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  1. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Girl-Called-Samson-Novel-ebook/dp/B0BBY6R1KT/ref=mp_s_a_1_1 I’ve just finished this and really enjoyed it. It was 99p in a recent daily deal but is still only £2.99 and well worth that.
  2. Did you continue the trilogy? I found the story was incredible in the next two books. I didn’t dislike Three Body Problem, but it was definitely the weakest of the three.
  3. Premature. He should have waited till Q3 when he had provisional pole before doing that.
  4. I finally completed this this morning.... In some ways, it feels great being able to go straight from this into Tears of the Kingdom.... but part of me just wants to keep exploring the world finding shrines, koroks, side quests etc. Is the DLC worth getting?
  5. I picked up my copy along with a Pro controller earlier today. Luckily I checked the bag they handed over before leaving the store - they’d given me a regular Pro controller instead of the Zelda one! Keen to give this a go but I’m soooo close to finally finishing BoTW I should really do that first (did the final divine beast last night so just Calamity Ganon to go)
  6. After not finishing this when it came out, I started a new game a few weeks ago and have one divine beast left. Is it worth seeing both endings, or should I just make sure I get all the memories before heading to the castle?
  7. Having completed this on normal difficulty, I tried Mercenaries mode for the first time (despite owning the original in various forms, it’s never appealed before). It’s fun for a couple of goes, and maybe this is just because I’m at bit rubbish (only have an A rank so far), but it’s not as compelling as I was expecting given the praise it receives. Maybe I need to give it a few more goes. Does anyone have any tips?
  8. I’m still slowly making my way through my first run of this - up to chapter 12 and really enjoying it so far (despite Any recommendations for what to spend spinels on? I’m always wary of spending them in case something better becomes available in a future chapter.
  9. I’m playing with a brand new controller and this happens to me too. It’s nothing to do with controllers though - it’s just me tensing up and accidentally clicking the stick when things get a bit hairy. Always happens whenever something is assigned to clicking sticks - immensely frustrating!
  10. I always do this too - resulting in Ashley getting out of her hiding place during one section I accidentally shot her as I ran round a corner and just assumed everyone I’d see would be a target!
  11. If you go into the eshop on your switch, then touch on your profile pic on the top right and scroll down, it should say ‘This Console’ under primary console. As for save data, it’s best to check your most essential games individually to make sure the save data is backed up to the cloud (or downloaded to the OLED console)
  12. I’m on Chapter 9 but have found myself with literally no ammo after one part of it Am I screwed at this point and need to load an earlier save? I thought the game would be more generous with ammo given I’m at zero for all my weapons but nope - just keeps giving me money.
  13. I’ve just finished Chapter 8 - that was pretty intense! Absolutely loving this so far. It’s close enough to the original that it brings back lots of good memories of playing and enjoying that, whilst different enough to feel fresh and surprising. Almost like a Resi 4.5. Unfortunately I’m on holiday after tomorrow so will have to go a while without making any progress 😞
  14. I’ve got the disc version of this preordered for PS5. I couldn’t see an obvious way to do this, but is it possible to pre-download games on PS5 like you can on Xbox?
  15. Managed to get to the end of the demo after five or six attempts. That was so tense! Definitely found it tougher than the original. Need to get the hang of parrying and doing more melee kills. Spent the last minute or so just running around in circles as out of ammo, but had managed to kill the chainsaw guy at least.
  16. I’m definitely finding this tougher than the original - or maybe it’s just getting older? Was ammo always this scarce? It felt great getting the shotgun though!
  17. I’ve been slowly re-reading them too - maybe one in every tenth book is a Discworld novel - and absolutely loving it. Just finished The Fifth Elephant. I’ve realised that there’s a point at which I’ve only read a number of them once or maybe twice, quite a number of years ago, so I don’t quite remember the whole story which is great. If I take long enough, and with old age setting in, I’m hoping to be able to start over again at some point and have forgotten the key plot points again!
  18. As posted in the Pratchett thread…. The Terry Pratchett biography is 99p in today’s kindle daily deals: https://amzn.eu/d/85YxscH
  19. The Terry Pratchett biography is 99p in today’s kindle daily deals: https://amzn.eu/d/85YxscH
  20. I managed to beat both of my kids and like a good father taunted them mercilessly about this this morning
  21. OK, new account created for my daughter - and my son has changed his name after I pointed out that ANL sounds like anal (that was a fun conversation!) 'Coco Beans' and 'ThatRacingTeamOverThere' are entered and ready to show me up!
  22. I’ve been out to buy some more paints so I can do them with the ‘proper’ colour scheme. I’m also remembering how expensive this hobby can be!
  23. I’ve just started playing Blood Bowl again after about…. 20-odd years since I last played! It’s still as fun as I remember it, and I thought I should have a go at doing some painting too. First attempt is an ogre… need to figure out how to do highlighting as looks a bit flat at the moment, but I enjoyed doing this much more than I expected to. (should also find a better way to take photos…)
  24. Thanks for checking. I’d best create a new account then I guess else there will be one upset kid (I’m not giving up my spot!) My son’s team should be entered already - ANL Bros (ANL are the first letters of his name and two of his best friends).
  25. I've joined, and both of my kids (7 and 9) would like to join too but it looks like you can only enter two teams into the league. Is this a site restriction or something in how the league is set up? If the latter, any chance you could change it to allow three teams to enter please @kiroquai (save me creating a new F1 account for the kids!)
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