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  1. jimmmUK

    Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2018/19

    Just joined McMorrow's Mad Men | jimmmUK
  2. 350k from the sale of my FUT team a month or two back, then I've been selling all the players I've been receiving in the free FUT packs. So I guess, 450k-ish?
  3. My World Cup first XI at the moment: Need improvements for the GK and RB, followed by CM.
  4. 50 packs opened in main FUT and the best I got was an 84 rated Adebayor IF. And that's why I'm done with the main FUT! Should hopefully bring me in around 80,000 coins once it's gone through all the transfers. So another ten or so packs on World Cup mode
  5. Yeah that what my thoughts were. I think it's very unlikely to pick up either - and I'm going to have more fun playing World Cup mode, especially as I have a decent team. Guess it's time to open those packs! People who played FUT World Cup in 2014 - was there promo packs released?
  6. Sounds like I got pretty lucky then! About time, as I've had bugger all pack luck in the main FUT mode since I packed TOTS Kroos in Fifa 14 (?). Now do I open all my FUT free packs now and pump the transfer coin into World Cup mode...
  7. Yeah two from packs. Lineker came out of one of the free objective packs, with Moore appearing after I'd spent around 100,000 on packs.
  8. Enjoying World Cup mode so far. Used all 350,000 of my coins and have completed the Icon SBC. Have got the following in my squad: - Icon Ronaldo (SBC) - Icon Lineker - Icon Moore - Lewandowski - Ramos - Kante - Kane - Pique - Rakitic Not a bad haul! Also got around 50 packs to open in the main FUT mode, if I ever decide to go back there.
  9. Sounds like it's a lot easier to pull big players in this mode! What's the Icon SBC criteria @LiMuBai? Looking forward to seeing what I get tonight
  10. Hope the coin balance is the same as I just sold everyone 350,000 for World Cup FUT packs.
  11. I'm not playing FUT anymore - but interested in the World Cup FUT so goes live at the end of this month. Is it worth me selling my FUT team now, then using the coins when World Cup FUT goes live? I presume they will use the same coin balance as the main FUT?
  12. jimmmUK

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    Thinking of jumping on bandwagon and picking this up. There's so many versions, ranging from free to £50 on PSN. Which one should I pick up?
  13. Awesome, I'll check them out!
  14. Midfield upgraded with Nainggolan and SBC Hamsik replacing FUT Birthday Asamoah and Anderson. Defence is my next upgrade focus. Then (a lot of) saving for some bigger budget players.
  15. Any recommendations on how I can improve my Calcio A team? Only person of note that I own on the bench is 84 IF Brozovic - the rest are Calcio A loanees. Have just over 50k in the bank - hopefully closer to 100k after the weekend play and squad battle rewards Monday AM.

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