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  1. Thanks! Have ordered both this and Witcher 3
  2. I love my Switch Lite. Find it really comfortable to play, and the smaller size makes it even more portable, meaning I'm playing it more than I did my original Switch. I've kept the original for playing on the TV - stuff like multiplayer Mario Kart, or Goose Game which the kids like to watch. As for physical vs digital, I tend to go for the former. Having just sold a few Switch games on eBay (Smash, Mario Party, Skyrim) and getting around between £31-39 for each of them, it continues to make sense. I do buy some of the bigger games digitally when they're on sale though, eg. Mario Kart. No drift experienced on my Lite (yet!) Switching save files is fine. I do it all the time with the Goose Game - just have to remember to download the most recent save from the cloud when you're switching devices and it takes seconds.
  3. I had no memories of Virtua Racing - probably just played it a few times at the arcade - but really enjoyed it on the Switch. It’s a very simple, pure racing game - had lots of fun trying to get my lap times down. Well worth whatever bargain price it’s at these days.
  4. £8.90 is taking the piss. Won’t be bothering at that price.
  5. I fancy a sudoku game on the Switch - any recommendations? Seem to be a few available. Would also love a slitherlink style game but couldn’t see anything like that on the store
  6. I’m thinking of selling my 64gb Quest and official travel case if you’re interested @Simbo? As much as I love it, I don’t get much time to play it these days
  7. I’m with @jonamok except it didn’t even last 12 hours. Just didn’t get it. However..... for the price it’s definitely worth taking the risk given how many people adore it. Maybe I’ll try it again sometime.
  8. On the device You'll love the Lite btw - it's great!
  9. That was rather dull. Without the safety cars it might have been more exciting post-pit stops. Can understand why Leclerc will feel annoyed, but he signed for Ferrari and that’s how they roll - team first, drivers second.
  10. I’m surprised at how much smaller it is. Couple of photos I shared in the main Switch thread demonstrates this. There’s definitely room for both in my life though
  11. A couple of photos to show the size difference between the regular and the lite in cases - will make a big difference in my work bag.
  12. Don’t play this with kids watching. After showing them about 10 mins of this this morning, they decided that they’d play their own game of ‘naughty goose’ and have been following me round the house doing things like ‘steal daddy’s slippers’ and continually honking at me!
  13. I’m amazed you managed to get something on release day from amazon! I pre ordered a case for my Switch Lite weeks ago. They emailed me yesterday to say sorry but it won’t be with me till mid October - and by then it seems everywhere else had limited stock of the official cases.
  14. How did you sort out a replacement? I ended up with two yesterday - my ShopTo preorder and I got one from Curry’s too. Glad I had two as one had a dead pixel so got to choose which one to keep. Overall, I’m really happy with it. The grey is nicer than I expected, and it’s much more comfortable to hold. I like the grippy back on it.
  15. Everyone has their reasons, but I've bought a Lite today and am keeping my original Switch. One reason is that I like to travel light, and it's not that much smaller, but it's definitely smaller and lighter and that makes a difference. Hands on reviews suggested it was more comfortable for handheld play, and from a quick play earlier I think that's right (plus it has a proper D-Pad!) I want to keep the original Switch as it's great for playing Mario Kart on the TV and other multiplayer games with the family. So yeah... it's a bit of a luxury for sure, but it's my main gaming device and feels like it's worth it to me (I may even sell my PS4 Pro as it doesn't get a look in these days with all the great Switch games coming out)
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