fighting your way through a whole building or something.
  4. Andromeda was disappointing, but after a dodgy start it was still highly enjoyable in a "it's more Mass Effect" way. It's not like there's anything else quite like it.
  5. I dabbled with a Picross game back on one of the older Nintendo handhelds, but I've now become completely obsessed with Picross S on the Switch. I'm up to the 15x15 grids now, which I thought would be tougher but really aren't any more complicated than the 10x10s. It's still immensely satisfying to place that last square, and immensely annoying to finish a grid and realise you've made a stupid mistake somewhere that needs unravelling. I've got my eye on Murder by Numbers now, but I think I'll finish off S before I go there.
  6. Just going to be a few minutes late I'm afraid. Sorry!
  7. I think there's a few moves in the game either intentionally designed or just left in for sequence breaking. The hammer gives you a little boost upwards for example, which can get you to some upgrades before you'd otherwise be able to.
  8. I think Enterprise was an attempt to take Star Trek back to basics, at least at the start. The Archer/Trip/T'pol focus was probably supposed to be the show's equivalent to Kirk, Spock and McCoy in the original series.
  9. For movies, sure. I usually back out of the "Watch this next" or whatever on other services too. For series however I don't usually want to sit through the full credits, or in this case about thirty seconds of them every time before skipping to the next episode, or just backing out of the current one. It still skips to the next episode early if you wait long enough, just not as early as it should.
  10. I think if you pause the game during a boss fight you get an option to "Abandon Challenge" or something like that.
  11. According to Mogstation I own nothing at all, despite playing about 30 hours on Steam in the past. I'll see if it updates when I log into the game. Thanks guys. EDIT: There we go. Once I logged in I was able to register Shadowbringers, and it's now showing on Mogstation.
  12. I keep meaning to get back into this, and bought Shadowbringers on the PS4 a while ago. When browsing through the PSN sale today though I noticed it's still showing as available to buy, despite it definitely being in my transaction history. Is there an easy way to check if it's actually been applied to my account?
  13. I noticed the credits thing in The Clone Wars on the Fire Stick, so I assume it's a problem on any platform. You need to wait a good few seconds before the next episode timer starts, and returning to the home screen before this will still present the same episode on the Continue Watching row.
  14. It seems nippy enough on my LG LG 43UM7400PLB, although not quite as quick as it is on the Fire Stick downstairs. That's plugged into an older LG which is slow to run any of its built-in apps though.
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