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  1. You can get it from the Nintendo online store for the same price - with the steel book AND a glow in the dark key ring!
  2. Doom 2 - does anyone else find it hangs whenever you put the console to sleep? So annoying having to close it and reopen each time I want to play - especially since it doesn't always load first time. Wonder if this is due to it trying to log me in to my Bethesda account? Not a massive issue I guess, but if it's just me I'll delete/reinstall and see if that fixes it.
  3. Top of the league (just the rllmuk one, obviously!) I’m sure it won’t last, so will enjoy it while I can Unusually, I benefitted from v last minute changes - getting Sterling, Dunk and Ryan in, for example, 5 mins before the deadline.
  4. 29. Snap (04/07) Kinda forgettable but enjoyable thriller about when a mum disappears leaving her kids in a car at the side of a road. 30. The Lies of Locke Lamora (15/07) Picked this up as I know it’s well liked by many on here. Loved it! Looking forward to reading the next in the series soon - hope it’s as good as this was! 31. Sourcery (20/07) Slowly making my way through all of Pratchett again. Picked up more of the subtle stuff that I missed when I first read when I was younger. 32. The Power (23/07) Recommended. Interesting novel about what happens when women discover/develop the power to kill with a single touch. 33. The Falcon of Sparta (29/07) Latest Conn Iggulden. Not as good as his previous books, but an interesting story I’d not previously been aware of. Probably didn’t help that I was expecting this to be about the famous stand of 300 Spartans (it’s actually set around 80 years later). 34. American War (06/08) Recommended. Novel about a second US civil war in the 2070s, brought about in part due to climate change. Really enjoyed this. Didn’t go in the direction I was expecting. I’m on holiday at the moment so will probably read another Pratchett next..... Wyrd Sisters is the next in the series I think. Previously.....
  5. I’ve never seen any of these films but am on holiday with my niece who wants to see this at the cinema..... does it matter that I’ve not seen any previous F&F movies?
  6. Just uploaded the Leclerc aftermath / Hamilton crash:
  7. I have a video of this as it happened right in front of us - I’ll post it later - but the crowd went wild with cheering when Lewis went off! The friend I was with had a tweet feature on the BBC live text too as he got a photo of Leclerc walking away with Lewis in the background going off the track:
  8. What. A. Race! We were in the perfect spot at the last corner - Leclerc and Ham went off right in front of us. I almost missed Ham going off as was watching Leclerc walking away. Waiting for a train back to the hotel now and still buzzing. Amazing.
  9. It’s started up again in the last 10 mins. Very wet out there now. Really hope it doesn’t start under a safety car.
  10. It’s raining!! Porsche support race red flagged.
  11. If you zoom in a lot, you may be able to see me in that photo! We’re in the Sudtribune again today - in the covered bit, thank goodness. God I hope it rains (and they let them actually race!). Enjoy!!
  12. Hey! We’re here too! Where are you sitting? We’re in the Sudtribune. We also did the same, although lasted nearly an hour into FP2.
  13. This is the best news EVER! Sitting in a bar in Germany - here for the F1 - and just want to get back to my hotel to play it. So pleased I bought my Switch with me!
  14. I was tempted by it for £11, but thought I read somewhere that you got more stuff with the digital version. Is that right? Seems worth it for £11 as long as you don’t have to then by more stuff digitally.
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