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  1. I still love mine and it’s my go to Switch, despite having the full fat version in the house too. It’s super portable for taking out, of course, but I find there’s something nice about curling up on the sofa with the Lite and some headphones even when I could be playing on the big screen. My original Switch gets plenty of use by the kids and for multiplayer games, and for Ring Fit. The Lite has definitely been worth it for me and I’d miss not having one now (although it’s a bit of a luxury I guess)
  2. I tried a few times over the past few days with no luck.... just tried again and they've downloaded.... yay!
  3. Evidence of my recent Dark Souls obsession... this is from the Father’s Day card I received from my son this morning (he can’t spell parrying, which is apparently something I’m not so good at!) (I should add that the message for Daddy at the bottom is just a running joke and he’s not being serious!)
  4. I’ve been loving Dark Calls as I’ve been playing through the game for the first time, and had saved the last two episodes to listen to this weekend, but keep getting an error saying they’re unavailable. Can anyone else get them? @elmo, @jcafarley?
  5. I just killed the Capra demon at my first attempt (in this run). Now I am the master!
  6. I’ve surprised myself by keeping on playing this with a new character, despite only completing it a couple of days ago. Have gone for the cleric knight build I think I some on here have mentioned - the mace is kinda fun, but that lightning bolt miracle is just awesome! Gargoyles were an absolute breeze with it. I really want the ‘great’ version of it but not sure I’ll ever be able to get the number of sunlight medals required. The one time I’ve tried to put down a marker to help someone out, I got invaded and died I also thought I’d kill off Lautrec early this time round, but in our battle ended up retreating up the stairs, accidentally hitting the downer guy who hangs out by the Firelink bonfire. This meant I had to kill him too, which I was pretty gutted about Need to man up and face the Capra demon next. This will be third time I’ve taken him on and I’m still not looking forward to it. My lighting bolts won’t be any help in that small space so let’s hope the mace makes short work of him.
  7. Ok, now I have a bit more time.... What a game! Absolutely loved it and feel a bit empty now it's over.... to the extent that I've already started a new game (not NG+) with a different character. I agree with other comments I've seen that the final third is perhaps less polished than what comes before it - the low points for me were from O&S through to Four Kings and Bed of Chaos, but then I enjoyed the Catacombs and the Duke's Archive was great. One of the things which made this game more special for me is that both my kids really enjoyed watching me play it. I was a bit unsure at first whether it was suitable or not (they're 4 and 6.... well, nearly 5 and 7), but I turned off all the blood and it's not too bad. My youngest runs away as soon as she sees me go to a fog door, but then always comes back once her older brother has reassured her that it's going to be ok The knock on effects of this have been that it's taken me longer to finish it as I could only play in short bursts during the day (they didn't want to miss anything so I couldn't play after bedtime), and that they now play various Dark Souls related games (their favourite is still one of them being a capra demon and the other being daddy, usually with daddy ending up worse off!) I should add that this thread has been great through out too - from the advice people have shared, to reading the brilliant write ups from @David Heath as he's been going through at a very similar pace. I've already mentioned Dark Calls, but that also helped with the experience in lieu of having real life friends to talk to about the game (I'm trying to persuade some friends to play it now!) So I suppose the question now is where shall I go next? Another run through with a new build (and trying the DLC, which I missed the first time round), or moving on to Dark Souls 2?
  8. I DID IT!!!!! Just beat Lord Gwynn - what a feeling! I found him really tough as hadn’t got the hang of parrying at all in the game. More later as have a work call now - was just squeezing in a quick go as didn’t expect to do it! Phew!
  9. To remove the curse, I think you have to make your way back to where you fought the gargoyles and pay some bloke in the tower to uncurse you. If you’re struggling, then might be worth spending a bit of time hanging around the undead parish to level up a bit. What kind of build are you using? Are you focusing on strength, dexterity, endurance and health when levelling up, and levelling up your weapons at the blacksmith?
  10. I’m struggling to win at Nine Men Morris - any tips? Loving the variety of these games and slowly working my way through them one by one. Might be some time before I get to Mahjong thank goodness.
  11. I’m enjoying the little facts you get for each game.... the last one for Connect 4 made me laugh Struggling to best the CPU on advanced level - hadn’t realised before that I was so rubbish at Connect 4. Pretty embarrassing.
  12. I bought this from ShopTo yesterday after all the praise in here. Agree with all the comments so far - this is lovely, with really nicely presented games. Great value for £27.
  13. My wife and I have been slowly working our way through Picross S1 on the Switch (the two player coop is great!). We only have a few left to do and we were going through ones we’d done previously to see which had taken us the longest, and found one that apparently took us 2 hours! We figured that we’d be much better at it now so started having another go..... and are now stumped by it! Screenshot below.... what are we missing? Any hints?
  14. I completely agree with this. The series just gets better and better in my opinion - look forward to hearing what you think of them @uglifruit
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