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  1. You're in for a treat! I absolutely loved that series when I read it last year - would put the trilogy in my top 5 of all time. Already looking forward to reading it all again soon
  2. I finally got a notification about one of my scores being beaten! Challenge accepted, @jonamok!
  3. I bought some wrist weights to turn this into more of a workout. Going to be getting sweaty tonight
  4. Finally had a free evening to try side loading some custom Beat Saber songs - you were right @Darhkwing - really easy to do, and so pleased that I did it. Shake It Off and Gangam Style were a lot of fun, and enjoyed sticking a load of other stuff on for a bit of variety. Shame that leaderboards don't work for custom tracks though
  5. Thanks - will take a proper look this evening. Looks like he's using a Windows machine though - can you do this on a Mac? Will any USB-C to USB-A cable work? e.g. something like this?
  6. I'm increasingly tempted to try out some custom songs on the Quest - what's the best guide for doing so?
  7. I've created a google sheet for people to add usernames and what stuff they're playing (I expect this to be full of Beat Saber!) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YTbV_yvJtieDx7-RDcudzKMCs9jUD8XUY92xDKqmrZA/edit?usp=sharing I've added in everyone from this page (I think) already. @Paulando - could you add to the first post please?
  8. @SaintM - add me too - Bushtopher (we should really set up a google sheet and link to it in the first post to stop needing to do this each time! I'll do this evening if no one has done before then)
  9. Oculus themselves seem to be the best place to order from from what I’ve read/heard. Might be worth taking a look?
  10. A couple more scores for you guys to beat (usually within minutes of me posting them!) Finally got the hang of this one - more to come but enough for top ranking (for now).... Commercial Pumping.... no way am I going to beat that amazing score @Fatsam - but I’ve got back ahead of @jonamok at least
  11. Nearly reclaimed my top spot on Commercial Pumping from you @jonamok! I’m finding the Imagine Dragons tracks a lot more of a challenge on Hard compared to the original tracks. Might even have to drop down to Normal....
  12. Bought the Imagine Dragons pack. It’s great playing along with tracks I know - only tried a couple so far, but they seem more challenging than the tracks that are bundled with the game. Looking forward to spending some proper time with them and getting all lovely and sweaty!
  13. Yeah, stupid lazy post really! Just google it. Sounds great!
  14. Whats the 360 update?
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