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  1. Just started A Plague Tale given the recent Series X upgrade and chat in the thread about it. Only one chapter in so very early days, but clearly a good looking game. It’s more of a sneak-fest compared to what I was expecting. Have never really enjoyed or preserved with stealth games in the past so will be interesting to see whether this is my thing or not.
  2. Having completed Halo 3, I’m taking a break to try to finally complete a Zelda game for the first time. Inspired by the recent Back Page podcast on Zelda games, I’ve gone back to Links Awakening on the Switch. I’ve not played this in over a year and hadn’t realised how close I was to the end. Last night I finished the final dungeon and think I’m getting the appeal of these games a bit more now. Think I just have to go play some music to wake up a giant egg now, so presumably there will be a final boss to come. Given the praise (mostly) in the Skyward Sword thread, I may pick that up next.
  3. Sony Reported To Release An Upgraded Digital Version Of The PlayStation 5 https://geekculture.co/sony-reported-to-release-an-upgraded-digital-version-of-the-playstation-5/ Nothing too exciting, but gives me hope that we’ll see a smaller version earlier in the lifecycle than is usual. Probably just wishful thinking on my part.
  4. I think this is my first time posting in any of these threads, but I've been making much more of an effort to actually complete games recently and it's been great! I might have missed a few from earlier in the year, but a few I've completed recently.... Resident Evil 7 I bought this on PSVR and just couldn't deal with the tension! Tried again a few months later in non-VR and still found it too much. With all the hype of Resi 8 I thought I'd give it another go and finally completed it. Loved it! Really tense - at least up to and just what I want from a Resi game. Will do Resi 3 remake next but already looking forward to finally getting round to Resi 8. Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3 In anticipation of Halo Infinite, I thought I'd get back into Halo having only ever completed Halo CE previously. Really enjoyed going through these, and as mentioned in the 'what you've been playing' thread, the story actually makes sense now. This is partly due to me actually paying attention to it, but also it being much easier when you play them all in the space of a few weeks. My heart did sink a bit at the end of Halo 3 when but it was actually pretty fun and a nicely dramatic end to the trilogy. Overall, I've loved getting back into it and may even try playing on Heroic if I've finished all the games before Infinite comes out. I think ODST is next in release order, but might take a little break as this has been a lot of Halo in a short space of time. Yoshi's Crafted World The first game I've played through from start to finish with my 5 year old, and we absolutely loved it! Such a brilliant, imaginative, accessible game that kept us laughing and (lightly) challenged throughout. So much content here too! My daughter is keen to get right back into it to unlock all the costumes and do the Poochy levels too. Highly recommended if you've got young children, and a really nice way to spend some quality time together (well, apart from the times I got frustrated when she kept just eating me for fun!). Think we might have a go at Luigi's Mansion 3 next....
  5. What did he say? I didn’t get anything from him on the coverage here.
  6. What an awesome end to the race. Particularly well deserved after what I think was a ridiculous penalty. Made it interesting at least.
  7. Absolute joke of a penalty. They really need to sort this kind of rubbish out.
  8. Lewis didn’t understeer into Max. Max turned in and hit Lewis. Max clearly didn’t expect Lewis to be there.
  9. Clearly a racing incident would be the right decision here. If anything, slightly more on Max for assuming he had covered the inside by squeezing Hamilton towards the wall and turning in with no regard for where he might have been.
  10. I’ve gone back to this recently too. Made it to the last chapter but not finding much motivation to continue. Must get back to it as would be a shame to abandon it so close to the end.
  11. In the 99p daily deal today…. read this a few months back and thought it was excellent: The Heart’s Invisible Furies
  12. Still going with my Halo play through, and it’s pushed everything else out for now. Now finished Halo 2 and onto Halo 3. One advantage of playing them straight through like this is that I finally understand the story (so far at least!). I never really paid attention to who the arbiter was, why did was suddenly fighting brutes instead of elites etc. Makes sense now!
  13. I’m still gutted, but this summary from the Politico Playbook email did make me feel a little better:
  14. Have you played DS2 already? Or did you decide to skip it? I’m playing through for the first time and have recently started the second, but very tempted to skip it and go straight to 3 given the recent FPS boost.
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