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  1. Wordle 215 4/6 This took a bit longer than usual but got there in the end. My streak is maintained - 27/27
  2. This is currently on sale for less that £4 - and still great fun!
  3. Wordle 213 6/6 Feels like this took me more goes than it really should have. Poor show.
  4. Wordle 212 2/6 Two again! Obviously a large slice of luck when this happens but I’ll take it
  5. Wordle 210 2/6 First time getting it in two guesses!
  6. Wordle 204 5/6 As satisfying Tetris-like pattern for me today! Was getting worried with the lack of greens but got there in the end.
  7. I moved to Singapore in 2020 and still yet to see a race here. Hoping this will be the year! Also tempted to fly over to Australia to see the race there but given the Covid situation that’s probably not feasible Previously went to 1 or 2 races a year so really missing not going to see any live. In part for the racing, but also because there are a group of us that rarely see each other except for on these trips and it’s usually a great weekend of catching up, eating out, drinking etc.
  8. Wordle 199 3/6 Pretty pleased with that considering I’m jet lagged and only had about 4 hours sleep last night!
  9. Can’t decide between getting this on Switch or Xbox. Not worried about reading text on Switch - more the performance of the game there vs Xbox. Anyone tried both?
  10. …. and done! The final chapter was fine but not sure why it was held back. Felt it could have just been included from the start. Feels very satisfying to have finished it though as there were definitely times when I didn’t think I’d get through it. I found it to be the perfect amount of pacing, with hints etc to keep you going without ever feeling it was impossible or banging your head against a brick wall. Really well designed. It’s also been great playing it at the same time as others on here and seeing the progress being made. Now to see how that poll is going and whether I can nominate this for GOTY…
  11. I don’t see the problem myself. If a game can get enough votes to have an impact from being released on a new platform in 2021 then it’s clearly found a significant new audience and should be allowed. If that’s not the case then it won’t have any impact anyway (how many people are realistically going to vote for Ocarina of Time, for example).
  12. Finished up on the boat last night so guess I’ll unlock the last chapter now. It kept me up past midnight as couldn’t stop until I’d got the final few so not yet seen what comes next. The last couple were a bit frustrating, mostly due to it being pretty obscure on the way someone died, which is harder to just run through the options. It was the guy who was Anyway, immensely satisfying overall and such a unique experience - have never played anything like it before.
  13. I’ve been caught out on the double letter thing previously and think it would be a better game if it avoided words with double letters. Wordle 194 5/6
  14. I’m happy with three today - my best yet. Wordle 193 3/6
  15. Another +1 for Into The Breach. Such a great game.
  16. Slowly making my way through Obra Dinn when everyone else is in bed, and a mixture of Captain Toad and Skyward Sword during the day when I can. When I’m reunited with my Xbox in January I’ll be playing GotG - can’t wait to give this a go given the love for it here.
  17. Coincidentally, I also started Obra Dinn about a week ago after having bought it months ago. Started this evening with 18 fates solved. Off to bed now and up to 24 - feels like I really achieved something with my evening!
  18. Yeah, it’s a shame for sure (I was planning to listen to it on a 14 hour flight later this month), but definitely the right decision. The biggest disappointment is that I assume this means no repeat of the Mince Pie song
  19. Appeal withdrawn Sensible move I guess as there’s no way the FIA would change the result but it still sucks.
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