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  1. Yeah good games all round last night guys! Will join the party thing next time. Never done that before, so wasn't sure what it was @AlfromSleep - I'll get my revenge next time we play! Happy to only lose to the winner though! I'd be up for a league and future tourneys. Was good to have some prep ahead of the weekend league.
  2. Ooft, great team @mackenie! How's that POTM Hazard? I'd love him, but can't bring myself to spend all those coins on an untradeable. Think I'm going to save and get Neymar instead to replace my Costa. Need about another 200,000 coins though - so going to a few weeks yet.
  3. After the mini tourney I went on a great run in Div 5 of Rivals. 4 wins, 1 draw. The tweaks to my team and custom formation seem to be paying off On the topic of Rivals, I've been reading on Reddit that a number of players from the higher divisions are using a glitch where you score own goals and get relegated down multiple divisions. Why - well because it's easier to get a higher rank lower down and the rewards for a high rank lower down are on par with a lower rank in a higher division. Strange. But may be why you come across a worldy of a player in a lower division.
  4. Awesome, good work on winning the group @AlfromSleep Group 1 final standings: 1. Alfromsleep 2. jimmmUK 3. Sladey19 4. Jerec I'm going to play some Rivals!
  5. @Sladey19 Yeah well played mate. He is a beast. Have only just started trialling him up front for this tourney, but think I'll keep him there. Especially as it gives me room for Talisca in midfield. I end on 6 points. Waiting on @AlfromSleep's score to come in to see who reached the final.
  6. Alfromsleep 4 - 3 jimmmUK - close game all the way to the end. Good game
  7. jimmmUK 4 - 0 Jerec - Talisca the difference with a hat trick
  8. Ok awesome - will leave it up to you Group 2 guys to organise times. If everyone can report results in here after games have been played, that would be awesome!
  9. If Mitchell isn't up for it. Group 2 fixtures will need to be updated to the below: Group 2 - Fixtures Round 1 - 21:00 PantsMcSkill () vs () Chewylegs Group 2 Fixtures - Round 2 - 21:30 gooner4life () vs () PantsMcSkill Group 2 Fixtures Round 3 - 22:00 Chewylegs () vs () gooner4life
  10. @Keiths_Dad I have Miranda on the bench, his CL card. Not having much luck with him unfortunately - finding him a bit sluggish and slow, which against agile players is not a good mix. I was thinking of changing Nainggolan to Dybala...but not sure if that's too attacking as his defensive stats are very weak?
  11. So this is my current team: Thoughts on where I can improve? Have Higuain OTW who's selling for 204,000 and Miranda CL who's selling for 80,000 on the bench - as they've been cut from my team. This along with my coins (after EA tax on the 2 transfers) would mean I have 350,000 to change things up..
  12. I'm sure if this one goes well there will be. Glad to hear you're feeling better! @Mitchell - still interested? Is 10pm the earliest you can start?
  13. @nakamura - hope you're feeling better. What's your thoughts on playing tonight?
  14. jimmmUK

    The random discussion thread

    Ooo yes please! PSN: jimmmUK
  15. Awesome cheers for the heads up and offer! Let's see how Nakamura is feeling tomorrow. Will have to move some timings around, but if everyone is cool with that then that sounds good to me

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