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  1. Depends on the style you’re looking for, but I bought the Razer Kaira Pro following a recommendation on here and am very happy with them. Work out of the box wirelessly with the Xbox with no dongles required, but also have Bluetooth (so you can be playing games whilst also connected to Bluetooth on your phone). Has a boom mic which is removable if you want to use as normal headphones, but also has another subtle mic built into the headset itself so you can still use without the boom mic. I think you can turn off the LED light on the outside too, which you might wa
  2. I did exactly this and don’t regret it own bit - both get used plenty. Dooooo itttttt!!
  3. Yeah, that’s a a fair point! I’m also finding that there are some games I prefer playing on a monitor at a desk (which I don’t think I’ve done since my Amiga days!), and some which feel better on the big screen. Maybe it’s my old eyes!
  4. @Tim - I’d get a Series S if I were you. I got a Series X and relegated my old One X to my study. Then saw a really good trade in offer to upgrade my One X to a Series S (effectively costing me only £70 to upgrade). Find myself using the Series S much more than I did the One X because it has the same ridiculously quick loading times and quick resume that the Series X has. For me, that’s the best feature of these new consoles, and means I play much more (and more variety) than I did on the One X as it’s just so quick and easy to turn on and play for 15 mins or so. In the last week or
  5. OMG!! I absolutely LOVED Rodland as a kid!
  6. I stopped posting updates in this thread part way through the year for some reason, but ended up reading 60 books in total, surpassing my previous highest by 2 book (set last year). Without some big changes in how I spend free time, I can't see myself reading many more than this in a single year (unless I start listening to audiobooks, but I've never really got on with these - my mind wanders too much). As we got close to the end of the year, I also found myself thinking about the length of the books I was reading as I was conscious of the fact that I was close to reading more t
  7. I did get them, and kept meaning to say thanks for the recommendation - think they're great, and getting a lot of use. Initially I was a bit concerned as I was getting some weird crackling/interference, usually when I paused in Gears 5. Doesn't seem to be happening much now, but the fact that I couldn't update the firmware (seems to be only possible via a Windows PC, which I don't have) concerned me to the extent that I started a returns process. The fact that after a few more days of use it rarely happened made me change my mind and stick with them (and thinking about it now, I
  8. After trying to get into this a few times on the Switch and completely failing to see what the fuss was all about, I started playing it on my Series S about a week ago and have been really enjoying it. I’ve made it much further than I ever did on the Switch, but it feels like I’ve just hit a big increase in difficulty and wondered whether anyone could tell me whether I’m heading the right way. I’m in the Mantis Village I really disliked the bouncy things that you have to hit with your sword as you’re jumping but stuck with it. I want to keep going but fear I’ll be close
  9. Just back from seeing this in IMAX (in Singapore). It was.... strange. Not terrible, but quite different to the first film, which I really enjoyed (and watched again last night ahead of seeing this today). Agree with @MrPogo that it’s just a bit all over the place and doesn’t seem like it knows what exactly it wants to be. An enjoyable evening out all in all, but my wife and I were more bemused by it than anything else.
  10. Aren’t Ineos themselves building a car? Could be a route for them to take over the team if Mercedes decide to pull out.
  11. I started this recently having not played a Gears game since the first (and not finishing it). Thought might be a good game to check out on my Series X. Must say that so far I’m really enjoying it. Remember it getting a pretty mediocre reception - or at least that was my impression - but it’s much more varied in terms of its environments than I expected and it’s just really good fun. Good to hear that there’s some more single player stuff coming soon too
  12. What a race! Gutted for Russell - been a while since I’ve felt so crushed by something like that happening in a race. Really happy for Perez though - so well deserved and whilst I’m not a fan of RP at least it wasn’t Stroll!
  13. Properly gutted. All Aitken’s fault!
  14. I super excited for the race this weekend now - really hope it's not a damp squib and George delivers! Timing means the race starts at 1:10am where I am, so have booked Mon morning off work to catch up on sleep
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